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Best CCC in L.A.? That's chocolate chip cookies to those of you whose teenagers don't text them abbreviations all the time ...

Best by far are available at the market section at Tavern Restaurant in Brentwood. They have both soft and crisp. Heck, Mrs. Fields is better than DR! DeLuscious are OK - just not worth the money.

Aug 08, 2011
catzmeow in Los Angeles Area

Restaurants in Venice

Good and casual - Acqua Pazzo (great pizza).

Overrated and unpleasant - Vini da Gigio. The place is past its prime and now comes with an attitude. Got an inedible plate of pasta w/truffles - it was overwhelming. Sent it back and was asked if I would like something else. So I ordered something else, and when the bill came, both items were on it. They refused to take it off. The owner came over and she was equally nasty and said they put lots of truffles on their plate b/c that is the way everyone wants it. If you eat truffles, you know that it is a wonderful but strong flavor not meant to be loaded on like pepperoni. Finally, we said we would pay for both but would let our hotel know what had happened since the hotel made the reservations. When the bill returned it was no longer on it.

Fortuny at Hotel Cipriani was good but a bit stuffy. The restaurant De Pisis at the Bauer was excellent but pricey.

Oct 11, 2006
catzmeow in Italy