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Christmas day

Does anybody know of a bar or pub that will be open on Christmas day? Looking for downtown or the east end.

Dec 24, 2010
chenin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Need Suggestions

I have 3 friends coming into town next month. One is a sommelier, so I'm looking for a restaurant with a great winelist(this being the 1st priority) good ambiance, and great food.
Here's the kicker though, I don't want to break the bank taking them out.
Thought about JKWB and Barberian's, wondering what are the other options.

Thanks in advance

Jan 11, 2007
chenin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pre-Hummingbird dinner - JK Wine Bar?

Assuming there isn't 20 of you, you should have no problem at JK.

Another suggestion is the Ninth Gate. Never had a problem waiting for food there. If you go, get the LA Kalbi, delicious

Oct 11, 2006
chenin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


Looking to buy some Rosewater. Preferably downtown, (or close to)
Anybody know for sure where to buy it

Oct 11, 2006
chenin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)