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wine store San Francisco

large selection, quality. mainly california lables more important.

key lime pie in SF

is there a restaurant that serves good key lime pie in San Francisco?
wolf gang pucks in Woodland Hills use to have the best. but they closed. it served with very thick meringue, gram cracker crust, diabetes maker.

wine store San Francisco

looking for a wine shop in San Francisco.

key lime pie

oh so sweet, Marissa! Oceannaire on F Street is now on my list of acquisition.

i'm gonna forget the knife. when it comes to key lime pie, i'm selfish!

key lime pie

no Daniel, there is no meringue on the key lime pie cause i ate it! :)
maybe if you had a slice of what was served at Pucks, you'd change your mind. reminds me of most americanizing of foods and pets... adulterated. but in this case, oh so good!

it's all in the taste bud, man.

Chinese in DC Chinatown

you are right, Chandavkl, on your estimation of quality chinese in san gabriel valley and los angeles as well as your description of quality eats proximit to metro chinese. chinatown in downtown LA does not hold it to at least the one authentic chinese restaurant i visited in east LA which had even the western-queasy eye food (e.g. chicken feet). it was very authentic. i tried to get orange chicken in rome, italy... i think i visited all two chinese restaurants that could be found in the tourist center of rome. i remember the chinese in san francisco. the fish were practically swimming in the streets!

key lime pie

any recommendations for good key lime pie, particularly w/ meringue, in the DC area? haven't had a good wedge of key lime since a particular Wolfgang Pucks closed down in Los Angeles.

Local source for raw / unfiltered honey

try Yes! Organaic Market. i have visited their dc location, 658 Pennsylvania Ave SE, and found tupelo honey very reasonably priced. everything there is organic and they might have what your looking for. posted link below is page to send them queries.

i had the same experience as you. started eating (in tea actually) trader joes mesquite honey and noticed improvement in my nasal allergies. then went onto raw, wildflower honey and noticed even better improvement. bees making honey out of pollen... sorta like making snake anti-venom out of venom. ahhh,,.. ingenious!

Chinese in DC Chinatown

looking for good chinese restaurant in washington dc chinatown. authentic-tourist chinese is ok too.

Walking Distance of the Music Center? An Italian Place across from DWP?

Ciao Trattoria
815 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Ciao is recently under new ownership, so call to confirm they will give you a ride to the music center. last i went 6/06 they did. oh the food, umm, yep, very good. get the history on the building too, interesting.

Oct 10, 2006
Mr Etler in Los Angeles Area