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Thai Kitchen, Greenville NC

Second the curry noodle soup recommendation. It was really really good when I had it the other week, can't wait to try some of their other dishes.

Aug 23, 2010
csx30 in Southeast

Greenville, NC: Where to buy seafood?

They have a facebook page and update on what's fresh:!/pages/Lupt...
Looks like right now they have mackerel, tuna. flounder, shrimp .. I've seen crabmeat and lobsters when I've been in there as well.

Aug 23, 2010
csx30 in Southeast

Greenville, NC: Where to buy seafood?

Thought I'd revive this old thread - I recently discovered a new seafood market in Greenville - Lupton Seafood on Arlington (kindof across from the Bicycle Post before you get to the mall).
My favorite buy so far was local black grouper, bought it the day after it had been caught. I think they try to source a lot of local seafood, but also have stuff like Sockeye salmon, etc...

I know you can also sometimes get local seafood at the farmer's market and the Uptown Umbrella market on Wed. nights.

Aug 18, 2010
csx30 in Southeast

Arnold Myint / Nashville

does sylvan park do dinner? I know a lot of meat-n-threes are lunch only...

Jun 20, 2010
csx30 in Kentucky & Tennessee

Arnold Myint / Nashville

I'm going to be in Nashville for a couple of nights on business ... was wondering if it was worth having dinner at one of Arnold Myint's restaurants (saw him on the new season of Top Chef), and which one if so? The menu's at PM and Cha Chah looked nice.

I'm thinking to try to hit a cheaper meat+three, bbq, etc. place one night, and then a bit of a more upscale place the next - balance out that per diem. Any recs for a lone diner?

Jun 19, 2010
csx30 in Kentucky & Tennessee

How to Make the Best Flank Steak

When the steak is resting, hit that pan with some wine & stock, maybe some shallots, reduce, add some butter and you'll have a nice sauce for your steak.

Jan 08, 2009
csx30 in Features

Moving to Greenville NC - need good food

There are actually a couple of good sushi places in Greenville other than the hibachi restaurants:
Tokyo Japan on 3525 S Memorial Dr is great, that's where I usually go for sushi.
I've also heard good things about Wasabi 88 over on Arlington Dr.

Sep 10, 2008
csx30 in Southeast

Asheville for a group

Any recs for places accomadating a larger group for dinner (9,10,11ish or so) in Asheville? Open to pretty much anything as far as cuisines go. Thanks for your help!

Oct 10, 2006
csx30 in General South Archive