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Reopening the Cupcake Discussion


I now have a spectacular list of cupcake places to try out. I'm so ashamed - I'd never even heard of the majority of these (and I dare call myself a cupcake fan!). Lucky me - now that my senior thesis is finished (or rather, it's due tomorrow... which isn't exactly the same thing as finished buuut...), I can go to three a week before I graduate :)

Thanks for your help, Chowhounds :)

Apr 08, 2007
GrillersKid in Los Angeles Area

Reopening the Cupcake Discussion

So, I was looking over the cupcake discussions I could find, and all seemed to be about a year old. I was hoping to get people's updated picks for the best cupcakes in LA.

For my part:

DOTS cupcakes on Arroyo Blvd. in Pasadena has yet to be beat, in my mind. I live right down the street from Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock - walking distance, even - and I'll still hop in my car and drive out to Dots for a great cupcake, no questions asked. The price is right, the cupcakes are consistently fresh and amazing (you can even watch them come out of the oven some days), and they've done a great job with the special orders I've sent their way. The bakery itself is cute, but not so great to eat at (you either sit at a counter inside or outside on the very public sidewalk where, more than once, I've met some interesting characters).

Don't get me wrong - Auntie Em's is fine, but it's a little hit-or-miss. Some days, you find delicious, fresh cupcakes with gooey icing and perfect, moist cake. Other days (in fact, today is one of those days) you buy six mini cupcakes for a somewhat high price and find 2 delicious wonderful cupcakes and 4 dry, crumbly little cake-like lumps sporting crystally icing headgear with all the delicious flavor of frosting, but twice the crunch. I don't know what came over me to go to Em's at lunch today (oh wait - yes I do, it was the amazing B.L.A.S.T. sandwich they serve), but I cannot put into words how devistating it is to eat dry, sad looking, expensive little cupcakes (or, worse than actually eating them myself, agonizing about throwing away or the moral ups and downs of trying to force them on my coworkers) .

Sprinkles, on that note, makes me cry. After reading last year's reviews on the place and even dragging myself 3 hours back and forth across town mid-afternoon one hot day last month to "give it a fair chance", I got park half a mile away to wait in line half an hour for overpriced, dry, "fresh" cupcakes, I will not make the mistake of going there twice. Especially not with DOTS just a few offramps away!

Where else should I try?

Apr 03, 2007
GrillersKid in Los Angeles Area

Dish (La Canada) -- review

Wow. I'm so sad to hear so many unpleasant stories about Dish. Ate there last night. The FOOD was amazing. I had penne pasta with pesto cream sauce and chicken apple sausage (I basically order it for the sausage which is to die for!) and my friend had a salmon dish served with some amazing snap peas. Our waitress was, admittedly, a little inattentive. Nothing was refilled... at all and she was just pretty much standing around and chatting with the rest of the staff. But once we got used to flagging her (seemed like she was waiting around for people to wave her down before she moved in - interesting technique) it was really lovely. Also, maybe it was just last night, but the drinks were VERY stiff (i.e. a white russian that was nearly clear) to the point of being almost undrinkable and needing to be sent back to be dilluted. I have to say though, in spite of the up and down quality of service, I LOVE the food there and I've been there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner a number of times and never had a bad experience. It's nothing fancy, but it really is great comfort food (when it's hairless).

Oct 17, 2006
GrillersKid in Los Angeles Area

Best Crepes in Los Angeles?

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a tip on where to find the best crepes in Los Angeles - sweet and non-dessert crepes. Originality is a plus.

Any suggestions?

Oct 14, 2006
GrillersKid in Los Angeles Area

Pizza In Glendale

I second the Capri! Casa B is decent (if you can get in), but the Capri puts it to shame. Stick with the pizza though. The rest of the menu can be a little... eh?

Oct 09, 2006
GrillersKid in Los Angeles Area

Good breakfast burritos in the Pasadena area?

I agree - Lucky Boy is the king. Often, though, there's WAY too much bacon in the burritos. Too much in that "heart-stopping sick for days" way too much. A secret I learned from my friends in high school: order the regular burrito and ask for the bacon on the side. You'll recieve a burrito and enough bacon to feed an entire room full of hungry high schoolers, even after you reload your burrito with a more manageable amount of bacon (trust me, it's plenty). And who doesn't need tons and tons of leftover bacon? ;)

Oct 07, 2006
GrillersKid in Los Angeles Area


Advice: If you go to Traxx, EAT INSIDE.

Traxx was a pretty big disappointment for us. For a special night out, I surprised someone by taking the Gold Line there getting a table in front of the restaurant (in the main lobby of Union Station) for dinner around 7:30 on a Wednesday. As the night wore on, the people walking past our table (which was seperated from the main entrance to Union Station by a velvet rope - which it butted right up to) were joking about taking food from the table and becoming a little too aggressive with their comments and gestures, harassing us about being "too rich to eat at home" (ironic considering we're college students working a combined total of 5 jobs and Cup-O-Noodles and instant oatmeal are standard fare for us). The food was fine - I think... I don't really remember the food because the atmosphere was so... distracting? The service was iffy (we were left completely alone, no refills on anything, for 45 minutes at one point), but we're kind of used to that - as 2 college students who order only entrees and split one glass of (cheap) wine, we tend to get a pretty decent snubbing wherever we go. Sigh, oh well. I don't not recommend Traxx - I think others will enjoy it much more than we did for a lot of reasons. BUT, I do not recommend eating in that Union Station lobby - unless you're in the mood for dinner and a show.

Oct 07, 2006
GrillersKid in Los Angeles Area