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Box Lunch Caterer serving Long Beach?

Planning an event for 150+ and need a cheap (as in under $10) box lunch option.

Would love local/small biz suggestions...otherwise it will be Subway : /


Jan 22, 2014
jlclaire in Los Angeles Area

Hillcrest with kids

Need early Sat. dinner rec in Hillcrest. We love Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican best, but other recs welcome.


Sep 23, 2010
jlclaire in San Diego

East Bay Anniversary Dinner Rec on a Sunday?

I made a rez at Locanda da Eva (menu looks great)! If I can manage to remember, I'll post back with a review. Ya'll rock!

Locanda da Eva
2826 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

East Bay Anniversary Dinner Rec on a Sunday?

Thanks all--yes this is SANS children (woo hoo--grandparents live in Berkeley).

East Bay Anniversary Dinner Rec on a Sunday?

My husband and I never get to go out for dinner (he's a musician and we have very young children), so I'd like to really have a lovely early-ish dinner for our anniversary at the end of August. Chez Panisse is out (not open), but I'd love other romantic and YUMMY recs as close to Berkeley as possible.


Chez Panisse
1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

Lunch in San Pedro tomorrow?

2 families, 4 children: help! We like Asian (not Chinese), Mexican, good diner/American fare...any recs would be greatly appreciated. We're going to the cute aquarium first.


Aug 06, 2010
jlclaire in Los Angeles Area

Clinton Hill Take-out?

Former Brooklynite (now in L.A.) here housesitting in Clinton Hill for a few days. We have young children and prefer to do take-out if possible. Anything yummy near Clifton and St. James? Mostly looking for dinner, but lunch ideas also would be helpful.


Jun 14, 2010
jlclaire in Outer Boroughs

Ethiopian w/Gluten-free Injera?

Does anyone have a rec for a GOOD Ethiopian restaurant that makes authentic 100% teff injera bread? We'll be a largish group with one toddler in tow. Gluten Free Girl mentions Meskemer on 65th, but I'd like a review or other recs.


Mar 24, 2008
jlclaire in Manhattan

Chebe bread mix: where to buy?

I want the dairy free kind...breadsticks? Also, are there any Brazilian markets in LA?


Dec 02, 2007
jlclaire in Los Angeles Area

Organic Chicken Livers?

Where can I buy these? I want to make a mousse.


Nov 09, 2007
jlclaire in Los Angeles Area

Santa Barbara with toddler

Hi all!

My family will be camping at Refugio this weekend, but I'm thinking I don't want to cook every meal. I'm looking for inexpensive, casual, and yummy. Take out is fine, too. I'm not sure which meals we will be eating out yet, so all suggestions are welcome.


Aug 31, 2007
jlclaire in California

Utah: Cedar City!

Hi hounds!

I'll be in Cedar City, Utah for a few days and would like any recs for casual/cheap/toddler-friendly spots to chow down at any and all times of day and night.


LA Mama

Jul 01, 2007
jlclaire in Southwest

Dresden Room?

Should I bother with this place? I think I'm looking for an "old LA" kinda place for dinner...something fun with ambiance and (hopefully good) food. Full bar a must.


Mar 14, 2007
jlclaire in Los Angeles Area

Bachelorette dinner help!

Here are the bride-to-be's requirements:

-Must have a full bar (she likes vodka tonics)
-A fun and lively place so we're energized when we leave and feel like going dancing and not going home to sleep.
-Not heavy, spicy food (Indian, for example), so we don't feel burpy and have bad breath when we go dancing.
-The two places being considered for going salsa dancing are downtown and Universal City.

It will be a small group (five, I think) and it shouldn't be a place that breaks the bank. I'm open to many different cuisines. Other areas that might be convenient: Hollywood and Burbank. Oh, and we're in our mid-30s if that makes a difference!

Thanks from a newly-transplanted NYC hound!

Mar 14, 2007
jlclaire in Los Angeles Area

Romantic V-day LUNCH nr. Hollywood?

My hubbie needs to work in the evening and I'm looking for a reasonably priced, but romantic, lunch spot for Wednesday. We love all kinds of cuisine as long as it is delish. Close to Hollywood would be great!


Feb 11, 2007
jlclaire in Los Angeles Area

Baby Friendly in Little Tokyo?

Hi hounders,

I'm a relatively recent NYC to LA transplant and I need a rec for a Little Tokyo venue that will be comfy for a small group of moms with babies and toddlers. We will be going for lunch on Friday and I would love something with a varied menu (ie, ok for vegetarians, not sushi only, etc.) and casual enough for families. The kids will be either nursing or eating food brought for them, so kid-friendly food is not important.

Thanks a bunch!

Oct 11, 2006
jlclaire in Los Angeles Area