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Foodie looking for quality local ingredients in Lakeland/Winter Haven area

Anyone out there from Lakeland, Florida?

Feb 14, 2015
shelleybell in Florida

Foodie looking for quality local ingredients in Lakeland/Winter Haven area

I love to cook and will be spending time in the Lakeland/Winter Haven area in February. I would like to know where I can find the best produce, cheese, meat, bakery, ethnic or other interesting food items. What grocery store do you recommend in the area? Are there any specialty food stores I should check out?

Jan 16, 2015
shelleybell in Florida

Vegetarian in Ann Arbor?

Making a trip to the Ann Arbor area and looking for a restaurant with good vegetarian options for lunch. There are a few meat eaters in the group as well, but they are more flexible. We like ethnic food, so we are open to most anything. Any recommendations?

Nov 27, 2012
shelleybell in Great Lakes

Sunday lunch in Nashville

I will be passing through Nashville on a Sunday around noon-1:00 and would like to find a nice place for lunch or brunch. Any suggestions?

Lunch recommendations In North Scottsdale?

What are a few must try casual lunch venues in North Scottsdale? Looking for:

1) Sushi
2) Southwest cuisine
3) Soup & sandwich
4) Pizza
5) Microbrewry
6) your personal favorite

Jan 08, 2012
shelleybell in Phoenix

Gourmet groceries in Scottsdale

I will be in Scottsdale next month and enjoy cooking on vacation. Any suggestions for some good foodie grocery stores in the North Scottsdale area?

Jan 08, 2012
shelleybell in Phoenix

Just good food.

I will be travelling to Chicago in April to spend my BIG 50 birthday with the girls. We will be eating out frequently, and would like a few recommendations in the $50/person range. We are all pretty adventurous eaters.

We are staying on Randolph near Michigan Ave. Anything within walking distance is ideal, but we will have a car if needed. I have been to Frontera, Topolobampo, Siaggia, Quartrino, Shaw's Crab House, Tattoria No. 10.

What can't be missed?

445 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610

Shaw's Crab House
21 East Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60611

Jan 11, 2011
shelleybell in Chicago Area

Best Chef's Table in Chicago?

Thanks everyone! I wil check these out and post my experience.

Jan 04, 2011
shelleybell in Chicago Area

Best Chef's Table in Chicago?

I will be travelling to Chicago to celebrate a "BIG 0" birthday with the girls. We would like to have dinner at a "Chef's Table" or "Kitchen Table". What is recommended?

Chef's Table
3304 W 162nd St, Markham, IL 60428

Dec 30, 2010
shelleybell in Chicago Area

Best Mustard?

I like mustard on my hot dog, but hate bright yellow French's and the horseradish in the Grey Poupon Dijon is overwhelming. Any recommendations for a mustard that has good flavor but does not overpower the main event?

Jul 05, 2010
shelleybell in General Topics

Looking for Bay Scallop Appetizer recipe

I have a 3 lb. bag of small bay scallops. I would like to make an appetizer that is easy and yummy (no bacon wrapping please). Any ideas?

Dec 13, 2009
shelleybell in Home Cooking

Q L's Bar-B-Que in Muncie, IN

QL's is one of my best food memories from college in the early 80's. We used to go every weekend for the 1/2 BBQ chicken. Dogs would be circling in the parking lot because you could not eat inside and everyone threw their bones out the window of their car. One night, we went twice, IT WAS SO GOOD! I may make a trip back to Muncie just so I can go to QL's again!

Nov 16, 2009
shelleybell in Great Lakes

Fun Cleveland spot for billiards, beer and wine

I will be in Cleveland on Saturday and plan to visit the Rock & Roll HOF during the day. It is supposed to be cold & rainy. Does anyone know of a good place to hang out in the evening after dinner for a little pool, beer and wine? Not really looking for a dive bar.

Road trip from Chicago to Ann Arbor

Bravo! is a locally owned restaurant (definately NOT a chain). It is co-owned by the Chef Shawn Hagen and his brother Terry. They have an excellent menu and a wonderful wood-fired oven. It is one of the best restaurants in Kalamazoo.

Best Tailgate Food in Grand Rapids, MI

I am travelling to Grand Rapids,MI in a few weeks for an outdoor concert at Frederik Meijer Garden on Beltline Road ( We plan to tailgate in the parking lot prior to the concert and are looking for some already prepared food (no onsite cooking or grilling for us). Does anyone know of a good place for takeout in close proximity to Meijer Gardens?

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

I had to reply to the comment "I don't know a decent Chinese place in southwest Michigan". You apparently have never been to Chinn Chinn at the Mattawan exit, just north of I-94. Best Chinese in the Midwest in my opinion.

Jul 01, 2009
shelleybell in Great Lakes

Midwest Restaurants Featuring Local Foods?

Food Dance Cafe
in Kalamazoo, MI serves local food in a lovely atmosphere.

Doctored up brownie mix....suggestions???

Place batter in baking pan and drizzle (a few globs are good also) with carmel topping (like you use for ice cream), chocolate chips, and pecans, then bake! Your friends will think you bought it at the local gourmet bakery!

Jun 10, 2009
shelleybell in Home Cooking

Oak Park/Forest Park Sunday Brunch Recommendations

I am staying in Oak Park this weekend and am looking for a good place for breakfast/brunch on Sunday before heading home. Does anyone have recommendations for a good "foodie" place in the area? No chains or diners please.

Mar 24, 2008
shelleybell in Chicago Area

Pre-Theater Dinner

Looking for a good pre-theater dinner spot close by the LaSalle Theater on Monroe between State & Dearborn in Chicago. Parents can't walk too far, so within three blocks is best.

Dec 16, 2007
shelleybell in Chicago Area

Montreal Chinatown

We hunted Chowhound for a good Chinese restaurant in Montreal's Chinatown but couldn't find anything that hit us. Then we asked around and heard about Beijing at 92 Rue La Gauchetiere at the corner of Rue St. Urbaine. The first thing we noticed was that it was PACKED on a Tuesday night, while other nearby restaurants were empty. The other notable was that many of the customers were CHINESE. This was a very good sign! We were not disappointed. My friend said the best way to tell a good Chinese restaurant is the Hot and Sour soup. It is complex to make and difficult to pull off. Beijing's H&S Soup was wonderful! We loved the Chicken & Walnuts and shrimp with peapods. We decided we would like to come back and try everything on the extensive menu. One thing to note is that the Chinese customers did appear to be served more quickly than anyone else, but we figured they were the returning locals, so probably deserved the better service. It is worth trying!

What's your favorite "impressive but easy" recipe?

I can vouch for Chicken Marbella. It is always a hit and easy to make for a crowd. I have given out the recipe about a dozen times...

May 10, 2007
shelleybell in Home Cooking

tzatziki recipe

So what are some ideas for using Tzatziki?

May 10, 2007
shelleybell in Home Cooking

Food ideas for a paperplate Christmas

We are going the easy route for a weeknight holiday party with family (about 15 people). I want to serve something more substantial than appetizers and desserts. Any ideas for an easy meal with little cleanup? (I have to work that day).

Nov 30, 2006
shelleybell in Home Cooking

how would you make mashed potato cakes?

I also had about 2 cups mashed potatoes leftover and made potato pancakes for dinner tonight. They were yummy. I added one egg, salt & pepper and 2 chopped green onions. They were a bit runny from the egg, but manageable. I flattened them with a spoon, and dredged them in dried bread crumbs before frying in canola oil. It made four hockey puck-sized potato pancakes.

Nov 26, 2006
shelleybell in Home Cooking

Dinner under $30 near State & Ohio?

Foodie girls are planning a trip in a few weeks and are looking for good food within walking distance (15 min.) of the Embassy Suites at State & Ohio. Price point is around $30 with a glass of wine. Any ideas?

Nov 25, 2006
shelleybell in Chicago Area

Myrtle Beach Chow search!

My husband and I couldn't get into Joe's Bar & Grill and also didn't feel like spending $100, so we walked down the street a bit further to Hamburger Joe's. It is VERY casual, fun, also on the marsh. Order a Carolina burger -- a hamburger with chili, slaw and onion. I loved it! Great fries. They also serve alcohol. We had drinks and dinner for two for under $20! Don't forget to add a $1 bill to the wall. Located at 809 Conway Street - North Myrtle Beach, behind Olive Garden, past Joe's Bar & Grill.

Chicago to Boyne?

On our trips to Boyne, we stop at Hermann's European Cafe in Cadillac. You have to get off 131 and go through town (it's on the right hand side). You can get back on the highway by continuing North. The bar area is casual, but even the dining room is not too upscale. Hermann's also has a good deli, coffee shop and butcher.

Kalamazoo, MI area chinese

I know your party's over, but the best chinese in the area is Chinn Chinn's in Mattawan.

Kalamazoo - Butcher/Meat Market?

Stubbies at 115 N. Davis in Vicksburg (269-649-2499). Has smokehouse & specialty meats. Open 7 days a week.

Otto's Chicken (269-795-7696) at the Saturday Bank Street Farmer's Market has great poultry. Their smoked chicken will melt in your mouth. You can also special order. I think they deliver in Kalamazoo on Saturday's in the winter also.

Pease Packing(269-626-8891) has a nice selection of butchered meat (beef, pork, chicken). Not sure if they do special order.