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Is there such thing as a rum made from apples?

I went to a restaurant in Sweden and they served a great apple mojito. My friend (Austrian) told me it was made from some sort of apple liqueur. I forget the actually foreign name for it; I was pretty sure she said it was a type of apple rum, but the only "apple rum" I can find online is "Bacardi Big Apple flavoured rum." Would anyone care to enlighten me?

Jan 02, 2009
caesium in Spirits

Herbed Peas and Carrots

Can I take out the butter or sub it?

Mar 04, 2008
caesium in Recipes

Gothenburg, Sweden? (Goteborg)

I know the original thread is for a business lunch but is there anything around there for cheap eats as well?

Also, what is a Gothenburg food hall?

Mar 02, 2008
caesium in Europe

Eating in Stockholm, Sweden


I will be in touring Europe and will be in Stockholm for a few weeks. I'm looking for cheap eats.

I will be staying near the KTH Royal Institute of Technology but anyplace I can get a good meal for less than 10 bucks (about 60 SEK).


Mar 02, 2008
caesium in International Archive

Beijing Korean Fried Chicken?

Bumping this question as I have an extended stay in Beijing coming up.

Koren Fried Chicken in the SFV/SCV?

where's freshia market?

May 27, 2007
caesium in Los Angeles Area

food by LA transportation

Thanks for the suggestions. I've been to all of the above except Langer's Deli and California Market. Grand Central and Chinatown are definitely easy to get and good eats.
Sauce, I've taken the 217 before and got stuck there after 9pm. Whats the bus back to downtown?
Has anyone been to Cal Market by rail and can tell me how long it'll take to walk from the station?
thanks again

Mar 21, 2007
caesium in Los Angeles Area

food by LA transportation

What can I find within downtown LA that's within one block of either the downtown DASH or the Metro Rail lines?
My first point of interest is a Korean market.
Next, maybe a decent wine stop.
After that, anything that is good eats and buys.
I am w/out a car but still an Angelino so I'm looking for things practically next to the bus and rail stops.
Thanks in advance!

Mar 21, 2007
caesium in Los Angeles Area

Are there really no Belgian restaurants in Los Angeles?

I don't know specifically, but this little tidbit explains a bit: Before Belgium became autonomous, it was constantly under the rule of its various neighbors, Germany being one of them. The 'melting pot' of cultures is something that they take pride in.
I don't know the specifics of the German influence in the food, but Belgium is quite renown for the varieties of beer. (They supply the world with plenty of endive greens; chocolate pralines were also invented there (Neuhaus); and of course, they brought us Belgium waffles.)
I had a recently had a chance to visit Brussels and had some real delicious strawberry beer and a pot of mussels cooked in white wine.

Oct 09, 2006
caesium in Los Angeles Area