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Be My Birthday Guide. Please?

My husband-elect surprised me with a trip to london for my birthday and we arrived yesterday to a city in turmoil... (And friends stranded all over the map... )
I haven't had much time to plan but I thought the wonderful people of the city I love so much might step in and help take the pressure off of these decisions.

We are looking to visit the below cultural spots at some point and I imagined you might have some stand out spots near to one of them for a really fun and boozy and britishy but most importantly delicious Lunch. If you have a spot in one of the neighborhoods in which these places lie do tell!

Sir John Soane (in Bloomsbury)
The Barbican
Natural History Museum
Spitalfield City Farm
Whitechapel Gallery

We are staying in Clerkenwell so we are close to a few places I understand are great but I just can't make a decision right now. Too overwhelmed with the fact that we are actually here!

Oh and ate at Moro tonight and found it to be quite nice and eyed the menu at modern pantry which seems like a good option.
I know I really enjoy the food at the Wollseley and the atmosphere is certainly festive chic but I thought I would put out some feelers and see what you might say. Otherwise it is a good standby...

We will only be attempting to make it to one or two of the above museums/art exhibits and that will be decided by what we can eat around there! So let us know if there's a birthday lunch you would want us to have.

I promise I'll raise a glass, or several, to you!


The Clerkenwell
69-73 St. John Street, London EC1M 4AN, GB

Aug 08, 2011
plumtart in U.K./Ireland

Fat Food Quest : Mahattan Edition

Well I did it.

And my, have the past two days been real.

Triple creme brie, some reblochon and a huge piece of crumb cake from the farmers market for breakfast at home yesterday/ Pork belly sliders, fried chicken n biscuits, bacon doughnuts and bloody Marys at Traif the day before.

Chocolate covered Meiji Macadamia nuts, City Bakery hot chocolate (the prepared version was a gift that I've had in my fridge since Valentines day and as a side review I'd say it holds up very well -consistency, taste and enjoyment-wise- to the original,) Youngs double chocolate stout, and City bakery Pretzel Croissant for snacks.
Soho House's surprisingly super Mac and Cheese (creamy but not at all soupy, good tangy cheeseness, a little salty with great breadcrumb crunch and good crust) as a late night nibble.

So MUCH MORE cheese for lunch.

My first ever Starbucks Breve Chocolate Java Frappucino which was foul but unrivaled on the fattening front.

And dinners that consisted of what remains New York City's most delicious and flat-out best damn burger: at Diner in Brooklyn... (Stout but crunchy fries and unctuous unearthly home-made mayo only adding to the awesomeness.)
And Escargot, Duck Liver salad, and that luscious and longed for Cassoulet: at La Sirene. Which really fit the bill. The fact that we were finally able to bring that '85 cab I got as a gift (and which being past its prime needed badly to be drunk) made the feasting feel that much more regal and certainly more refined than my earlier frappucino faux pas.

Thank you all for the suggestions and for helping me make great chubby choices!

Warning: Do not try this at home

City Bakery
3 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

La Sirene
558 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

Mar 15, 2011
plumtart in Manhattan

Fat Food Quest

Woah that sounds good.

The chicken biscuit at Pies n Thighs was in the running but I've eaten it hungover too many times and it now fails on the appealing front.

Your suggestion however will be added to my arsenal.

Mar 13, 2011
plumtart in Outer Boroughs

Fat Food Quest : Mahattan Edition

An odd query but I'm starting a diet which requires me to consume an excessive amount of fat on the first two days of my regiment and I would love help in finding the fattiest flavorfilled foods in New York

Today is the first day of the Chub Load and I have intentions of taking full advantage of this odd requirement by attempting to eat all sorts of blubbery business.

The obvious includes: burgers, fried chicken, doughnuts, french fries, milkshake but I am looking for more delicious and utterly indulgent suggestions. Ramen? Pork Belly? Cassoulet? I'm taking thoughts on all fronts so feel free to have me act as your lipid loving liaison.

Right now I'm heading to Traif in Brooklyn for bacon doughnuts and hopefully something else offering porcine pudgery.
Greasy pudgy fingers crossed...

I've posted on the Outer Boroughs board as well so feel free to add your advice there if you'd be so kind.

Mar 12, 2011
plumtart in Manhattan

Fat Food Quest

An odd query but I'm starting a diet which requires me to consume an excessive amount of fat on the first two days of my regiment and I would love help in finding the fattiest flavorfilled foods in the brooklyn borough.

Today is the first day of the Chub Load and I have intentions of taking full advantage of this odd requirement by attempting to eat all sorts of blubbery bizness.

The obvious includes: burgers, fried chicken, doughnuts, french fries, milkshake but I am looking for more delicious and utterly indulgent suggestions. Ramen? Pork Belly? Cassoulet

Right now I'm heading to Traif for bacon doughnuts and hopefully something else offering porcine pudgery.
Greasy pudgy fingers crossed...

I'll be posting in the manhattan board as well so feel free to add your advice there if you'd be so kind.

229 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mar 12, 2011
plumtart in Outer Boroughs

Strong, scrumptious lattes/coffees

I looked for this spot last time I was visiting Houston and couldn't find it... Am I missing something?

Any reviews on it by the by?

Our staple coffee system has been mostly sorted, we drive to Cedar Creek pretty much every day and get our Latte's to go from there. Sort of a weird system, but they have the strongest espresso and good whole milk, the two things that my mornings need most....
It only gets really odd when we're craving caffeine late at night and have to elbow our way up to the bar to ask for a double shot of the non-whiskey variety.

Some of the 'tenders don't enjoy that...

Dec 20, 2010
plumtart in Houston

Bakeries and Baked Goods providers

I'll be back in town over the holidays and I plan on trying 3 Brothers. Thanks for the suggestion.

Having previously only heard of Andre's as the viable croissant option in Houston, I went there. Very underwhelming results. Not crunchy/flaky enough, a bit too sweet... Meh.

Isn't there anywhere that has great authentic cream scones and crispy magnificent croissants??

I will fill the void with breakfast tacos in the meantime.

Dec 20, 2010
plumtart in Houston

Bakeries and Baked Goods providers

Staying in the north west area of Houston and wondering where one goes for great scones (drier, less sweet variety a la british cream scones) flakey buttery crispy croissants, or other palatable classic bakery breakfast fare. Anywhere near dairy ashford and westheimer or over by the heights would be great but really anywhere that's worth trying will be appreciated.
I hear Andre's is terrific but haven't made it yet. Tried Phoenecia today which was amazing for all of it's offerings but didn't quite have our classic morning choices (though honestly i didn't try the croissant...)

Is there something worth trying?
Thanks Houston hounds!

Oh and ps. Are there any cupcake or cookies that stand out in this town?

Oct 11, 2010
plumtart in Houston

Strong, scrumptious lattes/coffees

In town from New York visiting family and curious where
one might find Lattes and Americanos that mean business and taste beautiful.
We get a bit spoiled up north with all the caffeine addled farm to table fiends and we're looking for what's best in these parts, especially the westerly part of Houston. During past visits we've hit cedar creek and Catalina which are pretty solid, but I'm hoping there are other options for coffee drinks.

Mote questions to come I'm sure...
And thanks so much!

Oct 11, 2010
plumtart in Houston

What is the Best Condiment You Ever Had?

The Mayonnaise at Marlow + Sons / Diner in Brooklyn is one of the greatest revelations of my adult life. It's texture could be described as light and the flavor is rich and bright and utterly addictive. It puts all other french fry companions to shame.

It should also be noted that the Mayonnaise at Saltie (started by the founding chef of Diner) is superb as well.

Oct 04, 2010
plumtart in General Topics

Quick Rome Restaurant Report

Your report is indeed helpful. Thank you!
As we're only there for a day or two, have limited time to eat and will be traveling with another couple, I'm wondering what price category Armando's falls into.
Also curious about what your "must orders" are there. I really want to go and hope to convince our co-travelers.

It's likely I'll be posting another query but if you have any top places in Rome, I would be terribly grateful to get any and all advice.

Thanks again!

May 17, 2010
plumtart in Italy

Yankee(s) in Austin and We Need Your Advice

Oh P.S. Is there anything worth eating/drinking/seeing/buying and bringing home on the drive between Austin and Houston??

May 01, 2010
plumtart in Austin

Yankee(s) in Austin and We Need Your Advice

I looked into Odd Duck and it sounds heavenly. I think they're serving rabbit belly tonight? Seeing as we arrive tomorrow and leave wednesday (and I believe they're closed Sun/Mon) we have just a small window in which to eat there.
Fingers are crossed particularly because I like the BYOB, eat outside vibe. I also really love an effing good doughnut, which appears to be just a waddle away.

I'm getting pretty bummed out that we don't have more time.
My Love, being committed to chowing on as much chorizo as possible, may not like my many non-mexican agendas.

There's just SOOOO much to eat it seems!
Wish us luck.

May 01, 2010
plumtart in Austin

Yankee(s) in Austin and We Need Your Advice

Your suggestions are just terrific and thorough. Thank you heaps!

Now two more queries for y'all:

What to order at La Condesa (we're definitely going there one night, we have a friend who works there)

Did La Regiomontana ever open back up? I've read a lot on this board about it closing, it reopening and how out of this world it once was...

La Condesa
400-A W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

May 01, 2010
plumtart in Austin

Yankee(s) in Austin and We Need Your Advice

Ok so I'm the Yankee, and my beloved is from Texas originally. But it has been a LONG time since he's been home, hence our need of your help.

We'll be in town for three days only and I want to get in as much eating and drinking as we can in the short time so I'd love advice on the classics we shouldn't miss and some basics that out-of-towners just don't know about. And as far as our budget, I'd say its moderate with the ability to go big if a place or two are worth it.

-Best Chorizo Tacos (I know we'll hit Marias Taco Xpress but are there better places or different variations that we should try?)
-Weekday breakfast (I remember Kirby Lane Pancakes for some reason. Can't recall if they are any good or not...)
-Mexican corn
-Best Milkshake/frozen treat
-Good and/or cheap micheladas + beer or an otherwise great drinks scene

-A Healthy Smoothie ( Jamba Juice does not count)
-Strong Delicious make your mind-spin espresso
-A Really Great Hangover Curing Burger
-Darn yummy baked goods for breakfast etc.

I know those are a lot of things to request info on but I'd love to hear if you have suggestions for only even one of the above.

Thanks a zillion!
We're so excited to be heading down.

Taco Xpress
2529 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Apr 30, 2010
plumtart in Austin

France is Our Oyster: where should we go?

My betrothed and I will be in Paris tomorrow and then, on the 11th, off to wander the surrounding cities and regions in search of an inexpensive chateau to host a small celebratory vacation for our friends in the fall.
As we have no absolutely set plans for this search and a great sense of adventure, I'd love advice on where to head for great regional cusine, scrumptious local wines and perhaps some reasonably priced lodgings. Within about 3 hours of paris (by car.)

Our budget is not tight but we are not exactly ballers so I suppose one or two spendy meals could fit into our itinerary and the rest should be moderate or inexpensive. As for what we like to eat... I haven't met a French meal I didn't adore (even the lambs brains we ate last holiday were tasty if I didn't think about them too much) + we both fancy a foie gras + a truffle here and there if we can manage to work those treats into a meal or snack.
In terms of our loose destinations, it looks like we'll be hitting up a chateau near Brix in the north and then a few spots near Amboise (so quite close to Tours) and at some point expect to be near Reims and the Champagne region.

Any advice on where to wander for great food and drink (or any suggestions on how to find character-filled and charmingly priced chateaux for rent) would thrill us.

Mar 07, 2010
plumtart in France

Where to Eat Right Now

My dining partner is aching for a taco so we're going to hit Farolito and then Bi Rite, hopefully I'll catch one of those dim sum carts as that's more my craving. Is Tartine still good? Am wanting for something delicious and chocolatey...

Thinking about Nopa tonight and maybe Zuni for lunch on Friday.

Thanks again so much for allll the recs.

Now, to eat!

Where to Eat Right Now

Just getting into th city for the first time in a while and starving.

Can someone please give us some recomendations on must eats for a moment like this?

Our budgets are flexible, our minds are open and our stomachs are achingly empty. We want a surefire hit and a bit of adventure.
Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


This Again: San Francisco Sweep. Where To Eat with Limited Time

I will be back in the Bay Area for a wedding this week and bringing my love interest for his first time here.

Knowing that I will be both overwhelmed with trying to be a good wedding guest + with trying to be a good girlfriend I was hoping you could help give me a round up of some HIGH (We have the time and funds to do one Fancy dinner and one fancy Lunch out) and LOW ( snacks, burgers, take out thai, ferry building noshes, random must-eats and ALL variety of sweet treat, in particular Brownies) EDIBLES that I should not let my Betrothed miss.

Moreover I am so frazzled that I am unable to fully recall my must eats when I am in town... So I need guidance badly.

Favourites in the past have included:
Some great dinners at Town Hall
Terrific po boys at hog island ( I believe)
a pretty darn good burger at the farmers market on Saturday
some sort of sweet coffee at Blue Bottle
Some yummy tuna dish at A16 (think that's what its called)
Tacos in Tiburon
The Tea Leaf Salad at Burma Superstar really stuck with me last time, in a good way...

Hoping you can help with ideas for smaller, quirkier, or just classic SF edibles around town that pack flavorful, foodtastic punches and perhaps a few bigger scale dining experiences to mix in there.

- plum

Brooklyn Star

Has anyone been yet?
I'm hoping to make my first visit this weekend. Would love any words of wisdom.

May 29, 2009
plumtart in Outer Boroughs

Noshing on arrival??

I'm not so up on bars in that area but....

It's different and very good, try Saka Gura 211 E 43rd St.
Downstairs in an office building it has an awesome array of japanese food and drink.

Another option if you want to grab something and walk: Two Boots Pizza in Grand Central Terminal. Its just downstairs and is an awesome option for a new york slice with a twist. There are various quick an easy eats in the terminal, including ice cream and cocktails.

You can also try Crisp for easy middle eastern snacks. 43rd and 3rd

--- edit
my dad's fave deal is the clam chowder at the Oyster Bar in GCT downed with a beer. the atmosphere can't be beat and its the cheapest most filling thing on the menu if I'm not mistaken.

May 27, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan

Classic with Quirk: Farewell Dining with Friends

One of my dearest friends is leaving NYC and we want to surprise this No-Longer-New-Yorker with a Very Special Day. The plan includes stopping for an afternoon snack and going to dinner after enjoying drinks in a very interesting atmosphere (Our day needn't be fancy but has to be "Special", with an emphasis on ambiance that I am not used to.)

For the afternoon portion I'd imagined something along the lines of high tea; the only issue, every tea place seems to leave something to be desired.

The Russian Tea Room while a stunning setting, sounds awful when it comes to food.
The Palm Court is closed.
The St. Regis seems a bit boring in design.

I need somewhere that has CHARACTER as well as killer scones. Is BG interesting? Are there other Grand Dame hotels that I'm skipping? Any out of manhattan faves? Maybe Harlem Tea Room?

I could care less if the place is threadbare (in fact I might like it to be) just as long as it has flair and yummy food.

As for dinner I think we'll end up at something like Momofuku, Elettaria, perhaps even Huckleberry bar to nibble but might stop for drinks at the Russian Vodka Room, are there any other bars or scenes like the RVR?
Kind of old fashioned and falling apart, like if Rumplemeyer's was still around and they served Booze.


May 27, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan

One night stand.

While Kathryn's option is mind blowing you could always hit the lower lower east and do Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles, wander over to Fong Hing on hester for Bao, walk to Bario Chino for chips and michelada, cross the street for Babycakes's brownie cake or their cinnamon toasty, and if you're still in the mood for more sugary high head up to Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

May 27, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan

3 Week Chowfest; Help!!!

I'm going to italy and spain for two weeks and two weddings this summer and my body is going to need some serious shaping up after.

Always worth it though!!

Apr 29, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan

10 Tips for a Healthy Diet

Thanks for rec

I'd also like to add Green Tea which is a no brainer for some but I always forget about.
Iced, it is an amazing pick me up, plus its allegedly good for your metabolism and it makes you (in my experience) feel encouraged to go for more "green" food choices later in the day.

Apr 28, 2009
plumtart in Features

Steamed Pork Buns?

That looks pretty amazing.
Seeing as this is an all time fave of yours, do you have a few favourite places where you find cha siu bao? and what's that on the inside? (i assume pork, but you know what they say about assuming...)

Apr 27, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan

3 Week Chowfest; Help!!!

if you ever need an eating partner when you visit us again, i am in!!

your eating itinerary has me just giddy. Loved it.


Apr 27, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan

Looking for Peking duck w/ mantou (fluffy buns) not pancakes

Thanks for this post! Great question.

Apr 27, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan

Cupcake THANKS and results

Is Batch back yet?
Am lonnnnnging.

Apr 27, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan

Best Brunch (Updated For 2009)

Have in-laws in town and am hoping to all go to shopsins for the first time together. Slutty pancakes will have them wildly entertained and happily fed, am certain.

Your list is epic, and you are a hero!

Apr 27, 2009
plumtart in Manhattan