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Where should I *drive*?

They have imported five guys up here, hopefully El Pollo Rico is next. (and Super H Mart and Wegman's!) I'm also a former DC resident, and those are the only things I really miss!

Where should I *drive*?

This is exactly what I'm looking for - thank you!

Where should I *drive*?

The 77 Bus is the bus I ride the most. I need to try za (and blue ribbon BBQ!). I discovered it on a trip to Penzy's.

Where should I *drive*?

I have a car this week for work, and I can drive somewhere normally not accessible by T - I've seen the "where can we go by T" question before, but not the other way around! What are you favorite places otherwise inaccessible?

Chow sent me SPAM

It sent me spam, telling me to sign up for spam. If I chose to opt out, I see I am already opted out of everything. This notice was to tell me I wasn't signed up for anything.

Bad chowhound, Bad!

I've noticed the CNET logo on the bottom of each page - is that new? Is that the reason we are getting spammed?

Apr 22, 2008
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Steak Tartare in DC?

What don't you like about Les Halles, and what makes Capital Grille a crappy chain?

nonspicy Thai food

Almost every Thai place I've eaten at will make something completely mild for you. Be warned though, with nothing of offset the sweetness of most dishes, it will taste more like desert than dinner.

good places for martinis in DC?

Wait wait. I just figured this out...

By "friend" you mean "me!"

The matchbox suggestion is a good one. Their brioche miniburgers should go well with whatever concoction you wish.

good places for martinis in DC?

If you want a fine martini, this is the best town to get one. Any of the big name K street steak houses will pour you a fine one. Palm, Caputal Grille, Morton's, Old Ebbit..

If you want a frozen concoction involving fruit, TGIFridays will do you fine job.

I don't want to sound like a douche, but 'martini' and 'frozen' should not be words used to describe the same drink.

Restaurant Advice for Date in Dupont Tonight!

Komi is one of the most expensive restaurants in the area.

I would take a look at Skewers. The food is excellent. The atmosphere is really nice for a date, and it's casual enough to be comfortable.

Good luck!

Where do you do your grocery shopping in the DC area?

Where is Kam Sen?

Best Eggs Benedict in DC metro area

Haha true! The only place I eat them on a regular basis is les halles, the restaurant he ran in NYC.

The one in DC is great, and has a FANTASTIC brunch on Saturday and Sunday. 3 courses, one of which can be Eggs Benedict, salad and dessert for $18.

If you need more causal, Eggspectations (In Columbia and Centreville) and Luna Grill (Dupont or Shirlington) get it right, also.

The best I've ever had? Bistro Jules, St. Marks Pl., NYC.

Excellent, Reliable, Upscale Italian for 20th Anniversary

I recently had an incredible experience at Al Crostino on U st. They had several vegetarian options, which I've found hard to get at Italian restaurant (beyond fettuccine al fredo.)

The chef has some great ideas and we were VERY happy. The service was wonderful, but not formal.

The only thing I'd caution is that the specials at substantially more expensive than the regular menu ($25-30 vs $10-20).

Good luck, let us know how your meal goes.

Restaurant in downtown DC

Les Halles is right near the white house, is relaxing but quality and moderately quiet. They know how to leave you alone, too.

French food with a focus on beef, but there are a LOT of options.