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Asian Markets in Burlington, VT?

With sadness, I just discovered the Asian market, Kui's, on Dorset Street has closed. :( If you got there Friday afternoon, she'd have fresh tofu from Boston, and had great frozen dumplings as well. Got everything I needed to cook my Chinese New Year's dinner. I know there is a shop on North Street, or at least there used to be. Does anyone know if this particular store moved or if there is another one on the south side of town? Thank you!

Best lobster roll between Kittery and Ogunquit?

Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest going just a bit further up Route 1 and go to Mike's Clam Shack in Wells. I don't normally eat lobster rolls, but my sweetie does, and they are huge and well filled with tons of lobster. They look so good, even I want one! He's very picky, and although they're on the pricey side (actually, really pricey IMO!), he thinks they're well worth it! :-)

Ed's Barrrbq - Barre, VT

Since it's in downtown Barre, you can either take Exit 8 and travel from Montpelier on the Barre-Montpelier Road, or the hospital exit (7?) and travel the corridor to Barre. Or, take the more scenic route through South Barre in the more southern exit.

Fresh Fish in Burlington, VT

There was a fish market on Dorset Street for many years, but it went out of business a few years back. I went there a couple of times and found the prices astronomical, compared to the supermarkets. Ray's has seafood trucks in Addison County a couple of days a week.

Like TonyO, I was going to suggest talking to area restaurants and see where they get their fish. :-)

Burlington VT, and surrounding areas?

I third (fourth?) the recommendation for Trattoria Delia. The best, IMO.

Weekend trip to Burlington and Montpelier, VT

I believe you're referring to Thai Basil on the Mountain Road. That's the only Thai restaurant I'm aware of in the Stowe area, and they are no affiliated with Tiny Thai.

Another vote for Tiny Thai! Either Essex or Winooski!

Burlington, Vermont - Sad News

That's a shame, but, pardon the pun, SignO, it's a sign of the times. So much competition on Church Street. :-(

Weekend trip to Burlington and Montpelier, VT

Just a plug to make a reservation wherever you decide to go. This month is extremely busy with visitors and college parents' weekend, so without one, you might be out of luck. There are some restaurants that don't take reservations, but thought I should mention that. Good luck!

Sriracha Sauce near Middlebury, VT?

You probably already went up to B-town, but there is also the Asian market in the old North End that probably would carry it as well...

Interesting about the co-op, that's where I shop and one of the biggest reasons is because of their buying policy. :-) Makes me feel safer.

Rutland, VT area - Rec Updates?

Hi Morganna!

I presume you'll be driving down Route 100? Because, may I suggest, although not sure about how much time you'll have after work and before the show, but Cafe Provence in Brandon has had exceptional reviews. It is maybe 30 minutes from Rutland? I have yet to eat there, but want to. They are on the main drag--Rt. 7. Not sure on prices, but they have a website, I would think.

I ate at Sal's I believe, when I went down for a wake a few years back. It was good, solid Italian, couldn't go wrong. Not sure if you want to smell like garlic during a performance, though! And there is always Sirloin Saloon, whether that has closed like the one in Shelburne, I don't know.

The Seven Days Dining Guide covers the entire state now, so they too may have some recommendations.

Have a wonderful evening!


Black Sheep is excellent. Another place is The Bobcat Cafe in Bristol. Was just purchased by the chef/owner of Black Sheep last week and rolled out the new menu. A GREAT improvement! :-) Also in that area is Mary's of Baldwin Creek, lots of great VT produce.

Another shout out for the coop in Middlebury. That's where I primarily do all of my shopping. The restaurant in Brandon I believe the dhfrost was talking about is Cafe Provence. Have heard excellent things, though I've never been.

Champlain Valley Fair

Not sure what you're looking for. IMO, it's standard fair food. I always like to go to Ray's for a sausage, there is a little shack that has really tasty onion rings. Although I always watch what I eat, I give myself a reprieve the evening I go. ;-)

Black Sheep Bistro, Vergennes VT -- Review

That's funny, Sign'O, we too were like that. Although I had eaten their pizza for lunch (I work in Shelburne), we decided to stop by on the way home one late Saturday night a few summers back, after a long day of having a garage sale with family in Burlington. An utter and very pleasant surprise. Their clam sauce was absolutely delicious and the pasta was cooked to perfection.

But, I will say, since that time I've eaten there on several occasions and I've found it to be hit or miss. The clam sauce has never tasted the same and one time we had to wait nearly 45 minutes for our meal, so long I almost just walked out. Not sure what took so long, it is only pasta and the restaurant wasn't full. But, for Italian food on the south side of town, it beats Olive Garden if you have a hankering. The pesto is very good, as are the ravioli.

The last time I ate there I was carded, so for this 41-year-old, it's worth a trip back! ;-)

Quatre Bistro, Burlington VT

Funny, I thought of this thread when I read that. Somehow, I wasn't surprised....

Dinner in Burlington VT

There are extensive reviews of Burlington restaurants on this website if you do a search.

A few I think are very good are:
--The Green Room
--Leunigs (personally not my favorite, but with the warmer weather, nothing gets much better than sitting on Church Street!)
--Trattoria Delia
--Sonoma Station (in Richmond, just a short drive, but well worth it, if you want to travel out of town)
--Asiana House

There is also our local restaurant review board, go to, and look for the dining guide.


MAine Lobster Pounds

I'll answer for you. No, it's quite a ways. We usually stay at the Seaview, right there on Rt. 1, and from there it's a bit of a walk. But there are lots of places to walk to from where you're staying right in the village! :-)) Or, you can hop on the trolley, just make sure it's the right one! We mistakenly took the scenic route once! LOL!

Quatre Bistro, Burlington VT

Maybe the powers that be have been reading Chowhound and the 7Days website and have stepped it up a notch! Sounds like a good meal!

Quatre Bistro, Burlington VT

Oh dear! Thank you for the extensive review. With a restaurant open less than a year, these are just some of the things that could be their demise, with so many better eateries in the area.

Is This Chicken Still OK?

So, I cooked up a whole chicken Sunday night, but haven't had time to boil it to make broth until tonight (Friday). Do you think it's still ok to cook down? It smells alright, but ever since getting food poison (from my own hand!) with chicken, I'm always a little wary.

Thank you!

Feb 29, 2008
Addisonchef in General Topics

Moving to Middlebury, VT - Where should I eat??

Doughnut shop next to the coop? Do you mean the bagel shop? Or are they now selling pancakes and doughnuts with their bagels?

Christophe's- Vergennes, VT Has Closed

Oh no! I heard such wonderful things about this and was thinking of celebrating there this spring. :-(( I know many will be disappointed....

Al's French Fries and Henry's Diner in Burlington, VT

Well, it is closed, but only for the winter. They are open sometime in April/May until Oct. or so.

Maine Classics

I'm sorry to hear about Miller's. What about Governor's (Governeur's?) in Orono? That's another old timer--or maybe that's gone too?

Maine Classics

Ah... the quickly I forget! :-))

Marco's, Shelburne, VT

Hi TonyO!
I should have mentioned this; we discovered the move on Friday when my co-worker went to pick up our order and the ovens were missing! I'm not sure what's going to happen to the old location, but I'm thrilled they have more space, and glad the existing space is finally being used. And I agree, you can't beat the quality AND the prices. It's a bargain!

Moving to Middlebury, VT - Where should I eat??

I live outside of Middlebury and do my shopping and eating there, so I can give you LOTS of suggestions! :-))

First off, the co-op is the best. I do most of my grocery shopping there. Lots of local veggies, reasonably priced for the most part, I think. I feel the deli is a bit on the pricey side, I can make the same stuff at home for cheaper, but that's just me. The cheese selection is great. An all around wonderful coop!

As for eating out, here are a few more suggestions for places in the area (TonyO's are all on my list as well!)
• Black Sheep Bistro-in Vergennes, but well worth the trip
• Provence-this is in Brandon, have yet to go, but have heard wonderful things
• The Storm Cafe, Middlebury-uses fresh, local produce, etc. Ate there once and was very impressed. Nice to eat there in the summer outside.
• Taste of India-they have a great Sunday brunch, inexpensive, and really flavorful and spicy Indian. Good for lunch or dinner too!
• Mary's at Baldwin Creek-Another wonderful one for local, fresh produce. (I admit I've never eaten there before, but want to try it!)
• The Bobcat-Bristol-this is my local pub, but I find the prices high and the food just ok. I go for the ambiance and to meet friends.
• Mr Ups, Middlebury-The best for a burger and beer. Just to hang out. Go in the summer and sit on the deck.

You can also do a search on our local weekly newspaper's dining website,, go to "dining."

Welcome to Addison County!

Quince paste (membrillo) in Burlington (VT) area

Have you tried Fresh Market on Pine Street?

Maine Classics

I'm not sure if this is it, but Pat's Pizza has been around forever. I still remember scrounging to come up with $2.56 for a green pepper pizza back when I was in college. I ate at one a couple of years ago, the first time in about 15 years. Was still as good as ever!

Not sure what you were looking for in terms of restaurants, but for me this gives me fond memories and the food was great.

Another one, Mike's Clam Shack, not sure if it meets your 25 years criteria, though.

Healthy Living- S.Burligton VT

I stopped in on Saturday to check it out. Not everything is set up, or at least that was my impression. There seems to be a lot of open space, which is good, but looked like set ups may have been missing. And the floor plan is similar to Hunger Mountain Coop; why stores have "crooked" rows, I'll never figure it out, I find it very confusing as a customer. The deli area is much larger than the old store, but there were few tables in a small area. For me, the prices were oh so expensive. Stuff on the hot bar looked good, but nothing struck my fancy. I admit I never ate there before, so I am not a true judge as to whether these prices are up or the same as the previous store.

Place for romantic meal near Saint Johnsbury, VT?

I personally have never eaten there, but I hear good things about Elements in St. J. You could always drive to Montpelier, about 45-1 hour away, and also have a special meal. There are threads on Montpelier eats. :-))