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Any Lobster Shacks Open for Business in Late October?

The wife and I will in Bar Harbor for 2 nites next week. We've been drooling over the reviews of the multiple lobster shacks along the coast between Bar Harbor and Portland. Unfortunately, most will be closed for the season when we'll be in Maine. Are any of them open thru the end of October?

This will be our first visit to Maine and we're hoping to get some Chowhound-worthy steamed lobster and lobster rolls during our visit.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Lobster Shack
225 Two Lights Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

LA Chowhounds Coming to Boston for the First Time

First, let me say that we're not Laker fans.

My wife and I will be spending 5 nites in Boston later this month. We are looking to eat places that maybe do not necessarily have the absolute best food in town but are places that are local legends or well-established restaurants that have stood the test of time for their very good food and service. We're not interested in the trendy restaurants that come and go. We don't mind going to dives, as long as they're clean.

Specifically, we're looking for Italian (preferably in the North End), seafood (is Legal Sea Food as good as I've read in various reviews?), lobster rolls, clam chowder, steakhouses, breakfasts (please don't tell me Boston's like NYC and has a dearth of great breakfasts places), and pizza.

We're staying near Boston Common and are willing to travel to any place within the city.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Breakfast in Austin

LA Hound coming to Austin this weekend for the UCLA-UT game. I've read all about the breakfast taco places on this board. I'm looking for places that serve the good old American country breakfasts. Dives are just fine, as long as they're clean.

Also, I was last in Austin 10 years ago. Back then I had breakfast, migas to be exact, at a small Mexican place on Congress St. just south of the capitol. I can't remember the name and have searched various sites hoping to find the name but to no avail. Does anyone remember that place and know of its status?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Sep 19, 2010
pass me another in Austin

LA Chowhound Needs Help in STL

My wife and I will be in Saint Louis over the Labor Day weekend. We are going to the Cardinals game on Friday nite and need recommendations for restaurants walking distance from Busch Stadium (we are taking Metro to the game). Also, is there anything served in the stadium that is worth trying?

Last, we need recommendations for breakfast places. We are staying in Richmond Heights but, as Chowhounds, we will drive anywhere for great food.

Thank you very much.

Aug 23, 2010
pass me another in Great Plains

Knoxville BBQ and Breakfast Recommendations

LA Hound will be in Knoxville this weekend for UCLA-UT game and needs recommendations for BBQ and breakfast places. Being a true CH, dives are acceptable, if not preferred, as long as the food is great.

Also, does Litton's really have the best burger in town??

Thanks a lot.

Little Rock breakfast

Will be in LR for the weekend and I'm looking for places in or near downtown that serve great Southern breakfasts. Dives are just fine with me.

Thank you very much.

LA Hound Needs Help With Memphis

In July,the family will be flying into Memphis and then driving to Little Rock for a family reunion and then returning to Memhis for 1 nite before flying home.

I need recommendations for places for a great Southern breakfast. Dives are acceptable if not preferred.

Also, will be having a lunch and dinner and that means BBQ. So many places, so little time. Looking for best chopped (or pulled) pork sandwich (w/ the cole slaw on top, of course) and ribs. Ask yourself: If I had to have a BBQ dinner at one place in Memphis, where would I go??

Thank you very much.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries Opens in Cerritos

Went to the Carson location last nite for my first visit. The burger was very fresh, but, as others have pointed out, was rather bland. I liked the format -- free toppings including grilled onions and mushrooms (I passed on the latter). No problem with the bun.

The fries were of the type I like. Lots of skin, but could have been crisper. They were underseasoned (next time I'll try the Old Bay laden "cajun" variety) so I doused them in malt vinegar (an East Coast thing?)

The decor was reminiscent of In N' Out. Service was took a while to cook the burger --no assembly line here. Their signature gimmick is stale peanuts to munch on while you wait. Prices were okay.

Overall, I was pleased and would definitely return but I won't be running back. I'm growing weary of In N' Out (there--I said it) and Five Guys is a suitable alternative considering their superior fries.

SLC Breakfast Recs

Our family, including picky 13 year-old son, will be flying into SLC this weekend and then driving up to Yellowstone. We're arriving early in the morning and will need to eat breakfast before heading north.

Because of our son's limited food preference, only family establishments serving straightforward breakfast fare will do. As always, dives are acceptable as long as you can vouch for the food and cleanliness.

Since we're heading north on I-15, any recommendations in the Ogden area will be appreciated as well.

Thank you very much.....

Aug 19, 2008
pass me another in Southwest

Going to Santa Ynez one Hitching Post superior to the others?

While there is not a significant difference in food quality between the 2 locations, I'm very partial to the original location in Casmalia. It has much more local atmosphere than Buellton which attracts tourists by the droves. For a first timer like yourself, I suggest you take the drive to Casmalia, which is a lot more scenic than the drive into Buellton. Make sure you have a map though. Once you get on the road to Casmalia, past Vandenburg, just look for the sign at Pt.Sal Rd.

Don't think of ordering any entree other than the steaks. As appetizers, I would suggest both the quail and the grilled artichoke.

Have a great time!!

Feb 29, 2008
pass me another in California

need some help in long beach

I second Tracht's. If you're dining alone, you might want to try the bar adjoining King's Fish House. I believe it's called the Crab Lounge (or something like that) and you can order from the restaurant's menu and watch a game (if you're so inclined) while you're eating. If you are interested in a sports bar, across the street from King's is Smooth's which is about as upscale as a sports bar can be. (Calling it a sports bar is misleading--it's more like a restaurant with lots of tv screens). The food is pretty good but be prepared to be upscale prices (hence losing the sports bar tag). Another option would be Parker's Lighthouse, a venerable fish house located at nearby Shoreline Village (walking distance from the Hyatt).

Question about Rosemary's

My advice would be to rent a car on Sunday and change your reservation to Sunday nite so you can take advantage of Rosemary's 1/2 price wine promotion. They have a very fine wine list and the 50% off enables you to try that expensive bottle you otherwise would not order.

Feb 06, 2008
pass me another in Southwest

The Shack

The wife and I stopped by the other night --- first time in about 5 years. Glad to report it hasn't changed a bit except for the big screen tv. The Shack Burgers were as good as always.

Brunch o Westside/Santa Monica

Taking Mom out for her birthday next week and need recommendation for brunch. Nothing too fancy or exotic (she's pretty finicky), just something more traditional.

Thank you very much.

Bratwurst btwn Chi and Milwaukee

I'm a California (LA) Hound who will be driving up to Milwaukee for the day. I'm looking for a place serving brats either on the way or in Milwaukee. I'm well aware that Sheboygan is bratwurst nirvana as I've visited there before. It makes no difference what kind of place it is -- dives are fine by me -- as long as they are serving up some righteous brats.

Also, is the Milwaukee Public Market worth visiting?

Finally, we'll be stopping at Kopp's. Any flavor recommendations?

Thank you very much.