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Need a pre - Miami Man triathlon restaurant near Dadeland Mall for Saturday night

Hi - we will be spending most of the day travelling - so would love to find something near our hotel (which is near the Dadeland Mall).

We would prefer something with a fairly wide menu (ie - that might have pasta and fish and salads) - not 5 star ambience (or prices) - but something local and most importantly - a good chef...

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.

Nov 07, 2011
wmp in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Bermuda Rent A Chef?

We will be going to Bermuda for the first time - 2 families with kids from ages 9 - 19. We would like to hire a chef for an evening to cook for us at the house we have rented - any suggestions? If location matters - we will be staying on Wharf Drive near the Ferry Terminal (far west side of the island). Also - any restaurants in that location that we must visit - either with or without the kids? Really care more about great food rather than fancy decor... Also - any local fresh fruit/veg markets or amazing bakeries for bread on that part of the island? Thanks!

May 17, 2011
wmp in Latin America & Caribbean

Best of Key Largo area?

Can't find a lot of recent info on these boards - so would appreciate any help!

What are the can't miss restaurants for lunch and dinners in the Key Largo area.

Looking for local places / good chefs / unique to the area. Also - are there any wonderful bakeries to pick up stuff for breakfast?

Thank you!

Dec 22, 2010
wmp in Florida

Bar Harbor - only 2 days - with vegetarians...

First trip to Maine - but huge Chowhound believer - thanks everyone for your posts - eating our way around the globe!!
With 2 days - from looking at the posts - the 2 places we must go are Cafe This Way and Mache Bistro - right??
Also - both of my daughters are vegetarians - any recomendations to make them happy at lunch (they can just do the salads at dinner....)

Cafe This Way
14 Mount Desert St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Jul 03, 2010
wmp in Northern New England

Where to eat in Charleston

Totally disagree with the review on Jestine's - been there twice and don't know why bothered trying it again... For "local" try Hominy Grill or SNOB, for seafood try Fish or Hanks (and don't miss their banana cream pie)

Hominy Grill
207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

Nov 01, 2009
wmp in Southeast

Road Trip - Tampa to New Orleans

Taking a week road trip - only back roads - no chain hotels / restaurants / shops are allowed. Would love any suggestions - good food / fun atmosphere / local flavor.. Thank you! (Also if you have any favorite towns / attractions... trying to find the world's largest ball of string rather than seeing 50 museums in 3 days...)

Nov 01, 2009
wmp in General South Archive

St. Armand's Circle Florida

Hi- looking for more current advice on eating in the St. Armand's Circle area - we live in St. Pete - so have already done Ceviche & Columbia and don't want to do the fried seafood routine.

Going down with kids (7 - 16) for mother's day - would love something with a bit of ambience (outside seating or good interior) but even more important - a good chef - we don't need 5 star prices - but appreciate any recommendations for great food that I don't make at home everyday (ie - no italian / steaks / basic chicken etc) - are there any good restaurants with creative chefs? Thanks!!

Apr 30, 2009
wmp in Florida

Great Restaurant in Charleston!

We tried a restaurant in Mt. Pleasant after reading about it in the City Paper - A Culinary Art Company - fantastic! It is just a husband and wife duo - with Tim in the back winning our award for Top Chef in Mt. Pleasant. We tried 3 dishes - each was a great combo of spice and texture and a true visual delight. They have been opened for 2 years, but don't spend anything on advertising - help spread the word!!

Jun 09, 2007
wmp in General South Archive

What is your favorite restaurant in Santa Fe?

Yes - ok - the boards list a lot - so do the guide books - I live in Charleston SC -- I know that I wouldn't take my dog to 50% of the restaurants they recommend. There are also a few AMAZING restaurants. I used this board when we went to San Francisco & Napa & had some truly memorable meals. I just really want to know (from people who care about great food) -- tonight is your last night in Santa Fe -- where are you going to eat? Thanks.

Oct 17, 2006
wmp in Southwest

Best of Santa Fe??

Would love recommendations for all price points for brunch / lunch / dinner - will be spending a week in Santa Fe in November. Number one priority is a good chef -- then ambience. Also - any great grocery stores/delis to pick up stuff for picnics? thanks.

Oct 10, 2006
wmp in Southwest

Charleston Visit

Totally agree - not worth the drive to Sienna. Also totally agree with Nachomama - we take all visitors to Slightly North of Broad, just went to Lana - great, think the Village Post House is better for lunch or casual dining outside. Jestine's Kitchen is totally overrated overcooked food - skip it!

Oct 10, 2006
wmp in General South Archive