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Where to food shop in Williamsburg?

The Meat Hook
Marlow and Daughters

Bedford Cheese Shop

Mast Brothers (for chocolate

Farmers Market - Saturdays

Feb 26, 2010
robyng in Outer Boroughs

Williamsburg grocery shopping

For fish - try the Metropolitan Fish Market

Their fish is pretty good and def fresher than the selection at Tops. There is also a fishmonger every Saturday at the Farmer's market. Otherwise, I hop on the L and go to the Whole Foods in Union Square.

Tops has a good selection of Murrays and Bell and Evans chickens and a small selection of organic grass-fed beef. Again, there is a meat guy at the Farmer's Market that has chicken, beef, rabbit, pork and I think lamb. If you are lazy like me, you can join the 8'oclock ranch's meat CSA. Details here:

I joined a few months ago and have been very happy. Two things to note: you have to be home for the delivery (they send you the tracking #) and you have to be open minded about the cuts of meat you get. It comes in around $6 a pound and I think it's worth it.

Also don't dismiss Key Foods too quickly. The one in Greenpoint stocks things like D'Artagnan quail eggs and duck fat next to the Polish specialties.

Urban Rustic is pretty expensive, but stocks local meat, dairy and veg.

Sep 05, 2008
robyng in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Brunch Recommendations


Jul 16, 2008
robyng in Outer Boroughs

Watching the Euro Matches in Brooklyn

Iona, Spike Hill and Teddy's are all showing the games.

Jun 20, 2008
robyng in Outer Boroughs

williamsburg help! (ok, maybe greenpoint too)

Teddy's on 8th and Berry. The food's not great, but the atmosphere's just right.

May 17, 2008
robyng in Outer Boroughs

Anyone try Jimmy's Diner - W'burg?

I ate here once when it opened and was rather annoyed by their claim to be "the best fried chicken in brooklyn" when it just isn't true. As another poster commented, it is mediocre at best. The mac & cheese was pretty ok. For excellent, though pricey, fried chicken ($16 i think) go to Egg. They just started serving dinner and the fried chicken is fab. The duck and dirty rice is pretty tasty as well. I had the bread pudding for dessert and let's just say, they are in need of a pastry chef....

Feb 02, 2008
robyng in Outer Boroughs

Fun & Romantic Restaurant near Brooklyn Brewery?

Sweetwater Tavern is pretty low lit and they have a great grass fed rib eye.

Jan 29, 2008
robyng in Outer Boroughs

Wedding at Studio 6 / Abigail Kirsch

Has anyone had or been to a wedding at Studio 6? We are thinking of booking the place but they don't do tastings so I'm not sure how you are supposed to know if the food is good aside from their reputation. Wondering, mainly, if anyone has had any not so perfect experiences there.

Also looking at Smack Mellon as a wedding site but I am put off by the fact that you have to bring in absolutely everything. Any caterer recommendations that handle all of the details and have amazing food?

Dec 27, 2007
robyng in Outer Boroughs

Suet Source in Manhattan?

I'm looking for suet to make mincemeat for Christmas. Anyone know of a source either in town or online?

Nov 29, 2006
robyng in Manhattan

Food Literature

Two fantastic memoirs:

The Apprentice: My Life In The Kitchen
by Jacques Pepin

by Nigel Slater

Nov 02, 2006
robyng in Food Media & News

help: my mother gave me a specific menu to serve

I recently made the standing rib roast from Nigella Lawson's cookbook Feast for my dad's birthday. It got rave reviews. I served it with a butternut squash soup with pancetta tuilles to start, roast potatoes, braised red cabbage, cauliflower gratin and some flopped yorkshire puddings.

Nov 02, 2006
robyng in Home Cooking

Haggis in NYC?

You can also get tinned haggis at Myers of Keswick in Greenwich Village. It's not as good as the real thing but will do in a pinch.

Oct 08, 2006
robyng in Manhattan