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San Diego Happy Hour

The Liars Club. I can't believe no one mentioned that place. It's a block or two north of Saska's on Mission Blvd. I wouldn't say they have a real "happy hour" but they are pretty cheap. This place is so different from the typical MB or PB beach bars. The food is cheap and tasty. Over 25 different beers on tap and I mean "real" micros. Not Karl Strauss (don't make a fool of yourself and ask for that please) but stuff like Port Brewing, Ballst Point, Bear Republic, Green Flash, and many many more. The Juke box is one of the best in SD. If you like Sublime, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Godsmack and just about anything else that gets regualar radio play you won't find it here (and if you do like that stuff keep quite about it because you will be laughed at). If you like punk, garage, country (Johnny Cash, Hank Sr or III, Tex Ritter), rockabilly, pshycho billy and anything else that under the radar then this is your place. Unlike PB Bar and Grill or Moondoggies you won't find frat boy types, girls who get drunk and raise their arms over their head and go woo hoo (well they do get drunk).
On Fridays all local SD beers are 2.50 a pint. Can't go wring with that.

Oct 12, 2006
Goatskull in California