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Lion Plaza San Jose??

I'm open to either one (I'd heard Grand Century had gone downhill, be happy if that is not the case). Any recommendations beyond Banh Khot from Vung Tau & pandan waffles?

Vung Tau Restaurant
535 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95112

Nov 12, 2011
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Lion Plaza San Jose??

I moved and haven't been to the San Jose Lion Plaza in a long time...

Is the food court still good, and what places/dishes would you recommend for grazing my way through?

I'm not looking for a meal, just snacking through great Vietnamese food!

Nov 12, 2011
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

company dinners on the peninsula ARGH

I've had excellent experiences with Il Fornaio in both Palo Alto and downtown San Jose for company parties of 50-150 people - they are quite flexible as far as adjusting the menu to accommodate your budget and preferences (most of my company is vegetarian). Food is better than average for a banquet type thing, in my opinion. Atmosphere - you'll probably end up in a "boring" private dining room, but I think this is going to be pretty standard unless you find a smaller place and book out the whole restaurant...

Il Fornaio
327 Lorton Ave., Burlingame, CA 94010

Il Fornaio
520 Cowper Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Il Fornaio
302 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113

Oct 30, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Korean Style Fried Chicken?

I'll second (or is that third) the 99 Chicken rec - it's really good. Just be prepared to wait 20-25 minutes for your chicken after you've waited for your table. But it is worth it -moist on the inside, crispy on the outside, light coating, hardly any grease. BTW - they only serve legs and wings, if that matters to you. We usually get the spicy sauce on the side as opposed to on the chicken so we avoid it getting soggy...

May 07, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Vegan/Vegetarian in and around SF

a couple other vegetarian/vegan friendly options:

Herbivore, good for lunch (or a casual dinner)
All about Herbs - sandwiches during the day and vegan-friendly vegetarian for dinner
Greens - pretty good vegetarian food with a great view

If you want to do something special, I'd suggest Millennium, it is a much more upscale experience than of your standard vegan/vegetarian places.

Happy Cow is a pretty good vegetarian/vegan restaurant source:

Greens Restaurant
Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94123

Millennium Restaurant
580 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94102

All About Herbs
704 Post St, San Francisco, CA

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

983 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Feb 27, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Chicago Family Looking for a Taste of S.F.

I used to spend a bunch of time in Chicago and was just there a few months ago, so I'm thinking about some places that would be unique to SF and/or better/different than you
get there.

Don't miss the Ferry Building, particularly on Saturday morning for the farmer's market
Slanted Door gets a lot of mixed reviews but it is a uniquely SF take on Vietnamese
I agree about Tadich Grill, Sam's, Aziza, Incanto, Isa and Bar Crudo

Swan Oyster Depot if you don't mind long waits
Burma Superstar also has lines, but the neighborhood is a lot of fun to explore while you wait...

Dosa in the Mission is not the best representation of South Indian in the Bay Area, but it is the best in the city (unless the Udupi Palace branch has opened). Both serve dosa's, Indian crepes that I haven't much seen in elsewhere in the US

Mission district also has a lot of taquerias, which, as has been mentioned, are very different from the high end Mexican like Frontera but the "urban food log" burrito is a staple for many SF dwellers, good for a quick bite. Lots of threads on the best...

Zuni has great roast chicken and is a local foodie landmark

Tartine Bakery & Bar Tartine are also good places in the mission district, especially for breakfast

Yank Sing has upscale (and expensive) dim sum

Slanted Door
Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

Zuni Cafe
1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Burma Superstar Restaurant
309 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Sam's Grill & Sea Food Restaurant
374 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94104

Tadich Grill
240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Yank Sing Banquet & Catering
101 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 94105

995 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Swan Oyster Depot
1517 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

3324 Steiner St., San Francisco, CA 94123

Udupi Palace
1007 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Feb 15, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

ISO Late Lunch/Early Dinner in San Jose

Here are some places that are open all day in the downtown area.

Il Fornaio
Grill on the Alley in the Fairmont - 11:30am-10:00pm, steakhouse
Amici's East Coast Pizza - open from 11 until late
E&O Trading Company 11am-10pm
Loft Bar and Bistro: 11:00am - 11:00pm

Feb 11, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Best (cost no object) American food in SF

true. I forgot the key line "but it would probably be nice for a friendly get together"

my bad!

Feb 08, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Best (cost no object) American food in SF

I've spent time in China (Beijing and Shanghai) on business, so I'm basing this on what I think someone would expect an "American restaurant" to be.

I'd go with a steakhouse (Acme, but Ruth Chris or Morton would be OK too) or the Dining Room at the Ritz. Another option would be to take a limo down to Manresa in Los Gatos, if you are up for a full evening's event.

Other good options would be Gary Danko or Boulevard. All of these have been popular with my international coworkers for a good expense account experience.

I'd skip places that focus on seafood.

Chez Panisse downstairs does not offer enough choice, in my opinion, and the upstairs is probably a little too intimate for business.

French Laundry reservations are too hard to come by to be a reasonable option.

Feb 08, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Upscale/contemporary African?

Aziza, absolutely. Great Cal-Moroccan food and really, really good cocktails. I love the "nectarine". The ambiance in the restaurant is also really nice.

Jan 31, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Walking distance of Crowne Plaza, San Jose?

I'll second La Victoria but make sure you don't skip the orange sauce, which is what makes this place stand out.
I also like Saigon 75 - really good rolls, and catfish "Thang Long" are worth walking there for. Cute upscale place.
71 Saint Peter is also good, their $32 4-course menu is a real bargain. I'd make a reservation, though, they get pretty busy.

Vietnamese is better outside of downtown, but there are some other decent options:
19 Market - good happy hour (baby clam salad). Otherwise not really worth bothering
Pho Lan - probably the best pho in downtown
Huong Sandwiches - close to Pho Lan, ok Bánh mì
Dac Phuc Restaurant - no MSG, low salt in the pho, some people like it, some think it is bland

If you don't mind a fairly long walk (or taxi), Seven Restaurant (near the Shark's arena) was really good on a recent visit, modern American food. Crispy Spaetzle appetizer was a standout for me

Original Joe's is a San Jose institution, old school food and ambiance, steaks mostly. I lived on the minestrone soup while in college, so I'm partial to it in a non-chow kind of way :-)

Henry's World Famous Hi-Life is another institution, you choose a steak and salad dressing, you get it with a baked potato, iceberg salad, garlic bread (no choices there). The menfolk in my family love this place, I really have no idea why (ok, the baked potato is really good).

Jan 22, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Chowish day trip ideas...?

I'd second Pt. Reyes/Tomales Bay. In fact, I'm planning a chowish birthday excursion there in a couple of months; here is what I've found so far...

Hog Island Oyster Company
Drakes Bay Family farms

Cowgirl Creamery (aka Tomales Bay Foods) at 80 4th Street in Point Reyes Station, open Wednesday through Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. Tours are held every Friday at 11:30 a.m. The tour consists of a 25-minute presentation, followed by a tasting of Cowgirl Creamery cheeses. The charge for the tour is $3 per person and reservations are recommended.

McEvoy Ranch tour (only after March, though):

Jan 16, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Rangoli India Restaurant in San Jose

Thanks for sparing me a trip to the buffet!!! I'll stick to Amber Mt. View for lunch.

Jan 16, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Rangoli India Restaurant in San Jose

Went here last week on a recommendation from my boss, who said it was "fancy" Indian in the Amber India class but less pricey. I needed a place to take my dad, so thought this would be perfect. I personally prefer (cheap) southern Indian food, but variety is good for you (and my boyfriend violently hates south Indian, so that wasn't on the table). I was totally shocked (shocked, I tell you) that it was really, really good, but also in the Amber category as far as price.

We ordered:
Chicken Tikka Masala $13
Lesani Masala - garlic lamb curry: $17
Baingan Bhartha - Tandoor smoked eggplant: $13
Daal of the day, which was a yellow dal: $10
Paneer Saag - Spinach purée with diced farmers cheese: $13
Plain Naan: $2 (x2)

The Tikka Masala was a little sweet and rich for me, but everyone else swooned over it, and I'd order it again with no problem. The saag paneer was the best I've ever had, with a very bright fresh spinach flavor. Everything else was fantastic. The naan was a very small portion and a little tough, but didn't detract too much from the overall experience.

The other highlight was the the fact they have a very nice and decently priced wine list.My dad picked out a very nice Grüner Veltliner ($35), and the list also included a Vouvray and some interesting reds. The sommelier, Sonu Singh, came out to see who had actually ordered something other than a Chardonnay. He was super nice and brought us a complimentary tasting of an Indian wine, which wasn't half bad and did go nicely with the food. I think he's a little bored, but very enthusiastic and has put together a nice list.

Altogether for 4 people, with wine, the bill was around $130. Pricey, but comparable with Amber. However, for the South Bay, I'd much rather go here, as I've found the Santana Row Amber to be sub-par.

Rangoli India Restaurant
3695 Union Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124

Jan 15, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Top Ten Tastes - 2007

fun! In no particular order, the tastes I discovered this year and crave whenever I think about them...

1. Fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty
2. “the Egg” at Manresa
3. Sweet potato fries at the Counter
4. Pumpkin mochi at Gochi
5. Korean Fried Chicken from 99 Chicken
6. Salad of Haricots Verts, Tomato Tartare, and Chive Oil – made from French Laundry cookbook
7. Carmel bars with bittersweet chocolate and sea salt - Tante Marie's Cooking School
8. Kumamoto oysters, from Hog Island or (in a pinch) at the Los Gatos farmer’s market
9. Beard Papa cream puffs – in the US! (still not as good as in Japan, but whatever)
10. Irish brown bread from John Campbell's Irish bakery

Out of town tastes: hot tres leches donut from Donut Plant in NYC, bacon ice cream at Blackbird in Chicago, squash flan with beet sauce at Ditirambo in Milan, first time trying fugu in Tokyo, ice cream float from Milk in Los Angeles

Jan 07, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Downhill alert: Cajun Crab House, San Jose

Don't eat here. I've posted before about loving this place; unfortunately, it has been sold to a new owner and is now just plain horrible. I wondered what was going on when we saw that Chinese and Vietnamese items had been added to the menu. We ordered anyway, and the food was awful - the boil broth was greasy and tasteless, the shrimp was tired and badly in need of deveining (not the nice fresh peel-and-eat from prior visits), there were bits of bone in the collards, and the hush puppies tasted like old grease. We asked the server and she said the place had been sold to a friend of the previous owner but the cooks were the same - could have fooled me. Ew.

Jan 07, 2008
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for Italian Grocery/Specialty Stores in SF

A.G. Ferrari is a local chain that specializes in imported Italian foods. I go to Molinaris for the ravioli, these guys for specialty items like chestnut honey and anchovies packed in salt

Dec 11, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Stevens Creek / Bascom, SJ

Sorry, forgot links:

Falafel Drive-in
2301 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

Krung Thai Restaurant
640 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

Dia de Pesca
55 N Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA

Pho Lynn
1865 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95128

Vicky's Restaurant
1536 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126

Dec 06, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Stevens Creek / Bascom, SJ

Indian in that immediate area isn't nearly as good as other places in the South Bay; I'd recommend driving to Santa Clara/Sunnyvale/Milpitas for Indian.

My friends live in the neighborhood and these are our usual haunts, based on being the best options in very close proximity...

Pho Lynn for Vietnamese (West San Carlos)
Dia de Pesca on Bascom for fish tacos, although they only have outdoor seating so beware of the weather!
Vicky's Restaurant for papusas (West San Carlos)
Falafel Drive In - banana milkshake, falafel w/ extra hot sauce, mmmm

Krung Thai as mentioned in previous posts. I prefer the original Krung Thai location off Moorpark Ave vs. the one right by the mall.
I always get the mango sticky rice when it is in season, it is awesome. I also like the Larb (chicken), Choo Chee Ta-Lay, beef tod gra-tiem (fried beef and garlic, it is a little like garlic beef jerkey, yum). The Phad Thai is also good.

Dec 06, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Egg Custard Tarts - the hunt is on!

Sogo Bakery in Cupertino/San Jose makes really good Portuguese style tarts that remind me of the Pastéis de Belém I had in Lisbon. Yum. They are really good - eggy, flakey, a little carmelized on the top. They are amazing when still warm.

I like the Cupertino location the best, the tarts usually come out of the oven around 10am

Sogo Bakery
10889 S Blaney Ave, Cupertino, CA

Nov 14, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Foodie thank you present-best foodie day ever

I recently took a friend on a 40th birthday foodie day in Berkeley. Not super fancy, but I did earn a "really fantastic birthday" note ;-)

here is what we did:
Farmers Market
Bakesale Betty to share a fried chicken Sandwich and scones (get there by 11:15)
Cheeseboard Collective to try cheeses for a cheese course the next evening
Slice of pizza at The Cheeseboard Pizza
Shopped on 4th street and had ice cream from Sketch
Drinks and snack at Caesar
Light, early dinner at Chez Panisse Cafe (get on the list before drinks)

I wanted to take a class at Kitchen on Fire, but they didn't have anything that weekend that worked (


Bakesale Betty
5098 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Chez Panisse
1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

The Cheese Board Collective
1504 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709

Sketch Ice Cream
1809 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

Kitchen On Fire
1509 Shattuck ave, Berkeley, CA

Nov 09, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

San Jose area best Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese

Sure! It's pretty new - maybe only 6 months old or so.

Our group of 8 ordered a couple plates of bulgogi, dakgalbi, and galbi. Each meat plate included mushrooms and onions; they also gave you big portions of lettuce and shredded green onions for wrapping. The bulgogi was pretty good, the galbi was a little bland. They were super skimpy on the ssamjang - had to ask for it and we were given a little tiny dish for the whole table. Good selection of banchan - the dishes were very small, but they refilled the ones you emptied. Some dishes were really good, some average, some meh (I'm trying to remember specifics, but drawing a blank).

Pluses: upscale, a smokeless grill that actually works well, nice decor. Good about refilling vegetables, banchan, rice. I'd take my Asian-food adverse mom here with no worries.

Minuses: really, and I mean really, horrible cocktails. Had to ask for ssamjang.

Overall, it was good but nothing spectacular. I'd go back, mostly because I hate smelling like smoke/meat after a meal, and the food was good enough. If you want really authentic Korean this probably isn't the place, there are better options, but if you want a "nicer" grill this is a good choice.

I think we are going back soon so I'll make a more detailed report on individual dishes!

Oct 26, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

San Jose area best Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese

If you like Korean, there are a lot of great places in the area. My current favorites are right next door to each other, in a strip mall on the corner of Keily and El Camino Real in Santa Clara. Corner Place has really good side dishes, and the rest of the food is also done well. 99 Chicken has great Korean Fried Chicken and is something of an "experience" - they fry the chicken on order, so it's a long wait. Chicken comes with a basket of popcorn (?!?), and an all you can eat "salad bar" that usually has some lettuce, daikon, and coleslaw, plus a rice pot. I love fried chicken and this is really good, plus they are open until midnight. It's become a fairly unhealthy habit. Neither place is much on the decor side.

We also recently went to Beque Korean Grill, which is a little more upscale grill-at-the-table Korean barbecue place. My Korean friends and I all thought it was pretty good, although a little expensive.

99 Chicken
2781 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Corner Place
2783 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Beque Korean Grill
3060 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA

Oct 26, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

San Jose area best Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese

It is traditional with the big platter. They even have a room with traditional Ethiopian style seating as well as American-style tables and chairs in the front. Good Ethiopian beer selection also.

The injera is good, fresh and spongy, nice slightly sour taste. I asked them once and they said it is all teff, but I honestly wouldn't know the difference other then "good" and "not good" :-)

Oct 26, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

Cajun Crab House, SJ Any reports yet?

I'm totally in love with this place. We've been 3 times in the last month!

Boils are the way to go - they offer several flavors - Original, Spicy Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter, or "The Kitchen Sink" (all of the above). The price for a pound of shrimp has ranged from $10-$12 a pound, plus an extra $4 to add a generous portion of Andouille sausage. Haven't tried the crayfish or crab yet since the shrimp is such a good deal, especially on Tuesdays when the special is three pounds for the price of two. Shrimp are in shell with heads and everything, big and fresh. The "Kitchen Sink" flavor is my favorite, you can order mild, medium, or spicy for any of them. I've stuck to the medium and it has a nice kick but not mouth-searing. Because it is a combo flavor it can vary a bit, one of them was decidedly heavy on the lemon-pepper!

We usually also get the rice, collards and cornbread plate, which includes soup or salad. The corn bread is dense, sweet and heavy. Rice is pre-boiled and meh, but soaks up the boil sauce. Collard greens are nice and buttery. The only soup they offer is clam chowder - I have not figured out why - it's decent but not anything to write home about.

Dirty rice was good, and seemed like it was really spicy. however, we were halfway through a 3 pounds of shrimp for 4 people blowout, so it might have been the food coma talking.
Beignets were a little heavy but had the yeasty taste I remember from trips to Cafe du Monde.

They also carry bottled Abita beer, which makes it feel a little more authentic.

The not-so-good:
Hush Puppies tasted of old oil. Sweet potato pie was obviously frozen, wouldn't get it again. I really, really wish they would have bread to soak up the boil sauce (I'd even pay for it) - I'm tempted to bring my own!

We generally have come in under $25 per person, tax and tip included for boil, sides, and at least 2 beers.

Be aware they have very loud bands on Saturday nights.

Oct 22, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

San Jose area best Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese

I'll also recommend Zeni for Ethiopian, really wonderful. I love the vegetarian combo.

Vung Tau is great for upscale Vietnamese, I also like Saigon 75 for the fresh spring rolls and grilled catfish "thanh long".

Chez Sovan has decent Cambodian food, the Campbell location has better hours and is easier to find.

Oct 22, 2007
alis in San Francisco Bay Area

2008 Michelin Guide San Francisco

The guide also lists its reviewers favorite restaurants where you can eat two dishes and a glass of wine or a dessert for less than $40.

A 16 - San Francisco - Marina District
ANNALIEN - Napa - Napa Valley
BAR TARTINE - San Francisco - Mission District
BARBERSQ - Napa - Napa Valley
BAY WOLF - Oakland - East of San Francisco
BETELNUT PEJIU WU - San Francisco - Marina District
CAFE GIBRALTAR - El Granada - South of San Francisco
CELADON - Napa - Napa Valley
CLEMENTINE - San Francisco - Richmond and Sunset
COOK ST. HELENA - St. Helena - Napa Valley
CUCINA PARADISO - Petaluma - Sonoma County
DELFINA - San Francisco - Mission District
GAYLORD - Sausalito - North of San Francisco
HONG KONG FLOWER LOUNGE - Millbrae - South of San Francisco
INSALATA'S - San Anselmo - North of San Francisco
JUNNOON - Palo Alto - South of San Francisco
KOKKARI ESTIATORIO - San Francisco - North Beach Area
KOO - San Francisco - Richmond and Sunset
LE CHARM - San Francisco - SoMa
MAMACITA - San Francisco - Marina District
MIREPOIX - Windsor - Sonoma County
NAMU - San Francisco - Richmond and Sunset
NOPA - San Francisco - Civic Center
OLIVIA - Berkeley - East of San Francisco
OSAKE - Santa Rosa - Sonoma County
PERBACCO - San Francisco - Financial District
POLENG - San Francisco - Civic Center
PRES A VI - San Francisco - Marina District
RIN'S THAI - Sonoma - Sonoma County
RISIBISI - Petaluma - Sonoma County
RNM - San Francisco - Civic Center
SAUCE - San Francisco - Civic Center
SCOTT HOWARD - San Francisco - North Beach Area
SLANTED DOOR (THE) - San Francisco - Financial District
SLOW CLUB - San Francisco - Mission District
SOCIALE - San Francisco - Marina District
SOUTH PARK CAFE - San Francisco - SoMa
TABLESPOON - San Francisco - Nob Hill
TAMARINDO - Oakland - East of San Francisco
TOKYO GO GO - San Francisco - Mission District
Tommaso's - San Francisco - North Beach Area
TWO - San Francisco - SoMa
2223 - San Francisco - Castro District
Universal Cafe - San Francisco - Mission District
Vanessa's Bistro - Berkeley - East of San Francisco
Venticello - San Francisco - Nob Hill
Willi's Seafood & Raw Bar - Healdsburg - Sonoma County
Willi's Wine Bar - Santa Rosa - Sonoma County
Yank Sing - San Francisco - SoMa
Zuzu - Napa - Napa Valley

Oct 22, 2007
alis in Food Media & News

2008 Michelin Guide San Francisco

THE FRENCH LAUNDRY - Yountville - Napa Valley

TWO STARS (**) (by neighborhood)
AQUA - San Francisco - Financial District
CHEZ TJ (NEW) - Mountain View - South of San Francisco
CYRUS - Healdsburg - Sonoma County
MANRESA - Los Gatos - South of San Francisco
MICHAEL MINA - San Francisco - Financial District

ONE STAR (*) (by neighborhood)
ACQUERELLO - San Francisco - Nob Hill
AME (NEW) - San Francisco - SoMa
AUBERGE DU SOLEIL - Rutherford - Napa Valley
BISTRO JEANTY - Yountville - Napa Valley
BOUCHON - Yountville - Napa Valley
BOULEVARD - San Francisco - SoMa
CHEZ PANISSE - Berkeley - East of San Francisco
COI (NEW) - San Francisco - North Beach Area
CORTEZ (NEW) - San Francisco - Financial District
DINING ROOM AT THE RITZ - CARLTON - San Francisco - Nob Hill
FARMHOUSE INN & RESTAURANT - Forestville - Sonoma County
FIFTH FLOOR - San Francisco - SoMa
FLEUR DE LYS - San Francisco - Financial District
GARY DANKO - San Francisco - North Beach
K & L BISTRO - Sebastopol - Sonoma County
LA FOLIE - San Francisco - Nob Hill
LA TOQUE - Rutherford - Napa Valley
MADRONA MANOR (NEW) - Healdsburg - Sonoma County
MARTINI HOUSE (NEW) - St. Helena - Napa Valley
MASA'S - San Francisco - Nob Hill
ONE MARKET (NEW) - San Francisco - SoMa
QUINCE - San Francisco - Marina District
RANGE - San Francisco - Mission District
REDD (NEW) - Yountville - Napa Valley
RUBICON - San Francisco - Financial District
SUSHI - RAN - Sausalito - North of San Francisco
TERRA - St. Helena - Napa Valley

Oct 22, 2007
alis in Food Media & News

Help with & review Chicago itinerary

anything in particular, other than dim sum, you are looking for?

I generally agree with the "best of" posts on the SF board: Ferry Building is a must, Giant burritos in the Mission, Chez Panisse, roast chicken at Zuni, Aziza, Incanto...

Also here are some you might not usually see...
Alambic on Haight is my new favorite place - great (expensive) cocktails, huge whisky list, truffle mac and cheese to die for
Dosa - if you've never had South Indian food, this isn't a bad place to try it (not the best in the bay, but best chance in San Fran proper)
I love love love the imperial rolls and claypot chicken at Slanted Door
The Distict - out by the ballpark, nice little wine bar, the bacon-batter calamari is evil.

Aug 30, 2007
alis in Chicago Area

Help with & review Chicago itinerary

Thanks for all of the feedback to help me fine-tune the plan! I've made up my mind and gotten reservations for the places that take them. Whew!

Tuesday: Avec
Wednesday: Blackbird (lunch), Topolobampo
Thursday: Green Zebra
Friday: Hopleaf
Saturday: hot dogs and/or Italian beef, Sweets and Savories for dinner
Sunday: Gino's East for pizza then off to the airport

Aug 30, 2007
alis in Chicago Area