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New Places/Offerings in Phoenix Area?

Hello all,

Looking for any new places that have opened up recently in the Phoenix metro area or anywhere that's changing its menu, adding something seasonal, etc. Any leads would be great. Thanks!

Dec 13, 2006
joel.lyons in Southwest

Seattle: 7th Heaven Bakery?

Has anyone heard of a place called 7th Heaven Bakery? I was told it existed in Seattle, but I'm not finding much online about it. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

Oct 30, 2006
joel.lyons in Pacific Northwest

Albuquerque: Anyone heard of a 7th Heaven Bakery?


Does anyone know of a place called 7th Heaven Bakery? I'm not sure if this place even exists in Albuquerque--I'm just following a lead. If it does, and you know about it, any information would be great. Thanks!

Oct 30, 2006
joel.lyons in Southwest

Looking for new restaurants in Phoenix area

Does anybody know of any new restaurants in the Phoenix area that haven't been covered/over-covered by our press?

Oct 09, 2006
joel.lyons in Southwest