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Olive Oil Tasting in Napa - What Not to Miss?

We actually went on October 5th. I can't stop raving about how great the tasting was. Saw your later post about your trip and thought the description was great - especially of the sugar cube tasting.

Sonoma / Napa wine tours

I just came back from Napa. I would highly recommend Frog's Leap (they are all organic and use geopower - the tasting is free as well), Cakebread (really nice tasting experience - they take you in the back where all the action is going on as opposed to just going up to a tasting room) and if you're into it, Round Pond Olive Oil (different experience but by far my favorite of all the tastings and tours). Chateau Montelena also had a really nice and informative tour - the most informative of the ones I went to (about 15 in all) and a really well put together tasting. Plus the grounds are just spectacular. All are by appt only.

Olive Oil Tasting in Napa - What Not to Miss?

I just came back from Napa Valley and Round Pond was the highlight of my trip. The tour was very informative and they grow, press and bottle on site. But particularly, the tasting was fantastic. It was a great spread of organic tomatoes, mozz cheese, salad, bread and tasting the oils and vinagerettes was really fantastic. I would highly recommend. Round Pond is a bit pricey but you definitely get what you pay for. The tour guide was really personable as well. Not sure when you plan on going, but I think they begin harvesting the olives in November/December timeframe. Also, my boyfriend and I were the only ones on the tour so it was especially romantic and intimate.

Also, a suggestion - even though you're not into wine tastings, Frog's Leap is right next door to Round Pond. They offer a great wine tasting which is free and they're all organic and geopowered. They have a great organic garden which you're allowed to pick off of. Reservations required.