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Casual VEGETERIAN lunch (dine-in or take out) places in FiDi and SOMA?

So I'm a bit late, but still maybe useful to the OP. Maybe too far north, but YoYo does a pretty tasty array of noodle dishes, most of them veg/vegan. Super cheap, too. I also occasionally enjoy a veg burrito at the San Buena taco truck that parks on that same block. And of course there's always Mixt if you don't mind the wait or mediocre ingredients. Hit up Naked Lunch (probably way too far north) if you want an amazing veg sandwich.

318 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94111

naked lunch
504 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133

FiDi restaurant sugestion for two single gals??

I love Cigar Bar for the outdoor patio, but the food is at best above-average bar food. Plantains and calamari are the office favorites when we go there for happy hour.

Papalote Mexican Grill, SF - go or avoid?

yes. love the burritos, but the tacos are a mess.

Best pizza and beer in Bay Area?

The food at 21A is extremely meh. Everything else in your post rings solidly true, so I look forward to hearing what you like at 21A. The beer there is just-short-of-amazing, and I've never had anything but totally mediocre food there.

Bahn Mi at Lotus Garden?

I just got around to checking them out. The options are:

Combination (Ham, "Fancy" pork)
BBQ Pork
Shredded Pork
Vegetarian Tofu

Had a combination...the bread was acceptable: crunchy outside, but a bit too chewy on the inside. Fairly average pork, and although they don't mention it, I thought I tasted fish sauce. Maybe there was some in the mayo. I won't be rushing back, but good to have it as an option if I've got the craving and don't want to trek to the 'loin.

Naked Lunch - wished I lived near Northbeach

I believe that's still correct.

DC Hound looking for quirky, fun eats

DC's Chinatown is seriously one of the most depressing things for anyone who values human life and creativity.

(spent 9 years in DC, moved to the bay a year ago)

Smoked fried chicken at Memphis Minnie's?

there is a blanket exception for fried things, thankfully.

Smoked fried chicken at Memphis Minnie's?

A bit late on the reply, but I had it a month or so ago and it was delicious. I think I still prefer my fried chicken brined and non-smoked in general, but this was a great twist.

Disappointing brunch at Brenda's

Hangtown fry here is awesome. I left most of the potato hash (grits next time) and waited for almost an hour at peak brunchtime today, but would happily return for that most harmonious combination of fried oysters, bacon, and egg. Oh and the biscuits, as previously reported, are fantastic. Super-crumbly and buttery, delicious.

rosamunde in the mission

Was in last night. There are 22 draughts, and two taps that will eventually be used for wine, according to the bartender. Most of the list is pretty common stuff, but they're working on getting some more offbeat/seasonal brews (they have a great Avery Dugana Double IPA on right now for $6). Oh, and the currywurst is the steal on the food menu at (an undocumented) $3.75.

Chaac-Mool Catering

Had some tacos from these guys at Rye a few nights ago...I picked up a card, lead me to figure out that they're one of the La Cocina entities. I'm guessing that means they're not associated with Chaac Mool Deli in Oakland, but who knows (all the posts on that place are ~2 years old, so maybe the Oakland location closed and this is the successor).

Anyway, the tacos we had were good drunk food, but I'm curious how they fare in the bright light of sobriety. Anybody else had them? They apparently sell at Fort Mason on the weekends. Not sure if the Rye connection is a permanent thing or a one-off.

La Cocina Community Kitchen
2948 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110

688 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Chaac Mool Deli Cafe

Dungeness crab price $/lb for '09 season

Down to $3.49/lb today at Sun Fat, although there are far fewer in the tanks, and one of the two I got was missing a couple legs. Still delicious. Crab stock time!

Dungeness crab price $/lb for '09 season

A couple days delayed (12/31), but live (and feisty) ones were $3.99/lb at Sun Fat in the Mission. They were $6.99 at the Ferry Building earlier that day. Glad I waited. A great NYE treat.

Taqueria Guadalajaras - which are related?

Guadalajara's Mission location is best for carnitas. oh, and lengua. haven't tried the al pastor...the carnitas are just too incredible.

Looking for a "ladies who lunch" spot for this weekend

Looks like they're back to Friday-only lunch now, fwiw.

Local source for 500ml glass bottles

Ooh, Cost Plus sounds great, and I didn't realize there was a Container Store in the city. Thanks!

Local source for 500ml glass bottles

I made a batch of nocino (and vin de noix) this year and it's about ready to start drinking. I'd like to bottle it, but would like to avoid paying $25+ in shipping to buy a case of appropriate glass bottles online. Any local places (in-SF and close to bart/muni preferred, but other options ok too) where I can buy something like this?

Richmond find: Tacos al vapor, al pastor on a spit, great cabeza

I know I'm 8 months late, but holy crap this place is awesome and cheap. Went this morning and got the chicharonnes plate...comes with beans and rice, but you can sub nopales salad for the rice. Luckily I went with a spanish-speaking friend who helped me understand that they were serving chicharrones in two different styles...seco (the portion with the skin and the fat layer and some meat beneath that) and regular (all meat). Anybody else heard of this? Google is turning up zilch on "chicharonnes seco", but it looks like "seco" translates as "dry". Maybe just a way of specifying that it's the type with crispy skin?

ETA: the plate was $5, and we got some nopales salad, house chips (fried in lard!), and carnitas to go. excellent.

Healthy Eating--24th and Mission

My (admittedly few) visits to OJ have been plenty heavy on the oil. I love the results, but it may not be what the OP is looking for. Maybe it depends on what you order?

Fried chicken to rival Ad Hoc

clarifying the clarification: MSF is generally open for dinner on Thursday and Saturday, not Thursday "thru" Saturday. Follow if that's what you're after.

Where to find soft shell crab in SF?

The House had them this spring when they were in season on the east coast, but I doubt they're still serving them.

The House
1230 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Jai Yun - not just the same thing every time

Both times I've been, we did the $18 lunch and were in and out in an hour.

Need recommendations for cocktails

Beretta does some really good work, but 1) it's busy most of the time and 2) it's down in the lower end of the Mission. Still, worth a mention in any discussion of great cocktails in the city.

Restaurants with free (or cheap) corkage?

Checked out Weird Fish tonight with a couple friends, and the corkage was $0/bottle and $2/glass. I'm assuming this means a flat $2 fee per person drinking wine, but didn't ask. At any rate, sounds like a good deal.

Weird Fish
2193 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

ISO Wood Pellets for Smoking

Thanks for the tips, all. No luck at BBQ Galore. I'll try calling Bud's in the morning to see if he's got any suggestions but I'll probably just order online and hope.

ISO Wood Pellets for Smoking

I've got a cold-smoking setup that takes wood pellets rather than chips, and I'm running low. is the brand I've got, but I am planning on smoking some pastrami soon and I don't want to risk the shipment not arriving by the time the meat is ready. Anybody seen these or a similar product locally? Bonus points for being in SF proper, and even more bonus points for Muni/BART accessible.

Best pupusas in San Francisco?

I really wanted to like Elsy's; the ambience, the dough rising in the window, all signs pointed toward delicious pupusas. Sadly, the resulting pupusa meal was bland and came with heaps of boring rice and beans. Filling, but there are better pupusas very close to Elsy's imo.

Jack's Brewing Company San Ramon

BetterBeerBlog did a good profile of the place a couple weeks ago:

Lunch at Jai Yun

There were four other tables there today for lunch. Many of the same dishes as on my 7/23 visit, with a few new ones. Spicy cold beef was a standout of the mini-starters. The hot, gelatinous summer melon salad was a bit too weird for me, though. Still, I'll be back in another month or so. Those crispy muchrooms weren't quite as crispy this time around (more sauce after frying?) but they still tasted incredible.