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Best place to say bye to Fois Gras

Just a few weeks till the fois ban takes place...where are people's favorite places for Fois? I'm planning a tour of the city to say good bye.

List so far:

Petrorussian - Fois Ravioli
Umamicattessen - Fois Donut
Providence- Fois sautee

Ristorante Rumari - terrible dining experience

RUDE service.

Wanted to warn any people dining in the OC to avoid Ristorante Rumari at all costs. I have never had a worse dining experience, both in terms of the mediocre and overpriced food and the extremely rude service.

I know it's a beach/tourist area, but for those prices, even if the food sucks, the waitstaff and management shouldn't so openly hostile and downright mean to customers.

We ordered a "seared" ahi tuna that came fully cooked, all the way thru, and had to send it back. It came back the next time completely cold in the middle. It was one of the world dishes I have ever seen, and we weren't about to pay the $40 pricetag for a terribly done dish.

When we pointed it out to the waiter, he gruffly took it away, and after we complained about the terrible second try, the manager came out and all but said he wouldn't serve us anything else. When we tried to discuss the dish, he basically said we didn't know what we were talking about and that his 17 year history excused everything. We asked for the check and were left waiting and waiting. They didn't take anything off our bill to compensate for ruining our evening, and when I attempted to speak to the manager afterwards, he never apologized for the disappointing meal and bad service, continually repeating "That's your opinion" in a phenomenally condescending way.

BTW, every other dish sucked. The meatballs were crumbly and tasteless. The lasagna was all cheese and water. The seafood penne smelled off. The swordfish was seasonless.

Perhaps because they are frequented by so many tourists and don't expect a lot of repeat customers, they don't feel the need to be polite or hospitable to their customers. Nor do they feel the need to serve decent food.

To sum up, friends don't let friends eat at Ristorante Rumari.

Making dough in kitchenaid mixer - what speed?

I'm making cinnamon rolls with red-white-and-blue frosting for the festivities tomorrow and want to use my Ktichenaid Mixer for the dough part....Help!

1) I presume I dissolve yeast separately and then just mix everything together right? Any specific order?
2) What speed do I use? I am guessing 2 or 4, but any tips?
3) How long does it usually take? For just a generic recipe doesn't specify.

Thanks and happy Inauguration Day!

Jan 19, 2009
LoveCulverCity in Home Cooking

Thai in West LA

Melanee Thai on Pico is really solid. I dig it a ton.

Where can I find sunchokes????

I saw them at Trader Joe's last week.

Cozy place an Irish Coffee on a cold night?

It's freezing out! Any good suggestions for a nice, cozy place - maybe with a fireplace? - where one can spend a lazy night and drink some Irish coffees? Would prefer the Westside -- Venice, Santa Monica, even Culver City....Oh, I wish Firefly in Sherman Oaks wasn't so darn far away.

New, so new

Where is it?

Best Moules frite?

Jar. They are plump and flavorful. And the fries are perfect.

Out-of-town Solo Dining

I'm in town for work from Los Angeles for a week. What are the best must-eats and new great restaurants that a solo diner can enjoy comfortably? On an expense account, so nothing too crazy but money isn't really a hindrance.

Staying mid-town but willing to go anywhere in Manhattan.

Was thinking bar at Babbo one night....


Apr 16, 2007
LoveCulverCity in Manhattan

Need a catering trucks a la In-&-Out truck.

I need to hire a truck for a company activity. The In and Out truck is tragically booked up. We did the Hot Dog on a Stick truck, to great success.

Any other suggestions as to good, fun trucks that will bring food to you? I hear Pink's has one...anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you!


There is...right behind El Coyote

Best Banana Cream Pie in LA??

I've never seen it at Susina but am so excited to hear that!! Do you know if they have it on particular days???

Where exactly is Nick and Stef's

I tried to go on Sunday evening, and got totally lost trying to find it in the Wells Fargo Center. I went into the building through the main entrance on Hope Street and followed signs up to this 2nd floor area w/ a Tepan bar. The signage said Nick and Stef's was also there but I only found a vacant space.

Any idea where it actually is?

Polly's Pies & Johnny Rebs question

Where is it?

Birthday Dinner for 15

A friend just had a bday party at Lucky Devil's in Hollywood. Fun and simple menu, casual but nice setting. I think they had to deal w/ a whole deposit thing, but if you're willing to do that, I think it was a good time had by all.

Expense account lunch - today - Westside - recs please!

Josie's is fantastic but not sure if it's open for lunch

Berliners @ Rockenwagner Bakery

So, I had read about the special Friday Berliners (German jelly donuts) at Rockenwagners. I drove left for work early and went pretty far out of my way to bring this supposedly delicious treat in for my office this morning.

What a disappointment!

There was little to no jelly, and the donuts themselves were pretty stale and blah.

I usually love their stuff, so I was a bit surprised.

Anyone else have a similar or hopefully better experience? If this was an off day, I'd be willing to try again.

Recommendations on classic, "old LA" restaurants

I second that! Anyone know where to get a breaded pounded abalone steak? A friend of mine used to dive for fresh abalone and do it up that way...

Quiet, not ultra expensive lunch, near UC Irvine campus

Pho Bac on Pho in Irvine

Fave ethnic restaurants along Venice Boulevard (west of Sawtelle)?

I like Pam's Kitchen for Thai on Venice and Abbot Kinney.

The Best but Least Expensive Tasting Menu?

I fervently second the Tagine rec. Love it and the Tasting menu is gotten more sophisticated in the past 3 months.

Thanh in Irvine

SOOOOOO true about Pho Bac. Ecstatic to hear that I'm not the only one that thinks it is far and away the best pho in Irvine.

New restaurants in Santa Monica?

Josie is amazing, as is Nook, as is Litteratti II...not too many new greats but the old favorites just keep giving and giving.

Dinner in Costa Mesa

Looking for a nice/new? restaurant in Costa Mesa to go to this weekend. We usually love Turner's but were hoping for something new in that area.

Fancy/$$$ is fine, but it certainly doesn't have to be.

Any ideas?