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trip report

Also, i do have a few pictures of the food but not sure how to upload, so if interested please let me know. Excuse the typos; new phone is touchscreen and autocorrects and is quite difficult to use!

trip report

Hi all. Just wanted to give some feedback on our amazing time in Montreal. First night- Holder. It was loud and packed at 9pm on a Wednesday. The host was lovely, couldn't find our reservation a.d waived it off saying" no matter", and showing us two available tables for us to choose. Our waiter was busy, but warm and friendly. Had a nicely made cocktail, then for apps fish soup which was heavenly (more like a bisque), and a warm bacon vinaigrette with poached egg over chicory root that also was quite good. My husband had beef cheeks (so flavorful that he almost licked the plate) and i had steak frites, they were nice but nothing earth shattering. It was perfect walking distance, casual, and not rushed but not a lengthy meal either, just what we needed for the first night. Next night- Au Pied Du Cochon. I loved it, husband hated it. The waitstaff was quite friendly, albeit rushing around like mad. The apps were fantastic- zucchini blossoms deep fried with a delicious aioli dipping sauce and the famous cromseqis. For main, an evening special of swordfish with tomatoes and haricort vert. This was delicious but husband felt the sauce overwhelmed the taste of the incredibly fresh swordfish. It did, but in no way ruined the dish for me it was yummy! We shared duck in a can as well. Eh. Im happy we got it, as it is a great memory and we laughed ourselves silly. The taste wasn't bad, and in fact i can see people just loving it, but its a strong, unique taste which we disliked. Mind you, we ate the whole thing. The experience overall there was fun for me, as i mentioned, hubby just didn't" get it", and the lack of decor, the lack of air conditioning, the hurried staff, it simply wasn't a great experience for him. I thought it was a kick! Lunch- Patati Patata for poutine. Loved it. So good! Our last dinner- Joe Beef. Late reservation on the terrace. Also, rushed staff but very warm and friendly and offered nice menu guidance. We liked the chalkboard menu! Apps were squid darci with lobster and some sort of warm baked cheese. This was fantastic- tender and flavorful. Also, oysters. So fresh, we ate our order anderson then sent the waiter back for more! Dinner, husband had the ribs which literally fell off the bone, and i had a rainbow trout stuffed with crab in a light lemon sauce that i may just dream about for the rest of my life!. I would also highly recommend our lovely voter, Auberge du Vieux Port in Old Town. Every detail was great, and the concierge and bellman so friendly and helpful. We had a fantastic time!

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

Patati Patata
4177 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC , CA

3 nights in Montreal, are these all too "alike"?

We will be in Montreal this coming week, landing late Wed night, staying in Old Port area, Thursday night and Friday night. We are NYs and eat out quite a lot; we also like a more relaxed atmosphere with great food. We are not that into ethnic foods as we eat a lot of that here.

Since we're in so late Wed, i thought we'd go to Holder. Then Thursday i booked Au Pied du Cochon, just because it seems like such a "Montreal" thing to do and neither of us have ever been there before.

For Friday night I made a reservation at Joe Beef. I've read mixed reviews, but again it seems like a Montreal institution and the name kind of caught my fancy :)

Are these 3 restaurants all too "alike"? I don't want to feel like we've eaten the same type of meal each night, nor at the same type of atmosphere.

Thanks for any final input!

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

first night in Montreal - which would you choose?

We will have had a long day of travel and it will be a late dinner and then bed - we are staying in the old town -
Garde Manger

good food, good wine, casual. A nice welcome meal to Montreal..

Thanks for any opinions!

Weekend in Montreal

We are 30 something new yorkers headed to Montreal and have done some research. In no particular order, these are the restaurants that i've found that look to be worthy of a visit!
Toque, Laloux, L'express, Il Cortile, Club Chasse et Peche, Graziella, Da Emma, DNA, Garde Manger, Holder, Au Pied du Cochon, Joe Beef, Jean Talon Market (a market not a restaurant!) Olive and Gourmand for lunch, Schwartz (sandwhiches) for drinks: LeLab, Distillerie, Jello Bar

If you search the names on Chowhound you'll find posts about them. Have fun, looks to be a great city!

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

Late Dinner? Timing suggestions/location

Great to know kpzoo (re: restos open late). This is our first trip away from 3 young kids (its for our 10 year wedding anniv.) so we are thrilled to be able to eat dinner late and not at 5pm with the kiddos!

Would like to stick close to hotel (we will be venturing out thurs and fri) and prefer french-montreal type cuisine - we live in nyc and eat a lot of ethnic (ie Mexican-spanish-asian) meals here so we're up for some fine wine and good food more native to Montreal.

Being this is a big splurge trip for the special occasion $$ isn't really a problem but packing light so again will likely be in more casual clothes and leave the dressy stuff for the next two nights.

So excited...

Late Lunch in Montreal

that looks perfect, thank you!

Late Dinner? Timing suggestions/location

Posted about a lunch but forgot to ask about a dinner!

Landing in Montreal at approx. 7pm. No checked bags, so hopefully a cab will be quick to our hotel (Auberge du vieux port).

This will be a Wednesday night early September. Any ideas on decent restaurants still open mid-week at a late hour? I'm assuming we'll need a 9pm reservation, and since its not a weekend don't know how many restaurants will be open (never been to montreal).

Love the Quebec/Montreal boards. Have such a long great list from reading through all the postings that now i think our 2.5 days is not nearly enough!

Late Lunch in Montreal

Our last day in Montreal will be a Saturday and we will need to eat a late lunch/early dinner (have a 7pm flight back to New York). We will be staying at Auberge du vieux port.

Would love a recommendation on a great restaurant that fits the bill for that time frame and that isn't too far from the hotel as our bags will be there - would like something nicer than a typical eggs, etc. brunch, but not too fancy as we will be in our travel clothes.

We want to leave on a high note :)

Thanks for any suggestions.

Memphis nice dinner

We have 2 nights only in dowtown Memphis, coming from NYC so used to great food - heading for bbq for lunch but want to take husband for one really nice southern dinner in honor of his big 40.
Am thinking McEwan's or Felicia Suzanne??? Criteria - good wine list, not too far from downtown (still want time to head out to hear music/go to a bar after dinner), great SOUTHERN food. Eat out lots in NY so don't want italian, french, japanese,etc. Would like a nice southern dinner...

Would love any tips/advice.

Thanks! We're really excited for this trip, wish we had more time!!!

Oct 10, 2006
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