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Duck eggs in Baltimore city or suburbs?

Springfield farms often has them, they may be just outside of the 30min mark north of the city. They have a good website and are very friendly to orders if you email or call them.

You may want to try Relay Foods. They are sort of grocery delivery service focusing on local farms. I use them primarily for milk delivery, but they have a ton of stuff. Would be too expensive for just ordering one dozen duck eggs though.

Best desserts at a restaurant in Baltimore?

Thanks for all the great suggestions! We ended up at Bluegrass, because I got a gift card for my birthday. I had the banana cream pie - which was amazing. The whole dinner was great, and it was just the icing on the cake.

Can't wait to try the other suggestions, thanks!

Breakfast Burritos in Baltimore

The best breakfast burritos in Baltimore are at the Downtown Farmer's market, under 83. It's only open for 1 more Sunday I think until May. They can be found at the stall next to the milk people. Not smothered, but totally delicious.

Best desserts at a restaurant in Baltimore?

Looking for a place to go out for my birthday. I'm extremely picky about desserts, so I'm looking for which restaurant has the most delicious, most consistent desserts in Baltimore. Type of food is less relevant. I used to have a few favorite places, but they've all closed.

Best cup of coffee in Baltimore

The Red Canoe, right near Zeke's on Harford Rd. brews Zeke's coffee that they get fresh every day. I've only had it a few times and it was great, but have heard the same from others who get it more often. Plus it's a really cute little shop.

New in Harbor East/Fells?

The market under JFX is definitely closed for winter. It doesn't open again until May.

The Waverly market isn't very close, but will be open on Saturday morning.

Marie Louise Bistro - Baltimore

I learned when I stopped in myself that the croissants come from Bonaparte and the pastries from Patisserie Poupon. Apparently I need to get over to Bonaparte more often.

Piedogrotta in Cross Street Market closed

I'm with you Jon, I don't want to drive over the other side of President St. every time I want a loaf of bread. I think we should start a west-side bread co-op. I can bake on Sundays :)

Fells Point - Late Night

Everybody loves Peters.

Looks like the kitchen is open until 10 on Thursdays.

Baltimore- Going Out...

Woodberry seems like a weird choice for this to me. It's very good, but not exactly fun and hip for a group of 20-30 somethings. Maybe 40-50 year olds.

I think Brewers Art would be a good choice, because you can at least get to other places while intoxicated.

Red Maple has surprisingly good food as well and is more upscale, probably the most club-like of the places listed. I went to a wedding reception there that was super fun - they'll work with you to put together a menu and open bar options if you just want to hang out there all night.

On the other side of town, you could try Pazo, which late night can have sort of a club-y feel. They'll also let you reserve a table to hang out all night.

If you want to just bar hop, Fed Hill and Fells/Canton are totally fine. You can find good places to eat first and then walk to all the bars. For a 30th birthday in Fed Hill, I'd try Corks, the new menu would fit your price range and it's close to all the bars.

Corks - flavor overload

Foie gras menu? Is that an all the time thing? I've only been once since the remodel, but we didn't get one.

Aged meat?

I get most of my meat from Springfield Farms in Sparks. I can't remember the name of their butcher, but they'll take orders for pretty much anything. I've ordered lots of specific cuts (like boneless short ribs 4 inches long, etc) and they'll do it. They're super friendly, so it's probably worth a call to ask (or an email, but they're not always super fast at email - sometimes I'll get an answer that day, sometimes a week later).

Stores that sell Bison/Buffalo steaks?

There's a local place (well not too close to you) called Gunpowder Bison. I didn't see it with a quick look, but they might list local stores that carry their stuff. Or if you're ambitious, you could drive up there.

Way to delete old posts?

Thanks! I don't know what I was thinking putting my email address in there.

Jan 13, 2009
pigtowner in Site Talk

Way to delete old posts?

Is there a way to delete or edit existing posts? It seems like there must be and it's probably easy, but I can't figure it out.

I have an old post that I put my full email address in. I'm tired of getting emails about it.

Jan 12, 2009
pigtowner in Site Talk

Need help planning! group dinner recs

On Saturday you might want to start with breakfast at Jimmy's or Blue Moon. Lexington Market also has breakfast options depending on what time you get there.

Brewers Art could be a perfect place for dinner alone and then friends meeting you afterward, but it does get crazy crowded. So if you're eating dinner in the fancy dining room and then trying to find room for 8-12 people to sit in the bar, that's probably not going to happen. But if you eat dinner as a group in the bar area that would work.

I wouldn't consider Bicycle mid-priced, but if you're inclined that way, I would also suggest Ixia, which could definitely accommodate a group that large and has a very nice lounge area as well.

Other options could be Pazo, Cinghiale or Lebanese Taverna, all of which would be much closer to your hotel and fit your criteria.

Marie Louise Bistro - Baltimore

I searched the boards and can't find any mention of this place. It's in Mt. Vernon. One of my friends brought some almond croissants that were super delicious to a brunch the other day. The best croissants of any kind I've had in Baltimore.

Has anyone been for their regular food?

Eat Bar Cocktail Class

thanks for the digging :)

Place to have brunch and catch up with a good friend (over mimosas) during the week?

Miss Shirely's could work. They have a new location in downtown Baltimore. They list mimosas on their menu, but I'd double check if they have a liquor license at both their locations (


I don't know if Blue Moon cafe has a liquor license, but they do serve breakfast all day I think.

Pizza Flour Baltimore

I'm not sure about the pizza flour. But I've gotten bags of vital wheat gluten lots of places in Baltimore (shoppers, safeway, whole foods). You can add a little to whatever flour you normally use to get some extra gluten. I've never actually done that for pizza dough though. Is it much better with the extra gluten?

Eat Bar Cocktail Class

How did you find out about the class? I just tried looking it up on their webpage, but it doesn't seem to have any class information. Just Wii bowling.

iggies pizza

Seriously? someone tried to order eggs at Iggies? Like a fried egg on a pizza? or just straight up, can I get some scrambled eggs? Either way that is so weird.

I'm with you on your list though. I've been to Iggies a whole bunch of times. There have certainly been occasions where if that had been my only experience, I would have never returned. Luckily that's only happened once or twice.

Everyone has off nights.

CAUL FAT in Baltimore area

Did you ever find some? My husband said we actually have gotten some from Springfield farm recently.

Need Baltimore Rec for Monday night dinner

We ate at Corks last night. It was really fantastic. I hadn't been since the re-model and it was so much nicer looking inside.

The menu was a great mix of low and high priced items I thought. We got two of the fondues, which were delicious. We got the bison meatballs and mushrooms for dipping. The meatballs had fantastic flavor, the mushrooms I thought were pretty boring. The only problem with the fondues, was that they don't have a little light under them, so they got cool and too solid for dipping before we were finished eating them.

We got a mix of main courses. Two salads: the shrimp, which was very good but standard and the caesar, which was really quite good and to my little sister who orders caesar salad at every restaurant - the best she's ever had. A sandwich - the BLT, I didn't try, but the fries that came with it were great. Two regular entrees - a duck breast special, which was very good and perfectly cooked, but I didn't like the lentils that came on the side and the braised beef on the menu, probably my favorite of all the dinners that came with wonderful mashed sweet potatoes.

Desserts were pretty standard. Creme brulee and chocolate mousse that I can make better. Very good apple cinnamon bread pudding.

Our server was great. The overall experience was very good except for the very large table of women next to us who were cackling all night. Is it every alright for restaurants to tell a table to please hush up?

Thanks for the rec!

Need Baltimore Rec for Monday night dinner

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I think we're going to go with Corks, which I haven't been to since the make-over.

Next time Woodberry Kitchen or Dogwood!

CAUL FAT in Baltimore area

I've asked at Springfield Farms before and they told me that some restaurant takes all their caul fat. But the last time I asked was probably a year ago. The guys at Truck Patch Farms are super nice, you could try emailing them. I've never seen it in their coolers at the market, but they must have it somewhere :)

Need Baltimore Rec for Monday night dinner

I always forget how many restaurants are closed on Monday nights. I'm planning a dinner for 6 for next Monday and was thinking of the Bicycle or Ixia, but both are closed on Mondays. For some reason I'm blanking on other options of similar deliciousness and price range. I'd prefer to stay downtown, but I guess we could go north if I can't come up with something.

Any ideas?

Baltimore Pho - Hollins Market area (long)

I went recently for a dinner where they gave 10% of their profits that night to a group I'm involved with. I think they do something like that every Wednesday, which is pretty cool.

So it was totally packed - but even with that the service was pretty good, certainly not over-attentive. We'd been before and didn't like the pho, so we didn't order that. We ordered the crispy spring rolls to start, which are delicious. And the caramelized pork and something called chicken in a pot or something similar, both are really really tasty. I ordered a glass of rose and it came out warm, which I don't really like, but other than that everything was really good.

Sam gyup sal -- pork belly

If you want to come up to Baltimore, the pork guys (Truck Patch Farms?) at the Sunday Farmer's market sells pork belly in slabs. I haven't bought any, but everything else I've gotten from them has been fantastic.

Baltimore - Unique food tour of best item at each restaurant??

If you try Baltimore Cupcake Company you could check out Fort McHenry, which is a beautiful park on the water. I guess it's a little cold for going to a park though. The BCC store is a super-pink explosion of cuteness.

I would definitely go to Lexington Market for your crabcake. It's a great place that for some reason many people who live in Baltimore never make it to.

Red Maple, Ixia or Pazo would be good for a cocktail. The chef from Red Maple is currently on this season's Top Chef.

If you're spending the night you should definitely go to the farmer's market Sunday morning. Much less crowded this time of year, but still plenty of options food-wise. If your sister hasn't been yet, you should definitely take her!