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Any good Dim Sum places in Reston?

I'm taking some clients out to lunch and they requested DIm Sum. I only know of a few places in Falls Church near Eden Center or over in Rosslyn but our schedule is tight so driving far is out of the question. Any recommendation for the Reston area? Tks.

Eden Center
Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

Places for lunch off Fairfax County Parkway

I commute between Springfield and Dulles and wanted to ask for lunch recommendations off the parkway. I happened across Panias Thai in Burke when I was trying to find a gas station and really liked the food there. I never knew it was there and that got me wondering if there were other places with good food at reasonable prices off the Parkway. Tks.

Delivery to Fairfax Station

A couple of places are:

1. Steak-n-Things located at Village Station (Silverbrook & Hooes)
2. Hunan Lorton (off Ox Road)