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Little Jewel

I was at LJ yesterday and spoke with Chef Marcvs about the Muffs. He informed me and my friend (native NOLA) that he worked as a stock boy at Central and the employees would toast the muffs for themselves in the kitchen and the reason Central didnt offer the toasted sandwiches to the public was it would take too much time. Chef Marcvs told us he had several sandwiches sent out from Central to show his kitchen what it looked like and Chef was surprised that Central's Muff no longer included four cold cuts, now it is three cold cuts. And the olive salad at Central no longer contains giardiniera, which LJ's version does. I had the untoasted muff from Central and it was very good, I couldnt imagine how it would not be better if the cheese was melted. The flavors have already combined by the time LJ toasts the Muffs. And according to ChefMarcvs, why wouldnt you want the cheese melted and the bread a little toasted.

On a side note, we had the RB parish sandwich, Cochon parish sandwich, oyster po-boy, hand cut fries with debris gravy, and hush puppies. All were outstanding. The bread on the po-boy was outstanding. The fries and debris gravy should be a dish of the month nomination (covered fries????). In the middle of our meal, we were all planning on what to order the next time. This is truly a chow-worthy restaurant.

Shellfish -- L.A. Dish of the Month, April 2014

Coctel de Camaron y Pulpo from Mariscos Jalisco Truck and Tacos Dorado de Camaron from Mariscos 4 Vientos - Boyle Heights. Tried both dishes at both trucks - stick to these recs and you will be happy. And the Chocoflan looked good but that is another thread.

wedding cake under $1,000???

Just did three tastings this weekend and one previous to-go tasting and the winner was Plusko's in CP. We ended up with the Chocolate sponge, vanilla custard and fresh bananas covered with buttercream. Herbert, the owner, was amazing. He educated us on the various options and did not have a pushy sales pitch. We tasted Jamaicas cakes, Pastries by Edie and Hansens in addition to Pluskos. The price was more than reasonable, in fact it was almost half as much as the others mentioned and Plusko's tasted better to boot. In addition, the other bakers did not want to create the cake we wanted to taste, which was a copy of the one Plusko's wowed us with. Their loss and not our guests! Great recommendation from the CH LA board.

Yummy east coast foods you can't get in LA area

Second Autocrat coffee syrup, wise chips (blue bag), utz crab chip, bialys. Entenmann's coffee cake. What about a lobster tail from essential bakery (BOS)? Dr. Brown's cel-rey.

I have travelled with a pizza from Lombardi's Coal fired pizza from JFK to LAX no problem, just folded it into two and carried it on. I even told the guys at Lombardi that I was taking it back to LA, and they told me about the folding trick.

Los Angeles Dish of the Month (July 2013) - Nominations


BEST COFFEE in downtown LA

GCM validates an hour for free if you spend $10 (never had them check or ask for a receipt). You could always pull into the drive way next that splits GCM and La Cita, throw the hazards on and watch your car while you are sipping at the counter at G&B.

I like Barista Society but if I had to choose, G&B pulls a better shot, pays more attention to details such as weighing the amount of grounds in each pull and the experience is just more enjoyable. I love the flow of walking up to an espresso bar with no queue. You can have different people ring you up on the ipad.

Interesting enough that when I first went to G&B at SQIRL, I didnt like the set-up because it felt cramped and I didnt really understand who to order from, either Kyle or Charles. I have been four or five times to G&B at GCM, and they started to recognize me and the process is just more relaxed now. These are all reasons for me to spend my once or twice a week splurge on shots pulled by someone else versus me trying to save money.

I also loved ElaBrew truck but the shots are just a little too watery and thin compared to G&B. Same experience at Barista Society, shots are a little too thin. Also, Barista Society didnt have half and half when I went last week, just whole and skim milk. Not a deal breaker, but if you are charging $3.25 for an americano (i get this bc their shots are too thin), then I would like to have the same options as most 3rd wave stores.

BEST COFFEE in downtown LA

G&B at GCM. Not even close.

TACOS - LA Dish of the Month (June 2013)

2 tacos mixto - Las Morelianas - GCM. Porcine goodness. They hook you with a free sample taco like a pusher!

TACOS - LA Dish of the Month (June 2013)

I agree with you on that one ns1. I was not watching closely what was happening at El Chato, but that sounds about right. I saw containers at El Chato and never saw El Chato or his wife cut off the trompo versus the trompo at Leo's that is just like it is in TJ or the DF. I was super excited when I had the chance to try Leo's but it fell flat. The meat had zero char and the pina was the same, no noticeable char at all. I have had tacos in TJ and the DF, and for my two cents or $1, El Chato had more flavor than Leo's. I will give it one more chance, but when I bit into the Al Pastor at El Chato, it tasted like achiote, citrus, pork and then I got hit with the chile and radishes. My experience at Leo's might have been an off hour, we went after the Bjork concert on Saturday around 11:30PM, maybe its better closer to 2am. I will give it another shot since it has been a darling here for so long.

TACOS - LA Dish of the Month (June 2013)

El Chato - 4 Al Pastor, 4 Carne Asada y 2 Tripas...sorry no pictures but the tacos were much better than Leo's from Saturday night. They are smaller than most trucks but the flavor is there. So happy that an amazing truck with sazon is so close. Run dont walk for the best Al Pastor in the city. Dont really understand the lines and hype of Leo's. Just my 2 cents.

BEST COFFEE in downtown LA

If you are referring to G&B, check their IG feed...straight from the source. End of the month is what they say about GCM, at least 4 days ago.

BEST COFFEE in downtown LA

Second Pley's recs and adding G&B coffee when they open a kiosk at Grand Central Mkt

LA Hound heading to DC area for 5 days and would love comments on recommendations

Thank you all for the recs. The short report:

Sunday: Hanks Oyster Bar - Had a lobster roll (okay, not my favorite and an amazing draft special - Flying Dog - Best part of my meal
Monday - Filter Coffee - Foggy Bottom - Perfect
Monday Dinner - SunDevich - Beirut Sandwich - Delicious interplay between the fresh ingredients, warm steak and hummous
Tuesday - Dinner at Bobby Van's - Crab Cakes - just ok. DC Brau Brown - very nice local beer
Wednesday - CF Folks Restaurant - Crab Cake Sandwich - had to make up for the meh one from last night and CF Folks did not disappoint. Best crab cake i have had ever!
Wednesday Night - Take Eat Easy - Cubano and Milanesa - Exellent sandwiches and overall really liked this place
Thursday Lunch - CF Folks Restaurant - Veal Scallopini - Exellent food from this James Beard winning restaurant.

Overall - Thank you all for the recs. Wish I had more down time to try more places across your city but time ran out!

LA Hound heading to DC area for 5 days and would love comments on recommendations

Heading to DC for work and I am solo for 5 nights. I will have no car but will travel the metro or walk starting from Club Quarters.

I arrive on Sunday late afternoon and want to have a nice meal with Soft Shell Crabs and maybe some crab cakes. Any suggestions for the best available close to the hotel or metro?

All meals are based on per diem, so I am trying to keep lunches under $15 before tax and tip and dinners are $40 before tax and tip.

I am looking for locals only type places. I appreciate all types of ethnic cuisine and would love your recs. I currently live in LA, so not looking for recommendations on Thai, Korean, Mexican, Salvodorean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Here is what I have gathered for recommendations so far:
1. Rays HellBurger
2. Rosemary's Thyme (What do I get here?)
3. Ben's Chili Bowl (Is there a better place for a half smoke?)
4. Founding Farmers
5. Addis Abada (Is this the best Ethiopian, is is meat friendly? What do you recommend?)
6. Central (Is this a good place to dine solo? Do they have a bar? What is the thing to order here for 1?)
7. Sundevich (What is your favorite here?)
8. Bangkok Joe's
9. Chop't
10. Oohs and Aahhs
11. Filter Coffee
12. Swings Coffee

Anything else you would recommend? Any types of cuisine I missed?

Thank you in advance for your help. I cant wait to explore your great city.

Best Cheeses from Trader Joes [moved from Los Angeles area board]

St. Andre - Brie

Jul 20, 2012
Food_destroyed_my_life in Chains

2012 Coffee List - Since any other list is Outdated

Cafecito Organico - Espresso Shots/Americano/whole beans (best price on beans in LA - $12 a bag 12 oz for single origin and the money is going more directly to the coffee farmers - my favorite of 3rd wave pretense...just excellent coffee/helpful baristas/reminds me of Vivace in Seattle (a place where you can spend the whole day studying/doing what you do at a coffee shop)

Caffe Vita from Seattle has set it sights on LA and NYC (to be opened in April 2012 in Silverlake!!!yay!) - Do you see a trend - Seattle was the birth of my love of coffee and they dont have to be like Intelly (nothing wrong with Intelly but I am sick of baristas/coffee shops telling me how to enjoy my cup - yeah I looking at you Intelly/Handsome!)

Spring for Coffee - espresso shots/americano/whole beans from Stumptown/Ritual/Handsome - People who work there are great and it really is like the vivace kiosk from Capital Hill (Seattle, WA)

Need caterer in OC for trial team, 30ppl a day for 3-4 months, 3 meals a day plus snacks

Thanks All! Will report back on who we end up with and how the food is.

Need caterer in OC for trial team, 30ppl a day for 3-4 months, 3 meals a day plus snacks

Chowhound community...I need your recommendations for caterers who can handle the food needs of a large law firm on-site trial team, three meals a day plus snacks for a three to four month trial on site for upwards of 30 people a day.

Would prefer recommendations from caterers you have experience with, preferably experience with caterers over multiple days so you can confirm that the variety of food was interesting and consistent.

Thank you all CH.

Is this on any menu in L.A.?

Check Lu Din Gee. Had it there with colleagues a few years ago. 24 hour notice.

ISO Valentine Day recs on a budget

Its funny that you mentioned MC, because after I posted I made the decision that MC would be our Valentine's Day special treat. The dishes Im excited about are the Camarones ala diablo, coctel de pulpo y camarones...what else for two people?

ISO Valentine Day recs on a budget

I need recs for Valentine's Day on a budget, would like to spend $100 for two with wine/sparkling wine and exellent seafood between Malibu and Downtown. We went to hungrycat last year and really enjoyed the meal but I would like something different and romantic. Any recs? Watergrill is too stuffy and blows the budget, Plus for any place with no corkage! Thought about Colori kicthen but its our default resto. Is it possible to eat at Saddlepeak Lodge for $100? Geoffrey's in Malibu?

pure luck

My SO and me love this place. Great food and great beer! And after you can go over to scoops and grab some amazing full fat ice cream/and vegan ice cream.


Vivavce Espresso Rosteria....roasted the same day as shipped....have been buying their dolce blend ever since I moved back to LA from Seattle...there is none better...from Roma to Seattle...David Schumer is tops...

URGENT! A tray of something "homemade" in Echo Park/Glendale/Pasadena/Silverlake

Or Portos in Glendale....some potato balls and the mango cheesecake..or medianoche preparada....

URGENT! A tray of something "homemade" in Echo Park/Glendale/Pasadena/Silverlake

Call La Flor de yucatan....20th and Hoover and see if they can prepare you some yucatan specials....they have different food everyday....but a few pounds of conchita pibil and some torta rolls...que rico!...or if you need pastry or tres leches and flan I have ever had

5 best bites of 2008?

1) Conchita Pibil Torta (I cried)- La Flor de Yucatan, Westake Dist.
2) Homemade Sicilian Olive Oil from Roma Deli(its the owner's friend from the old country), Pasadena
3) Shio Special Pork Ramen, Noodles Hard, Santouka, Mar Vista
4) Chippino, Colori Kitchen, Downtown LA
5) Cemitas Poblana de milanesa and Champurrado, The Surfer Taco Truck, Westlake Dist.

English tea for lunch near Bower Musuem

Need recs for english tea for lunch before heading to the Bower for the terra cotta soldiers...if not english tea something like "the wild artichoke"...chow-worthy food with nice place to enjoy conversation before heading to museum.

Recs near Ontario Convention Center

Thanks CH'ers

Recs near Ontario Convention Center

Taking the California Bar Exam at the Ontario Convention Center at the end of this month, need recs for chow worthy restaurants near the convention center....dinner only....will have car and willing to travel...come on CH' a young attorney eat three chow worthy dinners after the quiz. Love all types of food and doesnt need to be fancy...favorite spots in Los Angeles are taco trucks in Highland Park/ELA, Langers, Brents, Santouka, Dinos, Original Tops, Lu Din Gee

Large Party of 20-24 near Downtown tonight!

Need recs for a restaurant near downtown LA. We are a law firm in Beverly Hills just wrapping up a trial and our co-counsel is from Wash DC, so we want to show them LA is the best food city in the world. We need a restaurant that can handle a party of 20+ which includes chowish food for vegetarians and carnivores alike. We tried Mozza (I know what the response will be), no luck. We thought casual with lots of chowish options and a beer/wine list would be best. Come on LA from one hound to another, HELP!