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Galette des Rois

Thanks all for your input - that's fabulous!

Galette des Rois

Anyone aware of a bakery selling Galette des Rois? I know Thuet used to make it, and I've heard rumour that Bonjour Brioche might. Any other ideas?

Gilead Wine Bar

You know what? The bit that's sort of missing is the whole Open Kitchen thing that was featured at JKWB.....That really made the experience there. Something they won't be able to replicate at Gilead.

Upon saying that, we went for dins on the 6th and had a fabulous meal....

Dinner Reccomendations

You've got to try The Carbon Bar - a tremendous brand new place billed as a "massive southern bistro" David Lee and Franco Prevedello are behind it, btw

Had the cheese croquettes, the queso de cabeza, the sea bass and the jerk cornish hen - all of it stellar! For desert we opted for the goat's milk ice cream with wild honey and a couple of the fabulous "carbon chocolate bars".

Mr. Sharkfin and I eat everywhere and anywhere, always on the lookout for something new and really good....Carbon Bar ticks all those boxes! Quite simply knocked our socks off!

Where to Eat on Railay Beach

Off to Thailand next month and plan to spend time on Railay Beach (Bay). We've been doing some reading and it looks like the best food is on the beach on the East Side of the peninsula. Anyone have any "on the ground intel"? Is the best food on Railay east or west?

Oh, and has anyone eaten at Rayavadee? Presumably it's expensive, but is it any good?

Rustington, LIttlehampton, Chichester

Hello there!

Going to be in the above area on New Year's Day. Where should we go for lunch to eat? We're either looking for a nice "country pub" or great seafood.

Is Brighton the only "real" option? :)

Dec 16, 2012
SharkfinSoup in U.K./Ireland

GLAS - Where Frankly used to be - Queen East, Leslieville

Hey Modizzle thanks for the info. Wonder if they have a website?

GLAS - Where Frankly used to be - Queen East, Leslieville

I'm assuming this is a new restro. - it's in the space that was occupied by Frankly.

Anyone have any "intell"?

Best Lunch Picks - St. Lawrence Market

Wow! Thanks for all your input - I have some investigating to do - Cheers! :)

Best Lunch Picks - St. Lawrence Market

Who sells the best lunch goodies at St. Lawrence?

I know the peameal is fabulous at Carousel, I've recently read about Carniceros being good, the tempura shrimp downstairs are quite moreish, but am wondering if anyone has any new and inspiring suggestions. I need an alternate to the (mostly) slop on offer in the PATH. :)

President's Choice Black Label

Oooh, lucky you! Wish I got stuff like that in my mailbox :) Guess the Westons figure folks in my part of town don't shop in their stores - LOL!

I love the branding of the new Black Label stuff - it's fabulous just to stand and stare at everything in the range. Reminds me a bit of the Dave Nichol/Watt Group time at Loblaws. We've tried the Belgian Chocolate Chunk cookies - they were delish! Not many in the box, but who cares...we'd only eat them all in one go anyway! Noticed a "Black Label Cookbook" in Leslie/Lakeshore Lobs. today....Beautiful photography, lots of appetizer-type recipes - aimed at Christmas party entertaining, I'm thinking.

Scotch egg in Toronto

You could try here, of course.... :)

English/British Bangers?

Who in Toronto makes the best English-style sausages? Any recommendations?

Modern Chinese in Boston

Too funny! - yup....this is for friends of mine who will like that sort of thing - I said I'd post to Chowhound to see if anyone had any ideas...

Le Canard Mort

Yeah, I grabbed a copy of the menu from the owner last Saturday as they were putting up the sign, I noticed the cocktail/beer thing. How "light on wine" are they? A few bottles/glasses of each colour sort of thing?

Modern Chinese in Boston

Looking for a restaurant similar to NYC Tao....any suggestions?

Chocolate Making Supplies - London

Will be in London later this year (for my annual food/clothes/books/party popper shopping trip) and am looking for a shop to assuage my new passion for making "things chocolate". I'm specifically looking for moulds, but anything chocolatey is interesting to me....

It doesn't really matter where in London as long as it's on the tube - we stay in Shoreditch.


May 18, 2011
SharkfinSoup in U.K./Ireland

Cafe Belong at The Brickworks

Cheers TorontoJo...I read about his catering operation too, but I get the impression that there's going to be a cafe...Great excuse to go to The Brickworks - as if I need one :)

Cafe Belong at The Brickworks

Read about this in that VISA Infinite brochure that arrived with this morning's Globe. I searched The Brickworks site but there's nothing much, a placeholder page saying "opening Spring 2011" and a news release dated April 2010 stating the cafe was slated to open last Fall.

Does anyone know anything? Any idea when it's opening...if it's not already.

River Rock Cafe

Noticed this little place the other week - it's on east side of Carlaw maybe 1/2 block (if that) north of Queen.

Anyone been there or know anything about it?

Best macarons in Toronto?

Well, it's really take-away - there is some lovely seating but they don't really offer bevvies....They had coffee in those flask things, but no espresso machine.

Best macarons in Toronto?

Yes, we tried this wonderful square too - shortbread base, chocolate, nuts, all sorts of surgary yumminess. We were told by one of the owners that her inspiration for this creation came from childhood - something her Gran used to make. So yes, it does look fancy but they sell lovely "rustic" goodies too. The best of both worlds?

A Pie to Remember

Yes, that's the place!

Best macarons in Toronto?

Dunno....I went to Bobette & Belle days after they opened and I loved their macarons - particularly the passionfruit & white chocolate - yum! I don't know whether Bobette & Belle supplied(s) McEwen....but personally, I found McEwan's macarons very uninspiring - they tasted a bit like a damp basement smells :( - (kept in a fridge/freezer too long perhaps). I also read somewhere recently that B & B supply Pusateri's - so who knows? My recipe for macaron nirvana....go to Bobette & Belle in Leslieville and try them there - at the source.

1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

A Pie to Remember

Just noticed this place on the north-west corner of Queen East & Boulton. Does anyone know anything about it?

Dynasty on Bloor

Anyone know what happened to it. Place is totally empty...have they permanently closed up shop or gone elsewhere?

Openings 2010

Cheers, LTL - will do! :)

Openings 2010

Hey LTL - I can't find Fabbrica's website.

Do you have a link?

Openings 2010

Queen Margherita Pizza, 1402 Queen E
After a protracted delay/wait for their liquor licence (what else is new) open today, I understand.

Queen Margherita Pizza

Hey Lazar, thanks so much for finding out QMP's opening date and posting it.

I was just going to call them myself, so you saved me the job.