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Hong Kong Style Stinky Tofu??

Reading David Kaplan's recent post on stinky tofu ( )I was wondering if there are any places in the Bay area serve Hong Kong style stinky tofu. All the places I've tried so far, Joy, Ah Chung etc, make the Taiwanese style. Hong Kong style is generally crispy on the outside but velvety smooth on the inside.

Looking for Broasted Chicken...

You can get broasted chicken at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital cafeteria, they sell it by the piece and you can choose exactly what you want from different baskets. Go early (11:30am-12pm) because they only fry batches for lunch so if you arrive later the chicken gets dry from the heat lamps. It tastes very good, but its ironic that they sell this stuff in a hospital, guess it keeps the cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons in business. If your a vet they even have free valet parking for you.... Ahhhhh, nothing like broasted chicken in style. Otherwise for all others park up front in the visitors lot and enter the building through the main doors and walk all the way down the main corridor until you reach the cafeteria on your left.

HK style guk jyu pa faan

I'm surprised that no one mentioned Top Cafe in Miliptas (Ulfert Square same place as ABC). They do a good baked pork chop with rice or "yee fun" (spaghetti noodles in Cantonese) rendition. The pork chop is thick and seems to have been quickly pan fried with a light batter before baking, the sauce is quite tomatoey, creamy without any hint of tomato acidity, the top is authentically browned and shows crispy spots indicative of its preparation in the broiler oven. The interior has very authentic ghetto feeling thats reminiscent of the "Cha chan tangs" (Teas Restaurants in Cantonese) of HK. They also do a decent "guk po gock guy fan" (baked portugese chicken rice). The price if I remember correctly is just under 7 dollars with the house "loa sung tong" (HK style Russian borscht). Its open till 2-3 am, which is perfect to quench my hunger pangs after attending to a late night/early morning call at the hospital.

Top Cafe
650 Barber Ln
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 922-0382

Former Shimo Sushi (Clement) Chefs Where are you?

Thanks for the update!! I didn't see the Taiwanese guy during my last few visits. By any chance do you know the name and address of Tom's place in San Jose?

Former Shimo Sushi (Clement) Chefs Where are you?

Poor Shimo, he doesn't seem to take any days off since his experienced sous sushi chef's left, even his son was helping to fill in. Yup, your right Tom was the younger guy. I saw Mark a few months ago eating at Shimo's, at first I thought I was mistaken. Still searching for Tom and the portly Taiwanese guy's sushi restaurants.

Former Shimo Sushi (Clement) Chefs Where are you?

Hello, I thought I would solicit the help of my fellow Chowhounders. I love Shimo sushi on Clement Street in San Francisco, however its quite a trek from Palo Alto. I recently heard from Shimo directly that two of his former sushi chefs, Tom, and I forgot the other persons name, he was a portly fellow, salt and pepper hair with a Japanese wife, had opened up sushi restaurants in San Jose and San Mateo respectively. I thought it impolite to question Shimo further as to the locations of the new restaurants so now I am asking the help of you all in my quest.


Shanghai Flavor Shop in Sunnyvale

Yup, the noodles were done exactly the way you describe it.

Crabbing and Best Panda Restaurant

Since its crabbing season I decided to give it a try, especially after learning that your allowed to take up to 35 crabs a day per person. Also no fishing license is required if you are on a municipal pier. Popped over to Sports Authority to buy a crab cage ($39.99), and bait holder ($10), crab ruler ($2, crabs have to be larger then 4 inches), Walmart to buy a 100 foot rope and buoy ($6.49) and 99 ranch to buy some cheap raw chicken for bait. The cheaper alternative is to buy a crab snare for 6 dollars at Sports authority, but you have to haul up the rope very quickly otherwise the crabs will fall out of the snare. Location wise I scoped out two places 1)Pacifica Pier, where you can catch dungeness crab as well as red rock crab, however the pier is very high which necessitates a long rope and many times the waves are huge which discourages crab from the area. 2)Crissy Field fishing pier at the foot of Golden Gate Bridge. Here you can only take non-dungeness crabs because anything east of GG bridge is a protected breeding ground. In a span of two hours at Crissy field I hauled up 8 crabs, 4 that were around 7 inches in diameter. Tired from the adventure I went to the nearby Best Panda restaurant on Balboa on a hunch they would clean and cook the crab for me. I was in luck I had the crab steamed with garlic, scallions and ginger with on a bed of bean noodle ("fun see" phonetically Cantonese). They charge 3 dollars a pound as a cooking fee and 3 dollars extra for the bed of bean noodle. The crab was steamed to perfection, the shells were still filled with rich crab goo which I only know in Cantonese as "go". The bed of bean noodles soaked up the flavor and protein from the crab making a excellent filler. The taste of the crab meat was incredible, from ocean to pier to restaurant in a span of 2 hours might have something to do with its resounding sweetness. I also ordered the following dishes.

Black bean sauce clams: Huge dish with very juicy and succulent clams, one of the best in SF.

Supreme Broth Chicken with Vegetables: Standard steamed chicken dish, nothing spectacular.

Potato Greens with Shrimp paste: Soooooooooooooooooo good and cheap (I'm a poor starving student), the texture and sweetness is unlike anything I've ever tasted. I heard from my mother that they feed this to pigs in Asia... Well, I guess I am a pig...

Giant clam ("gwei fay pong") soup very fresh clam flavor however the starchy thick soup base distracted one from the clam flavor.

Also if your a clean freak you might have a hard time there, the washrooms are nothing to write home about.

All in all I had a wonderful time, the dishes above cost only $46 dollars and fed 5 people.

Best Panda Restaurant
4052 Balboa (at 41st Ave.)
San Francisco, CA
(415) 876-3298

Shanghai Flavor Shop in Sunnyvale

In the mood for Shanghai food around Stanford I did a search on Google and came up with Shanghai Flavor shop. Intrigued there were no reviews on Chowhound (however thanks to Melanie for posting a menu )I grabbed a friend and ventured down. Located in a strip mall in Sunnyvale, Shanghai Flavor shop has a simple but clean interior, as I entered I heard familiar sounds of people speaking Shanghainese. Washroom was relatively clean for this type of restaurant.

Pork Fried Buns (Shan Jean Bao, phonetically Cantonese
)-This is the best tasting Shan Jean Bao I've had outside of Shanghai, the dumpling is pan fried crisp on the outside with a wonderfully soft layer just underneath. Inside is a good meat portion surrounded by a juicy broth. Be careful not to scald yourself as you bite down, my shirt was a victim of the broth squirting out. 6 out of the 6 buns were filled with juice. I couldn't resist ordering a second helping, again 6 out of 6 buns filled with soup.

Steamed Pork Bun (Shao Lung Bao, phonetically Cantonese)
-Steamed with a slice of carrot underneath. Nothing special, only 2 out of the 8 dumplings had juice.

Wonton Soup (Pork)
-A soup with 10-12 mini wontons. Simple clear chicken broth soup with nice simple small wontons, the wrappers had a good texture not over boiled at all, a good dish.

Baked Raddish Cake
-Two baked buns with raddish shreds inside. Great layered crispy outside. One of the best I've had in the bay area.

Curry Beef Noodle Soup
-Skip, just some curry in chicken stock with bean noodles.

Shredded Pork and Noodle with Green Onion Sauce
-Good noodle cooked perfectly al dante, not much shredded pork. Overall a very shanghai style dish, although a little oily.

I highly recommend this place for the Pork Fried Buns!!!

I also noticed a "Fish and Chips" shop two doors down that serves Taiwanese food, any reports on that?

Shanghai Flavor Shop
888 Old San Francisco Rd.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 738-3003

best hainan chicken rice in bay area?

I really enjoy the Hainan Chicken rice at Prima Taste in San Jose.

Prima Taste USA
1701 Lundy Ave. #100
San Jose, CA 95131

San Francisco's Best Dim Sum?

If your in Chinatown and don't mind dingy, I would give Dol Ho in China town a try. Its specialty is steamed rice with spare ribs. If you come in the late afternoon you'll find housewives coming by in droves buying their raw marinated spareribs by the pound for their family dinners. But note, while this place is very cheap,'ll be in a major food coma state if you spend 10 dollars, its dishes are quite strongly flavored with MSG.

If you want great quality in cleaner and more comfortable surroundings abet at a greater price then I would try Parc Hong Kong on Geary. All around the dishes are quite good, although the Taro puffs are a tad oily. Note, this place is not push cart style, you order off their menu. I tend to prefer this as things are steamed to order and seem fresher, however it can be more difficult if your not familiar with what dishes you want. Although others may disagree I would rank Parc Hong Kong higher then Ton Kiang, but I have more Cantonese tastes. If you look in their window at noon during a busy weekend day Ton Kiang seems to be more favored by Caucasian people where as Parc Hong Kong is filled with more Cantonese Chinese.

Dol Ho
808 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133

Parc Hong Kong
1718 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94115


Casual and reasonable... College aged kids.... Hmmmm Sounds like Buca di Beppo in downtown Palo Alto might fit the bill. Although it is a more Americanized version of Italian food, heavy on the pasta, its large portions are quite a good deal. Also I think your kids will enjoy the jovial atmosphere.

The dish that really stands out for me is the thin crust pizza with sausage and mushroom, ask for the chili oil if you want more fire on the pizza.

Also make a reservation in advance if you don't want to wait around for a hour or so for your table.

643 Emerson St
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 329-0665