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BBQation: BBQ recommendations for TN Trip

Thanks for the tips. I think I'm good for Memphis (right now, I'm aiming for lunch at Cozy Corner and dinner at Germantown or Rendevous), Pidgeon Forge (Bennetts is the only place I've seen recommended), Nashville (see above) and Kentucky (don't have that info with me).

The unknown is a lunch place between Memphis and Atlanta and a place for lunch or dinner in Chattanooga. Suggestions?

Oct 10, 2006
dizzyj in General South Archive

BBQation: BBQ recommendations for TN Trip

I'm going to be travelling to a wedding in Atlanta (from Chicago) and decided to turn the drive into a BBQation, getting as much cue on the way as I can. My route will be I-55 to Memphis and then I-20 to Atlanta. Leaving Atlanta, I'm going to Chattanooga, through the Smokey Mountains to Pidgeon Forge then to Nashville, and finally back to Chicago with a stop in Louisville.

I can detour a bit off the freeways, but my travelling companion won't have the patience for a long detour, no matter how great the BBQ is.

Are there any must-have places en-route? And recommendations for Memphis?


Oct 06, 2006
dizzyj in General South Archive