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Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar

I can assure you Teep, that nothing is packaged. I've been to the preview tastings and watched the food prepared.
I do find this conversation over 'authentic' soooo tedious. Am I the only one? Within any given country/region, even the inhabitants don't always agree on how something should be done. I don't understand the need to argue authenticity-

Jul 16, 2014
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

chinese food near Vaughn Mills

Hi all, my dad is coming in from NB and loves Chinese food. I never eat it, so I need some tips on where the best is? we'll be shopping at Vaughn mills, so bonus points for something near there. thanks in advance for any help.

Feb 27, 2014
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Saturday night in December- party of 6- food and scene?

thanks for the ideas guys, have been to Enoteca and its not what I'm after this time ( i wasn't taken with the food, although you are right it would probably work for this group)...I"m going out on a limb and trying JaBistro- I don't know that it'll fit the scene bill, but i'm excited about the food and it is my birthday after all....hope they like it ;$

Dec 01, 2012
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Saturday night in December- party of 6- food and scene?

Hey all, am planning a birthday party with 6 girls, half love food, half care more about scene, would love to make em all happy...thoughts? downtown to west end is fine, price point is not so important but not looking for super high end. Thought about Salt but we've done it so many times, and we were just at Grove assuming Daisho is a no for a group this size on a Saturday....hrm. I'm lost!

Nov 21, 2012
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Grove

not sure what 'excellenty oo' means, i was meaning to type that the whitefish was good and the pork was excellent-

Jul 18, 2012
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Grove

we went to The Grove for anniversary dinner last night and I have to say I thought it was great. Only two complaints I would make is that almost every dish would have benefited from a flake of maldon or two and that the place was unfortunately warm. The food is really pretty and you may notice that the menu lists ingredients, but not flavors or spicing so the menu reads less exciting than what is put in front of you, in my opinion.

they brought us fries with an indian-flavor ketchup (big beefy fries, crispy on the outside, lovely on the inside!) and a cold indian-flavor soup as amuses (hugest amuses EVER)

We had:
Mushrooms, poached egg, and snails on toast 7
“ Quo Vadis “ eel sandwich 8

loved both these dishes, I would say the best use of snails that i've had.

Tomato, melon, radish, buttermilk 9
Corn soup, potted shrimp, Summer savory 9
Beef, celery, samphire, horseradish 16

the tomato and melon I didn't care for. just too mushy, good flavor but no texture variation- the corn soup was so good and ended up feeling a bit like a grilled cheese (in the best way) when you got the toasts in the bottom with the soup. The beef was tartare and it was so good...SO GOOD! Not traditional but I thought it was terrific and so did my husband.

Whitefish, fava, smoked tomato, mustard 17
Pork, shrimp, peas, radish 19

the pork was SO good- the whitefish was excellenty oo-

the service was flawless! highly recommend and will go again!

Jul 18, 2012
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Keriwa or bestellen? Or somewhere else to take a new yorker that takes reservations for this Saturday...

I can't say between the saint and bestellen, haven't done either, but can definitely say NO to enoteca, campagnolgo much better. Foxley is very special, IMHO the fish is so good (the meats aren't).
Good luck with your guest...its hard to gt the happening buzzy vibe with high quality food sometimes eh?

Jun 29, 2012
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Keriwa or bestellen? Or somewhere else to take a new yorker that takes reservations for this Saturday...

how about Campagnolo? Foxley's?

Jun 29, 2012
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Was it rude to assume I was invited?

i think you are right about the note of hostility and I can;t imagine why it's there. I think it's quite rude of the host of this evening (corporate or otherwise) to invite a guest without their mate. I work for a small company, we would never do that. Especially if the night is to honour your husband, it should be a pleasure for him to attend- with his mate!

Apr 13, 2012
nummanumma in Not About Food

Best Buffet- is there any such thing? And rec for special 40th-

Hi guys, I'm a Toronto Hound coming to Vegas for my sister's 40th. we are looking at Alize for a chef's tasting menu for her birthday dinner- thoughts? I hear the view is awesome.
Also wondering about these famed buffets. Buffets would never occur to me as a dining option at any other time but people keep saying that they are just ridik in Vegas and we really should go. What are your thoughts and what would you recommend (if any?)

Mar 24, 2012
nummanumma in Las Vegas

first-date, gender etiquette question

as a server in formal settings, I was always trained that the oldest woman (or only woman) at the table orders first and you go around from there.
it may make people uncomfortable if you are the only woman at the table and you don't order first, it is not jumping in or hogging- it is following a socially accepted norm, which, like stoplights, help us all know what to do. When you break the norm, confusion may ensue. :)

Aug 19, 2011
nummanumma in Not About Food

Buca - Overrated and comically pretentious

Please tell me you are exaggerating for a good story? I cannot imagine a serve making a remark even approaching this and if one did, I would probably lose my cool. Give us more details, I am rapt.

Aug 19, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Acadia -- who else has been?

i felt there was something strange about this place. Something funny about the menu, how it is laid out and the pricing. For instance, my husband had a fish dish, listed and priced as a main, that was by no means a main. some of the plates are quite small and seem they need accompaniments in order to comprise a main, but the menu doesn't 'say' that (directly or indirectly through layout etc...)
For us, there was a disconnect between the sparse room and the style of food. I can't quite put my finger on it. I'd be interested to see if anyone shares my thoughts or can articulate them more clearly?

Aug 18, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Origin Question

I like Origin, nice vibe, great room, good food for the most part- I vote for the burrata and the ceviche :)

Aug 15, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Healthy/vegan/veg options, Yonge/St Clair?

I work in the area.
Don't know how healthful it is as they refuse to post NI ( bad sign?), but the Thai Express on St. Clair (east of yonge) does all their curries and stirfrys as veggie options (good veggies) or with Tofu. harvey's is new to the area and does a veggie burger as well. (same style)
Retro Burger (south of st. clair, west side of yonge) has a veggie burger which is actually pretty good, but it depends on what you like for a veggie burgers (this is meat-style, done on the same grill as the meat I think judging from the taste).
Andy does veggie dogs on a corner east of Yonge. I can't say they are great but sometimes its fun to go to the hot dog cart in the summer.
The Salad Selection at Druxy's (basement of St. Clair center) is a more affordable, reasonably sized and fresher option than the stuff at Freshii (south of Heath, west side of Yonge), although both are possibilities for veggie lovers.
PIzzaiolo has veg pizza options (south side of St. Clair, west of yonge)

not a lot of superhealthy choices in this area....I end up bringing my lunch most days, but these are some options i've found.

Retro Burger
1450 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1Y5, CA

May 23, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

WTF Sambal ulek (oelek) in Toronto

we get ours at bruno's at St. clair/Yonge

May 19, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


agree with Origin- sounds perfect

Mar 30, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Canceling Reservations

i occassionally hostess at the restaurant my husband is chef at, and use Open Table. Canceling /rebooking weeks in advance is a none issue. calling if you can't make your reservation makes you seem like you give a fig about other people, canceling repeatedly on the evening of is noted and makes you look bad.

Mar 23, 2011
nummanumma in Not About Food

Where can I get a vegetarian burger?

I haven't had it in a while but the veggie burger from Hair of the Dog was awesome.

Mar 15, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Salt Wine Bar a real find! tapas for canivores. We will be back!

we were there last night as well- had:
the quenelles
the cantaloupe salad
the oxtail
the duck confit
the breem
the beef crudo
the sardines
and fries.

the cantaloupe salad was meh, the dice doesn't work for me and changes the flavor, the sardines were a little ho hum and the preserved lemon didn't come through (although my friend thought it really hit her, so I presume it depended on which bit you got) mine needed some acid.

duck confit, the breem and the oxtail were big hits with all four of us at the table. perfectly seasoned (for me), simply presented, like your mom made but way better (sorry mom). the oxtail in paticular felt like a sunday supper.

Service was great- unobtrusive, efficient and welcoming. my friend is gluten intolerant and the waitress was informed and helpful without making a big fuss.

we had about 9 glasses of wine, two desserts and a coffee- the bill came in just over $300 with tip. I thought it was great and would definitely return. I really liked the room, it feels so cozy like you are in a library or a wine cellar.

Feb 26, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Stockyards BBQ

If your partner is Celiac, you might want to call the resto, rather than taking someone's word for it here- just a suggestion.

Feb 05, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Davisville/Mt. Pleasant Delivery & Sushi

Debu's is excellent Indian and will deliver-

We do Satay on the Road (Bayview) for Thai- its pretty good.

Satay on the Road
2003 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

Feb 05, 2011
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Looking for an authentic Spanish restaurant with authentic Spanish dishes

second cava!!

Nov 23, 2010
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Is it ok to complain to the manager that the food portions are too small for the money?

If you think it, it is a fact. How does that work?

Nov 20, 2010
nummanumma in Not About Food

Friends are late - how long do you wait?

the truth is, most of our friendly social situations hinge on everyone following the rules....even if someone is a dear friend, over time they will wear you down with behavior like this because you begin to realize that what looks like careless/absentminded behavior is symptomatic of a very selfish, self - centered outlook on the world. Everyone deserves a chance, and certainly if these two had never behaved so rudely before or since, I wouldn't worry about it. If there is any kind of pattern whatsoever, I would indeed write them off.

Jul 02, 2010
nummanumma in Not About Food

Friends are late - how long do you wait?

this is the thought that I had too...I would feel quite angry regardless of the reason, this is just so rude.

Jul 02, 2010
nummanumma in Not About Food

Would you say something to the management about this?

I find it odd that you complain about your money being there where people can see it. You are in a restaurant. Everyone knows what the items cost. Everyone is paying. I think this is incredibly persnickity and complaining to the manager will likely get you mocked, though hopefully not to your face.

Jul 02, 2010
nummanumma in Not About Food

Sweet breads at Black Hoof

this is making laugh, mcsweetbreads has become a joke in our house, the nickname for this style of sweetbread- fried and battered and nowhere near as amazing as they can be. I haven't had the hoof ones, but I feel i had the type you are describing- too many times!

Jun 22, 2010
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

A Great First (& Second) Impresssion at L.A.B.

Maybe I'm being hard on it, but I felt this place just didn't deliver. We had the bison two ways and the root veg calamari. The tartar bison was great but the shaved bison was boring. THe root veg calamari was fine, but it is fried veg, I mean I didn't find it that exciting?
Then we had the perogies- hard to eat and really just not very good. The 8-hour steak was overcooked, the 'cakes' that came with were FANTASTIC. The lamb was overcooked...the gnocchi, which fell flat from the description provided, I felt like they really enticed me with the interesting description but it just didn't come through on the plate.

May 19, 2010
nummanumma in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

How much do you tip when at a buffet?

working a buffet can be much harder than waiting tables in terms of sheer hustle required. clearing mutliple plates, keeping the table clean, keeping everyone watered and so on can be a challenging task. The hardest shift I worked at the resto I used to work at was the Friday Night Seafood Buffet. Holy cow!
Also, people who tip really poorly on a breakfast buffet-that's just mean! Just because the bill may be quite low, that person did the same amount of work as someone on a lunch/dinner buffet (yes this applies to eating off the menu as well, I don't see why you would ever tip someone who gave you competent service less than $5). Breakfast buffets are hard! People are cranky!

Mar 02, 2010
nummanumma in Not About Food