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Suggest food/snacks to bring from HK to Canada?

Hi everyone, I've got some HK relatives coming to Canada (Toronto specifically) in August. They have asked if they can bring anything over from Hong Kong. I must be very uncreative, because I can't think of anything they could bring.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Things that I can't get in Toronto, tasty snacks, yummy treats, and the like? Or non-edibles - cooking implements or dishware, for example.

They will probably bring the more usual things like dried mushrooms, etc. already, so I don't need to consider stuff like that.

Note that I won't be seeing them right away when they get to Canada - it will be around 5 days before we actually meet up - so anything perishable would have to wait until I make my own trip to HK, hopefully someday soon...

about 9 hours ago
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2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

Word on the street - okay, Yelp - is that Fishbar has closed.

Cafe Michi - What happened to the food? Change of ownership?

I was there at the end of April and it seemed fine! Had the cafe au lait chirashi. If I am being honest, one of the two pieces of uni could have been fresher, but other than that, everything was good. Including the trifle :) I have no idea about the ownership question though.

Please help me remember the name of a restaurant on bathurst, south of DuPont, no longer exists

I'm not familiar with Black Rooster...it must be before I moved into the area. For greasy cheap breakfast in that block I rely on KOS.

Please help me remember the name of a restaurant on bathurst, south of DuPont, no longer exists

You're welcome!

Please help me remember the name of a restaurant on bathurst, south of DuPont, no longer exists

Grapefruit Moon is still around! I'm pretty sure sake is thinking of Noon, but we'll find out shortly. Here's an old thread about the place: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/315011

Despite living in the area for years I never went to Grapefruit Moon. Not sure why exactly - it certainly had its fans. A quick Google search reveals that the original owner was forced out and the other partners (?) continued under the same name.

Please help me remember the name of a restaurant on bathurst, south of DuPont, no longer exists

I believe that was Noon :)

Lucky Red

A few weeks ago we were there for Lucky Hour (5-7PM IIRC) and got the lucky wings, soi mung rice balls (sticky rice with Chinese sausage meets takoyaki), beet salad, fried chicken bao, and tuna tartare special. Everything was tasty, especially the wings, although I missed the pickled carrots and daikon they put on the bao at BMB. Salt levels were fine and so were the cocktails. Prices were comparable to Guu.

Toronto Ramen Roundup?

Me too! And bring along a tempura specialist while you're at it ;)

Toronto Ramen Roundup?

Couldn't agree more with this. If we're making a wishlist, I'd love to see a spicy yuzu ramen like Afuri, or a gindara or uni ramen like Gonokami Suisan (which, sadly, I've only had the pleasure of reading about so far).

FOUND Clam Strips in Toronto

Diverting the thread ever so slightly - did anyone ever try the fried whole clams at Black Irish Whiskey & Oyster Bar?


ISO Great Tonkatsu

I need to revisit Tokyo Kitchen - could have sworn that they changed hands a few years ago, but it's true that their cooked dishes were always great, if not as cheap as Tokyo Grill.

ISO Great Tonkatsu

NP! I'm going to use the bulldog for making hambaagu at home this week...mmm...

ISO Great Tonkatsu

I like Tokyo Grill for tonkatsu. And you can get Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce at PAT Central in Koreatown.

Eater Toronto launch

Reading this list makes you wonder about the reliability of the other Eater sites...

Dr. Laffa needs to requalify

You're probably safe - but fair enough!

Most Overrated Restaurant in Toronto

Glad that you mentioned this, pp, because I gather it is their tasting menu that is winning, and deserving of, the accolades. Despite the casual atmosphere I think it is more useful to conceive of Chantecler as a fine dining experience rather than, say, upscale comfort food (which is what I was looking for when I went).

Most Overrated Restaurant in Toronto

I'll be a jerk and say Chantecler. It was more or less tasty but wasn't at all a good deal. That calamari app was the tiniest plate I've ever paid $10+ for and the lettuce wrap meat reminded me of the great hunks of boiled pork that you get in freebie Chinese soup. I am well aware that this is a minority opinion.

Zakkushi is open!

With regret, I also report that there was little char on my first visit so far, which was last week. It's kind of the only yakitori game downtown, though, so I will be going back.

Guu'd news - reservations + lunch

I've always thought so - in fact, I've never noticed any difference in quality between the two.

Karma Food Co-op

Thanks for the details, Emily - I will give this consideration.

Guu'd news - reservations + lunch

We went to the Bloor location last week and had the sukiyaki and chirashi. Both were delicious and nicely composed and presented. I go weak in the knees for yummy teishoku...

Karma Food Co-op

Oh dear (re: the cash register story)! Thanks, mbe.

Karma Food Co-op

It seems like a decision to join would have to be based more on principle (and wanting to help them out) and less about the cost and/or convenience factors. Thanks to both of you for the good points.

Karma Food Co-op

There is an article today in The Star about Karma Co-op's financial woes. I live reasonably close by and would consider joining, but does anyone know how the prices compare to those of Fiesta Farms?


Chinese near Spadina and Dundas for the uninitiated

E-Pan would be my suggestion. Their decor is neutral and classy and they have good food.

Schnitzel restaurants

I am in love with Chopin's sides and perogi.

Guy Fieri Spotted in Toronto

Another good sign is a reference to Flavortown. "That's right at the corner of Spicy and Sweet in Flavortown!!!", etc.

North York City Centre Asian food

There's an Asian Legend across from Empress Walk. Not sure if that counts.

JaBistro- wow

Aser, do you recall what fish you had on the $55 nigiri?