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Salade Nicoise?

Try the Shore Club next to the Ritz on Wellington west of Simcoe. I find their Nicoise to be good. Ask for extra egg, or anything you prefer an abundance of and they will oblige. But it's pricey.

about 13 hours ago
KitchenVoodoo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Itinerary critique & suggestions

I like Japango. I think it has improved lately. I'm no expert on sushi, but when I first experienced it in Toronto in the 70's it was the real deal, and that set the standard for me - Japango comes as close to my memory of Tom's basement Sushi place on Yonge near Wellesley as possible.
Anyone else remember that place? When sushi was still Japanese?

Debu Saha is back -- Biryani house at 365 King W.

All the Indian buffet joints on King were pretty vile when I worked in the area a few years ago, so I hope this will be an improvement. Any idea if he is using humanely raised poultry and meat?

St. Urbain bagels - available anywhere in the path?

Wondering if there is a café in the path that does the St. Urbain bagels from SLM, and serves them toasted with cream cheese?

7 Dim Sum Danforth

Liked it very much. Hot and sour soup had deep flavour and good heat, shrimp and pork dumplings were great, as were the scallion pancakes. Great addition to the neighbourhood.

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

I have tried it, it's a 2 minute walk from my house! To be fair it was a few months after they opened, with the exact same menu of their first place a couple of block east, (since closed due to a fire) which I had also tried. (I try and I try and I try....:)!!) I just found that everything seemed to taste the same, and what's billed as lamb is actually tough old goat which seems to be a thing in a lot of lower priced Indian restaurants.

Hidden gem brunch

Le Papillion on Eastern Ave, just west of Coxwell has all the usual brunch standards, plus their famous crepes, with friendly and efficient service, very nice room, no waiting and lots of parking. Not a trendy place, so no excruciating music to make your ears bleed. It's for people who want to relax. I would never line up for food, especially not for eggs!

Anyone been to Vindaloo in Scarborough?

Very curious to know if it's good, especially since I'm a fan of vindaloo the dish.

Anyone seen where Debu Saha is cooking lately?

Agree with estufarian - it's a race to the bottom on quality because everything is driven by low price menus. Amazing that in a city teeming with highly paid people (I know because I work with them) from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh - there are not loads of really good South Asian restaurants. Is Pukka the only one these days? 15 or so years ago there were several good places on the Little India strip but it is now completely mediocre - you are better off making your own at home.

Worst curries tasted in the GTA?!

It was probably goat, which is cheaper than lamb. Cheap Indian restaurants do this all the time - I guess they buy industrial quantities of frozen goat meat from who knows where and pass it off as lamb. I like lamb, have been eating it for 50 years, and I know the difference between lamb and goat. Submerging goat in a curry does not conceal what it is.

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

Little India restaurants seem to be on a race to the bottom - low prices and very low quality. I live in the area but have given up eating there, ever since the good places closed.


Me neither, it was on the list.... love Mexican food.

Best place for tacos in the east end?

Thanks - it is in Leslieville, right beside Table 17. Have to check it out, along with about a dozen other new places in Leslieville I haven't yet tried. Any Hounds up for a once a month dinner in Leslieville? It could take us over a year to complete!


So where now for decent and authentic Mexican food minus an erratic prima donna at the helm? Haven't been to Frida for a while, but I've noticed that their Mad Mexican retail products have become so bland as to be suitable for babyfood.

Anyone tried brunch at Geraldine?

Am wondering if there are long line ups - they don't take reservations for brunch and I loathe queuing up for food. How was the food you had?

Best place for tacos in the east end?

I haven't tried Gringo's in the Beaches - has anyone? Where else would you go for tacos - authentic Mexico City street vendor style east of the Don? Corn tortillas warmed, grilled meat, hot fresh salsa.

Maha-New Egyptian Sandwiches, Sides and Desserts on Greenwood near Gerrard

I pass by this place every Saturday and Sunday and it is always PACKED, with lineups at brunch time. Happy that they are doing so well, but even though it's walking distance from my house and the food is no doubt delicious, I will not line up for food, and slow service drives me crazy. Does anyone have an update on improvements in wait times for tables and service?

are there any good fish&chip places

Funny :) :)

Picko Lime Vietnamese Cuisine --- Vaughn Mills

I wish there was somewhere like the defunct Lalot on Bathurst - (chef's brother cooks at Monsoon in Seattle). Best Vietnamese food I've had since the defunct Kim's on Bloor West in the mid 80's.

Toronto restaurant for a large group

Let the Hounds know how things went, hope you have a successful dinner.

Toronto restaurant for a large group

The OP wanted places near the Fairmont, so Splendido on Harbord Street would mean a whole bunch of taxis.
I just remembered that Biff's on Front Street has a private room which I think would be big enough. And if oysters are something of interest they do "buck a shuck" from 5 p.m. until they run out. In the bar area that might be a good way to kick things off.

Toronto restaurant for a large group

Volos has a private dining room, I was there the other night and there was a group in it, I would say about 20 people? What's nice about that space is that although private, with its own door separating it from the rest of the place, that door and the walls flanking it are glass, so people in there don't feel closed in. But your group may not like that "fishbowl" feeling. Great food and service, nice place, civilised for grown ups. Take a look:
And it's walkable from the Fairmont.

Paralia (formerly Trinity Taverna) on the beach - still too loud/bad service?

Just went to Volos for dinner - LOVED it, and despite it being packed with diners (even in the bar area) my companions and I never had to raise our voices! Amazing. Food was great, and service was efficient and caring.

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

I like Fresh from the Farm, but a lot of their stuff is frozen, and so not great when you need something to cook right away.

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

I've been going to Stock & Trade since they opened - Danforth Ave just around the corner from the Greenwood TTC station. Their stuff is not labelled organic, but it is from good small producers, tastes amazing, and I am pretty happy with their pricing.

Recommended food at The Oxley?

How loud is the restaurant? I'm thinking of having a business dinner there on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, around 6p.m., and definitely do not want my companions to have to yell to be heard above blaring music or TVs or the curse of hard surfaces and a loud crowd.

Quiet place in Yorkville for early dinner?

Is the Oxley quiet? That would be my choice, not outrageously expensive, - I'm hosting a business dinner and need a quiet place with good food.

Deep pockets and love to see southern Ireland?

Alice Waters and other greats will be there

Jan 04, 2015
KitchenVoodoo in U.K./Ireland

$7.90 for cup of takeout soup!

Am I being overly frugal these days, or is $7.90 a fair price for a cup of takeout soup containing split peas, potatoes, a few bits of carrot, and bits of ham? None of those ingredients are expensive or rare. Nor was the soup billed as organic. And with respect to its taste, it was as forgettable as any old bowl of take out split pea soup. I queried the price, but the server was not able to explain how the prices are arrived at.
Perhaps this is just what people pay in that area (not my normal stomping ground). Epi bakery café on Bayview

Advice please: which McEwan establishment?

Only $20 for a burrata ball? When the store first opened it was $40+ ! I had visions of that little white ball being lovingly strapped in to its seat in the First Class cabin of the aircraft that brought it from Italy to Don Mills.

Why do they even bother with the fresh produce and household products in the rear of the store? You would need your head tested to be buying that stuff there, when you could save 50%+ by strolling over to Metro.