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Black eyed pea cassoulet

I doubt that fresh peas will hold up well to the length of cooking -- and even the use of black eyed is a little dubious --- too small, wrong color, and not really "built" to absorb all the good things that a navy bean or flageleot will acquire in the cassoulet

Dec 26, 2006
seniorgriggle in Home Cooking

Upcoming trip to Sidney, Melbourne, Darwin, and Cairns, HELP PLEASE!

Check back issues of Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine -- one of the best food publications in the world, and always with excellent cover of new and special eateries

What besides Vegemite should I request from Auckland?

Cherry Ripes and Crumble Bars.....most of this stuff you can get on the web in the States.

IF your friend is a serious eater....there are some excellent specialty food stores in Auckland....some of which publish excellent books -- Zarbo, Epicurean, anything by Annabelle Langbein....

No knead bread recipe.

A keen home breadbaker, I only think this was so-so -- although the use of a dutch oven for baking has some good features.

A far better approach to the "kneading conundrum" (although personally I don't see what the problem is) is to be found in James Macquire's exceptional article in the lastest issue of "Art of Eating". Macquire was the baker and chef at the much missed Passe-Partout in Montreal -- a consumate baker and student of Calvel.

Dec 19, 2006
seniorgriggle in Home Cooking

danbury to westchester move... quality falls off on good basic (or junk) eating

Bagels - Sammy's in New Rochelle
Heislers - old style Jewish bakery on North Avenue
A shifting array of Mexican places in New Rochelle -- El Chino is our favorite
Modern in NR for pizza....or Rigatoni in Pelham if the owner is in a good mood
Sandwiches, cakes and cobblers at Provisions in Pelham

Comfort Food Breakfast with Cozy Atmosphere in Lower Westchester?

Not sure of the name, but there a place worth trying just off the road that leads down to Rye Playland. Unassuming joint but a decent breakfast and baked goods.

Best Indian Food in Lower Westchester

Definitely try Rangoli -- lovely owners. When they were still in Pelham -- they still have the same cooks -- I took some very discernong Chinese friends from Singapore (home to just about the best array of Asian and Indian food in the world.) Elsie and TC were swooning.

What's the Most Time Consuming Thing You Have Ever Cooked?

A "trippa alla fiorentina" in honor of my mother's birthday....demanding prep work -- cleaning and dressing and blanching the tripe and calf's foot (timeconsuming and high on "ick" factor...then a long, very slow cooking. Absolutely delicious flavor....but few of the guests could stomach tripe -- the consensus was that the sauce would be fabulous over lobster!

Oct 06, 2006
seniorgriggle in Home Cooking

What to serve with cassoulet?

About 15 years ago, with a group of serious eating friends, we started having a serious Sunday lunch in winter featuring a cassoulet. Over the years the following has emerged as THE preferred combination of courses (with many debts to Chez Panisse and Alice Waters thinking on the subject):

A glass of champagne as an aperativ

An array of vegetable hors d'oeuvres -- celeriac in a mustard-flavoured cream or egg-based dressing, a beet and citrus salad, and a green salad with frisse and other bitter greens

The cassoulet - absolutely on its own -- with a moderately weighty red -- we generally lean towards a Cotes du Rhone or an Oregan pinot noir.

Assorted fruit sorbets and sherberts for a dessert -- one of our team is a master at desserts so ours are homemade, but Ciao Bella or similar are fine -- served with a glass of Sauternes.

Nothing better on a cold winters day

Oct 06, 2006
seniorgriggle in Home Cooking