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'Hong Kong Cuisine' ( aka1983 ), Happy Valley - Now I understand why it earns one of Openrice highest rating!!

honestly I only ever get the Hot Pot. Though I've been meaning to try some of their regular dishes...

'Hong Kong Cuisine' ( aka1983 ), Happy Valley - Now I understand why it earns one of Openrice highest rating!!

Golden Valley in Happy Valley's Emperor Hotel is probably one of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong.

Buying spices in Hong Kong plus a few other ingredient questions

Yuan Heng Spice Company
19 Tung St in Sheung Wan

For my indian spices i use Trinity ... they deliver. they will even have alphonso mangos during the season.

Chow in/near Bloomfield Hills (DTW)

I was born and raised in the bloomfield area. I now live in hong kong and this is what i always make sure to go to .... when i come home. i think first and foremost be prepared to drive 30 minutes anywhere ....

anyways these to me are the classic detroit institutions that my friends and i go to when we reunite:
Olga's Kitchen (telegraph / sq lake in bloomfield)
Buddy's Pizza (west bloomfield)
Zingerman's deli (Ann arbor)
Blimpy burger (Ann Arbor)
Maize N Blue Deli (Ann Arbor)
Coney Island (for hot dogs ...i used to go to Leo's on telegraph / maple)
stage deli (in bloomfield)
pizza papalis (in bloomfield)
My brother likes to go to the Original House of pancakes for breakfast in Royal Oak
Franklin Cider Mill (cider / donuts / caramel or candy apples)
The indian food is quite good here but i usually take a pass since i live in asia and I'm indian so i eat my mom's food.

the detroit area has the largest middle eastern population outside the middle east so the middle eastern restaurants are on par with those in the middle east to be honest ... i used to always go to Lashish which i think closed down ... any suggestions ?

Sep 30, 2012
Hot Chocolate in Great Lakes

Hong Kong -- great private kitchens, late night dining for a big group

maybe Margaret Xu's Yin Yang. I think you'll find it difficult to find a place ("after 10:30" means 11 pm) after 11 pm.

One regular restaurant that stays open serving late is Lily & Bloom.

TBLS [Hong Kong]

the menu changes every month and is published on their website.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in HK and I usually go once a month. The best way to get a table is to put your name on the wait list for Mon / Tues / Wed. HK denizens are notorious for booking 5 restaurants for a single night only to cancel on the day of. I've eaten at TBLS multiple times in this manner. In the winter you can also suggest you're willing to sit outside (for those of you who have lived in places where it actually's not really cold during the HK winters....)

One meal only in HK and then 2 weeks in Thailand.

The hipsters have moved onto Armani bar in Prince building or FoFo's rooftop bar on wellington street now. Sevva is still a favorite for sunset / pre dinner drinks. Ozone's decor is too tacky for me (feels they tried to cram as much blingy shiny neon junk in there as possible).

2012 Michelin Guide to HK & Maceau

i think i've only gone to IFC ... but i'll go to the two rated mong kok and also elements is easy to go to. just made a reservation for tin lung heen in late dec. excited to go!

i think i noticed tim ho wan has lost its star?

2012 Michelin Guide to HK & Maceau

I've been to Yung Kee twice. Both times were pretty bad. I pretty much won't go back. I don't recall sitting on the fourth floor but I abhor inconsistency where people on the first floor get crap food while people on the top floor are attended to better. I can understand difference based on location but within the same building?? pass.

I prefer amber to caprice. I went to Tim's Kitchen once. Not really a big fan of that place. I agree with Man Wah, that place is a go to place for me. And I would give Lei Garden a "bib" at best ...

Yay Mirror!!! love that place!

Here is the list:

Three Stars:


L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Lung King Heen

8-1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Robuchon a Galera (Macau)

Two Stars:


Bo Innovation

Celebrity Cuisine

Lei Garden (Mong Kok)

Ming Court


Shang Palace

Spoon by Alain Ducasse

Sun Tung Lok

Ye Shanghai (Kowloon)

The Eight (Macau)

Wing Lei (Macau)

Zi Yat Heen (Macau)

New One Stars:

Ah Yat Harbour View

Cuisine Cuisine (IFC)

Lei Garden (Causeway Bay)

Lei Garden (Elements)

Man Wah


St. George

The Chairman

Tin Lung Heen

Xin Dau Ji (Jordan)


Golden Flower (Macau)

Sports Bar or Tapas bar to watch Barfelona football match?

Sorry I'm staying at the Hotel Pulitzer Between metro stops Universitat & Catalunya...

Tongue in cheek spelling of Barfelona ... more of the proper pronounciation i suppose.

we are 4 mid 30s ... not really fans of either team but looking to be in a fun friendly environment to watch the match.

Nov 29, 2011
Hot Chocolate in Spain/Portugal

Soup Dumplings in Hong Kong

My "sophisticated NY friends" took me to Hee Kee Fried Crab ... it was next to under the bridge which was featured on Anthony Bourdain (perhaps creme de la creme for NY foodies). The food was quite good. we had a good time there.

For my "sophisticated" NY friends who have a hankering for good Western i take them to:
Cafe Gray
208 on hollywood
8 1/2 otto e mezzo (white truffle season!)

I also take my "sophisticated NY friends" to the private kitchens such as:
Magnolia Grill (Cajun food)
Yin Yang
Xin Yi
Da Ping Huo (Sichuan)

If your husband is a fan of indian food then I'd currently suggest Ista on Hollywood road. (generally i've found american's consider "Asian" food to mean more chinese and Indian food is under the "curry" category). As a previous poster however suggested, even the average chinese food here is light years better than the best chinese food of the US of A. Maybe he can give it a try one last time.

Fried Chicken with Chilli 辣子鸡丁 in Hong Kong

Shui Hu Ju's sister restaurant Yun Fu also has it. And their outcast cousin Hu Tong in Kowloon also has it. Though Chili Fagara's version is my favorite. My two favorite Sichuan places in Hong Kong are: Chili Fagara and Golden Valley (Emperor Hotel) in Happy Valley. After that is Sie Jie for me.

Sports Bar or Tapas bar to watch Barfelona football match?

Hi ... I'm going to be in Barfelona for the mega match (real madrid / barfelona). Seeing as I can't afford the 900 EUR face value for the premium tickets ... could anyone kindly recommend a good bar with good food to watch the match?


Nov 28, 2011
Hot Chocolate in Spain/Portugal

Disapointing again in Macau

You can't go wrong at Antonio for Portugese food...

there's tons of great food in macau...
The orange glazed whole duck with whole foie gras at aux beaux arts in MGM (enough for four people...)
lord stowe's egg tarts
cafe tai lei loi kei for pork chop bun (venetian)
i've been pleasantly surprised with the growth of great food in macau over the past few years.

GBU Hollywood rd is awful

i think the best burgers in HK are McSorley's or Cafe Causette.

New Eating Places in Singapore

Sorry to divert from the indepth discussion on Robuchon ....

but has anyone been to Smokey's BBQ on the east coast ? I have one guy saying it's average and another saying it's a must go to place. Any color here please would be appreciated. Thanks, HC.

Going to HK... again!

1. Zuma (the Sunday buffet is an awesome value)
2. It's in the subway station part of IFC in the basement.
3. I thought Laduree was a pop up stand ? It's still around ??
5. The Mira is far superior to the one in IFC.
6. Nah, just order it at Cuisine Cuisine at the Mira
8. hmm ... TBLS, Mirror, I really like Yun Fu for the decor as the food is nice and the decor is awesome, otto e mezzo for white truffles, and also it's hairy crab season.

Hong Kong MUST EATS AND ALL TIME FAVORITES for 6 Days of eating!!

I'm a big fan of cuisine cuisine in Kowloon for Dim Sum / Chinese. two star michelin.

I don't think Tim Ho Wan is worth waiting 2 hours for but then again i wouldn't wait two hours for anything.

Indian Food [Hong Kong]

My indian coworkers have recommended conrad's buffet on sunday.

Best Indian in Singapore

I forgot to mention ... (a few years ago looks like) ... that i went to yantra way back then and i must say that i think it's the best indian by far in the entire SE Asian region (save Bangkok as i haven't had indian in BKK....) and i think i've had some of the best indian dishes of my life there. thanks for the tip.

Hong Kong Sichuan Recomendation for 22

a la carte
my favorite dishes are
pig ear salad
the fish hot pot
cucumber with garlic
kung pao chicken
a garlic chili noodle dish (forgot which one ...)
you can also order the famous dan dan noodle ...
they give you a piece of paper and pencil and you circle your choices. Their english is limited as well.

Sunday Lunch Buffet at Spoon, HK - No longer worth the visit!!

i haven't been to any of the big box hotel ones but can't imagine how they're much different from the big box singapore ones ... or bangkok ones ...

but i went to zuma and thought their japanese buffet on sunday was phenomenal. It's about $560 HKD i think with unlimited champagne / bellinis (cherry, peach, or something else). excellent choice of robata grilled meat / veggies, sushi, sashimi, rolls, salads as well.

I've heard fifth floor fusion is a really good sunday buffet but i've tried booking and they say they are booked for sunday brunch ... THROUGH NOVEMBER 2011!!! WTF?

Hong Kong: need a recommendation for fun/hip dinner place.

If you decide to go and they say they are full. Try asking if the outside area is available. They have heaters but you can just wear a nice sweater and you'll be fine (assuming you're not one of those HKers that wears their puffer jacket / chinchilla fur when it's 50 F outside). I'm from mid west where cold = snow / freezing.

Hong Kong Sichuan Recomendation for 22

My favorite is Sie Jie on Lockhart in Wan Chai. I prefer that over Da Ping Huo. Da Ping Huo is a very nice restaurant in an art gallery. Sie Jie is like dining in someone's family room with cheap decor but the food is phenomenal.

Defining food experiences in Singapore

for late night my go to place was Spice on River Valley Road ... near Zouk

Sin Huat seafood

Mellban seafood in AMK for crab bee hoon

Hong Kong: need a recommendation for fun/hip dinner place.

There some private kitchens that I think qualify .... Yin Yang ... Xi Yan ... Da Ping Huo ... Gitone ... TBLS i absolutely love if you can get in ... Mirror (food is fantastic decor is stale).

Din Tai Fung - top ten in the world?!

Thanks for the tip. Went to Fu Sing.

Had the absolute best char siew pork and baked bbq pork dumpling i've ever had. The congee was top notch, not too much MSG and the thousand year old egg / little pork sausage. didn't have any egg tarts but the mango / sago soup was the best i've had and very well balanced, not too heavy not too creamy, not too watery. much better then the one i usually have at xiao tian gu.

we ordered the xlb, the skin was better then DTF but mine didn't have too much "soup" it did kinda look like they popped a a bit and some juice leaked out on the non stick cloth. i think they were kind of expensive at 28 hkd each i think .... still i will be going back to fu sing. surprised it only got a bib gourmand and not a star.

Din Tai Fung - top ten in the world?!

Not sure if i agree with you on the filling of DTF but you're entitled to your opinion. I never go to DTF for noodles. I go with my friends if we want XLB then we order the dou mio (sp?) and the fried rice and a soup (hot & sour or pork rib). The soups are excellent. Usually we'll run through about 50 XLB between 4 people.

I only ever go to crystal jade wihen tourists are in town and want "chinese" food. as for "noodles." If i have a hankering for some noodles i go to a hawker stand.

Din Tai Fung - top ten in the world?!

i have yet to find a XLB SUBSTANIALLY better then DTF. but i've only been living in asia for four years.

Hong Kong: Just Left, Want To Go Back

I have some Aussie friends that went to Bubba Gump and said really good things about the food. I know it's hard to believe, but there are other tourists out there besides american tourists and many tourists (especially asian ones) love loud kitschy touristy things. I kind of want to try it actually.

Similarly ... i live in HK. every expat i've ever met when they go home always go to some super touristy super american place for a meal...ranging from olive garden, to krispy kreme, mcdonalds, etc.

i go to the chilis in singapore quite often actually as i think it's one of the best burgers in town.