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Worth the wait?

dezineliz, you sound like a smart person, and I say this because your assessment of Five Guys is spot on. Terrible, dry meat that we're supposed to excuse because of all the free toppings. No thanks.

That said, I'm going to urge you: Don't listen to people who crap all over Shake Shack. It's not just good, it's very good - particularly the Shack Stack, which I think someone already explained on here. That's the one to order. It's unique.

The custard is great, as well. Unless you live near Ted Drewes in St. Louis or Leon's in Milwaukee or Luv-it in Las Vegas and a few others I'm forgetting, it's great.

Don't bother with Madison Square Park. Go to the UWS; pair it with a walk in Central Park or a visit to the Museum of Natural HIstory. Waits are shorter there because there's less tourist traffic and a large kitchen. It's very efficient. I go monthly and never, ever wait.

That is all.

Shake Shack
Madison Ave and E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

Mar 22, 2010
biryaniboy in Manhattan

Le Fooding?

Bang on assessment, hungrycomposer -- was in the first group, in the first lines. Found it bewildering that one could often walk right up to Stephane Jego's table for unlimited helpings but that you had to wait a minimum of 10-15 minutes for a hamburger. (I went through that line but once, and nabbed two burgers. Maybe that is what everyone was doing, and why the wait was so long.)

The idea to place the General Greene ice cream cart by the entrance when people would be eating that later on in the evening goes down in the Worst Ideas Ever hall of fame. The event was not terribly well planned, but the crowd was almost entirely well-mannered, which made it a very pleasant experience.

Sep 28, 2009
biryaniboy in Manhattan

Best coffee in New York City?

La Colombe (Church Street, TriBeCa & Lafayette/Prince) are the most professional and consistent in the city. Their beans - roasted in North Philadelphia - are served in many high-end dining rooms around town; the cafes are a recent addition, and very, very welcome.

Aug 21, 2009
biryaniboy in Manhattan

Top 5 Most Overrated in Manhattan

can't believe people would even discuss katz's as a viable option. let the dead bury the dead.

1) Luger's - erratic and obnoxious. plus, the meat is too old-school for me. i like to know a little more about my red meat before i eat a whole platter of it.

2) Motorino - Boy, was that one lame pizza. Doughy, puffy. Naan with good tomato sauce and cheese. For real. I want to be reimbursed for the year it took me to get to East Jesus Nowhere to try it. Nice people, but very over-confident. The good new-generation pizzas are actually, I find, the least hyped ones.

3) Momofukuniverse - I love the ingredients and i like the preps but David Chang is not the new Food Christ; I think he is fully aware of this and laughing at you right now. Fried chicken suppers? Fun, but come on, lets keep it real.

4) Blue Hill - I can also go to the greenmarket and pull a great dinner together. It's lovely. How much genius is there at work here?

5) All NYC BBQ - I've no idea why anyone expects NYC to suddenly be a great BBQ town after years of having nothing to speak of. Enjoy it for what it is, and when it's great, be glad. but why waste a lot of your money in this it for when you're in Texas (my favorite regional style, and no, Hill Country doesn't work for me). Besides the pulled pork at dinosaur, truly the best thing I've had at an Manhattan BBQ resto (and I've been to most you could name) were the chili cheese fries at Virgil's.

Aug 19, 2009
biryaniboy in Manhattan

Did I just get unlucky at Scarpetta?

Actually, they have a late night menu now from 10pm to 1am. all half portions. went on a recent tuesday around 12:30am for basil spaghetti and glasses of lambrusco. (nice.) I think people expect too much from Scarpetta. i wouldn't choose it for a huge evening out, but for a late, light meal at the bar, yes please.

Jul 22, 2009
biryaniboy in Manhattan

Where does the line between mid-atlantic and tri-state region lie?

Answers to your questions here:

Although, as you'll see, there are two areas - the New York/NNJ and the New York-Newark-Bridgeport, which is now used more often when people talk about New York City population growth (that's why we're 21 million now..that counts everything from Trenton to Torrington to Kingston to the Poconos - no kidding..Pike County, PA is in the Newark metro area statistically, so it is part of the New York MSA as a result).

New Jersey deserves its own board, but then again, it sort of owns Mid-Atlantic board. Which makes sense, because the only two sub-regions within Mid-Atlantic without their own board at this point are Delaware and Upstate New York. Maryland - the part with people in it - mostly falls under DC/Balt board, incl the eastern shore vacation

Sep 23, 2007
biryaniboy in Site Talk

Thai Son Vietnamese Cuisine Jackson Heights

just like the baxter street location. same menu. went by last night, had squid in the lemongrass/pepper/onion sauce (you can get just about any kind of meat or fish in the same preparation). good as always, cheap as ever.

Feb 10, 2007
biryaniboy in Outer Boroughs

Only One Dinner in Detroit on a Sunday?

I recently visited - and loved - Sunday at the Cadieux Cafe, on Warren. They do mussel dinners, and have good Belgian beers, and an excellent vibe.

4300 Cadieux Rd., between Mack and Warren, Detroit