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Vegan Tasting Menu?

My GF's friend will be in town to help celebrate her birthday. Usually we would go out for a nice restaurant and maybe a tasting menu somewhere. However, the friend is a strict vegan and I'm having trouble finding a nice restaurant/tasting menu options. Ideally, it would be great if they could cater to a pescatarian (the GF) and an omnivore (me). Wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions?

Which Omakase?

My GF and I are vacationing in Vancouver in a week's time and really want to experience an omakase dinner. Looking on this board, there's been lots of talk of Tojo's from last year with mixed reviews. Wondering if it is still the best Japanese restaurant to experience an omakase dinner, or whether there are other spots for a better experience?

ISO Salted Licorice (Salmiak)

I have a friend who has developed a love for salty licorice (salmiak) after a trip to Finland. I've been looking around Toronto for shops that might carry these treats without success. Does anyone know of any shops that might carry salty licorice?

ISO Big Rock Traditional Ale on tap

My GF loves a good night out and loves Big Rock Brewery's Traditional Ale on draft. We have only been able to find it at The Only pub on the Danforth. Wondering if anyone knows of other places which may have this beer on tap?

Affordable tasting menu for a group

A few of my coworkers and myself are wanting to go out for a tasting menu/chef's choice menu. Have been looking around, but I don't think they will go for adventurousness of Colborne Lane or the near $100 per person mark. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

ISO Root Beer extract

My friend's birthday is coming up and since he has an obsession with root beer, I was hoping to make a root beer cake. Anyone know where I can find root beer extract in downtown Toronto?

Also, he loves Boylan Root Beer and I was wondering if there are any other "premium" sodas that anyone can recommend to get him?

ISO Wine/Cheese/Charcuterie in one

I really loved the offering of a flight of different wines paired to the different cheeses/charcuterie. Does anyone know if the mentioned restaurants do that?

ISO Wine/Cheese/Charcuterie in one

Do they do wine pairings for the charcuterie and cheese plates they offer?

ISO Wine/Cheese/Charcuterie in one

I just returned from a trip to Vancouver where I got to try Salt Tasting Room. Wondering if there is any similar places in Toronto with good sourced selections of artisinal cheese and charcuterie with interesting wine pairings? I've noted a few places that focus on house made charcuterie, but wondering if anyone had feedback about their cheese selections and wine offerings.

Seeking Ghanaian Restaurant

I have a friend who has returned from working in Ghana and misses the culture. She is now in search of some Ghanaian cuisine. I've tried searching this board and multiple permutations of words on google without success. Wondering if anyone out there knows of any restaurants that serve Ghanaian food?

Dim Sum in Downtown with Carts

Apart from New Sky in Chinatown, are there any restos out there that still serve dim sum with the little carts that come around the tables?

Monday Dinner for a Group

A bunch of friends (10-12 people) want to go out for a nice dinner on Monday. Was thinking about Kultura on King East. Any suggestions for places that would be good on a Monday night. And any feedback on a place that would be able to take a reservation for so many people? Thanks!

Any places open on Christmas other than Chinatown?

I'm stuck working on Christmas day and a few of my colleagues are wanting to grab some food and drinks after work in the evening. I don't know of any restaurants or pubs/bars open on Christmas day other than in Chinatown. Does anyone out there know of any other places to go?

Happy holidays to everyone out there!

Any recs near Langley Memorial Hospital?

Thinking about meeting a friend for lunch and not familiar with this area. Any recs for a dining spot near Langley Memorial Hospital?

Tim Tam good news!

Which Loblaws did you check out? I checked the Queens Quay one in Toronto without any success.

Gluten Free Eating in Canada (Toronto area)

Glad you are doing better. My exGF was celiac so looking for gluten free options was a challenge. Living in Downtown Toronto definitely provided the most options. You might try for some extra info.
Places we liked:
Big Momma's Boy (Italian):
Il Fornello (Italian):
Jack Astor on Front Street (Family resto):
Fressen (Vegetarian):
Vegetarian Haven:
Magic Oven for a delivered pizza craving:
Hope you have a great trip!

Which Korean BBQ?

My friends and I want to go out for the AYCE Korean BBQs we see all around downtown Toronto. Just wondering which one people would recommend trying out?

KONJAC noodles (KONNYAKU, SHIRATAKI) zero carb calories, nutritious and healthy

These are like gelatin noodles. They are kind of like rice vermicelli with a 'crunchier' mouth feel. I find them in a lot of Asian markets. Quite a few shops in Chinatown carry them and I'm sure you can find them at T&T. They are great when doing hot pot!

Visiting and looking for suggestions

Hi, visiting Chicago for the first time with a friend and looking for foodie locations that I have to visit. I am celiac so am restricted to gluten free options. Hope to make the most of my few days with some new chow experiences!

btw, saw something about Garrett's Popcorn on TV. Anyone know if their caramel popcorn is gluten free?

Nov 23, 2006
urbantrauma in Chicago Area

Gluten free restaurant options

My wife and I are desperate to eat out again after her diagnosis of Celiac disease. Can anyone make any suggestions where to go in the Toronto area and for what sort of dishes?