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Egg in a Nest

Oooh, I miss this. My dad called it a "bird's nest." As snarky teens, we called it "egg in the hole in the bread," but loved the novelty none the less. It was always a good Sunday morning when there was EITHITB on the breakfast table.

Mar 25, 2007
grendel in Recipes

Recs for Fullerton Area Restaurants

I'm having a wedding reception in my hometown of Fullerton. (Eloping to Venice first) I am trying to come up with a list of restaurants for out-of-town guests. The problem is that I have been living in San Francisco for the last 12 years. I admit that I am somewhat of a food snob and haven't had very good food in Fullerton in years. Of course, I have my favorite spots (Taqueria DeAnda, Alicia's, Angelo & Vinci's, Mongolian BBQ, and others that I go to for mostly nostalgic reasons) but I usually eat at home with the family. Anyway, I'd appreciate your recommendations. It would be great if you would share your favorites in any of these categories: family restaurant, fast food (not large chain), Asian, steak, hamburger, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, breakfast, brunch. And whatever else you can think of. My guests wil appreciate it and so will I since I won't have to be stuck in the same food rut every time I visit. Thanks!

Mar 22, 2007
grendel in Los Angeles Area

Secrets of the Perfect Salsa

Helena and the Chowsters, you are my flippin' idols! I have been obsessed with Papalote salsa forever. I have been known to send my fiance in with three empty mason jars to retrieve the delicious sauce and not request even a morsel of other food. And I'll admit there have been a few arguments over who ate the last bit of salsa and who has go back for more. We tried the strainer test once with no luck. Thank you so much for your efforts and for bringing peace to our home! I can't wait to make vats of this for our el Dia de los Muertos fiesta. O frickin' le!

Oct 06, 2006
grendel in Features