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Vietnamese spring rolls - the crab & pork version?

I think it was on a narrow side street, possibly a pedestrian zone? This would have been approx. 1981. Around the same time we had amazing authentic Szechuan food in Toronto, just like the amazing Vietnamese food in Montreal, but somehow both of those authentic cuisines disappeared and were replaced by watered down imitations - more sugar, more grease, more mystery meat, and sadly not a true "imperial roll" to be found anywhere!

about 16 hours ago
KitchenVoodoo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Vietnamese spring rolls - the crab & pork version?

My first introduction to Vietnamese food was at a wonderful place in Montreal, sadly long gone, - the "spring rolls" were amazing, real crab meat and pork, and as I later found out from reading Vietnamese cookbooks, very authentic. Does anyone know if any Vietnamese restaurant in the GTA serves this authentic version of spring rolls?

about 18 hours ago
KitchenVoodoo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

STK is coming to Yorkville

I just read the blurb about STK on the link you sent and I laughed until I couldn't cry any more.
You'd have to handcuff me and cattle prod me into a joint like that.
A DJ? - at "dinner"? Or am I mistaken, and they require gentlemen to wear a Dinner Jacket? In which case, I take it all back.
Although the clumsy text of the PR blurb - possibly from some far off land - may suggest otherwise. Just a hazy guess.

Gluten free vegetarian options - downtown

Hope this isn't too late but any of the Fresh restaurants should fit the bill. They do tend to be loud because of the concrete floors and zero soft fabrics to soak up all the noise from all those loud vegans ;) but the Spadina location has a tiny outdoor patio, the Queen West has a much bigger one and also the Eglinton East. That's your best bet if you want to actually converse with your dining companions. Expansive menu, fresh juices, wine, not haute cuisine by any means but a big and inventive step up from hippy food. I recommend the Power Bowl with brown rice and extra tahini dressing.

TIFF-Vegan options

You can't go wrong with any of the 4 locations of Fresh.
Really great fresh vegan options, all day and all night long, I strongly recommend their Power Bowel on brown rice. Get extra tahini dressing, and consider adding on things such as edamame beads and crispy onions. You won't regret it!

Pukka - Indian at Bathurst/St. Clair

So where would your Friends/family from Madras prefer to eat? I'm curious because I love Madras food.

Good Sushi at Bay/Dundas: Think Cafe Michi Chirashi...

I passed by tonight (Weds) at 7p. and again at 9p.m. and the place was packed. Can anyone compare it with Japango around the corner which was always my go to place?

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

8 of us tried lunch today - no complaints, but no "wow I would walk over hot coals to eat this dish again"
service was efficient, iced water kept coming.
I would recommend the minced lamb kebab - lots of seasonings from the Middle East but not fatty at all, and not "hot" for those of you who prefer to keep you tongue intact.

Entertaining out of town foodies - but they want a "casual" place for dinner!

I'm a bit stumped - any suggestions? They will be cranky if the food is not up to their expectations, yet they don't want to go to a place that has tablecloths (you know what I mean).
Anywhere casual on Ossington or College perhaps - that is not deafeningly loud?

Il Ponte Cucina Italiana?

I went with a guest from Vancouver - must have been last March or so - I was very impressed by the superb hospitality and service, and the food was good - but would I go back? - I don't think so. Just wasn't one of those places that springs to mind when I get a "taste memory".

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

Does anyone know who is cooking there these days? I'm taking a group to lunch next Sunday and the menu seems pretty uninspiring - two apps one of which is FRIES??? - has anyone tried this menu?
Last time I went (January?) it was a much broader ranging menu, but very hit and miss in execution - the refrigerator cold bread was the first sign of lack of care.

David Lee-new Nota Bene?

Bumping this thread because I'll be dining there a couple of nights from now, not to take advantage of Summerlicious pricing, just because I would like a Vancouver guest to enjoy this place.
What exactly is the "dirty burger"? Would like to know in advance. Not the "Jennifer burger" which has been retired from the menu.

Old School

I won't be back either - tried it, lacklustre food and service - who needs it?

Eulalie's Corner Store, Gerrard and Coxwell

My Indian boyfriend and I used to go there all the time - it was called the Dosa Hut - the Dosas were excellent - have never had a better one since they closed down. Anyone know if they have a new location?


Thanks JennaBean - what did you like from the chalkboard menu?


Anyone been lately? Very curious.

Anyone know what's going on with Sushi Marche in Leslieville?

Never liked it - tried it many times but execution was clumsy - fish and rice pieces too big and thick. Much prefer Sushi on Gerrard - you can get raw shrimp there.

Ossignton - what are your favourites?

Had a reason to be on Ossington on Friday and ran in to Golden Turtle because of a downpour - enjoyed their pork spring rolls and "rare" (actually very well cooked) Pho - flavour was good. It's been years since I lived in that neighbourhood and the street is now full of restaurants I'd like to explore.
First thought - Union's website - it's all about them - menu says steak is served medium rare, so I guess if you prefer it a different way, too bad. There's no splitting the bill either, so all that hassle is passed on to the customer. So I'll take my hefty dining out budget somewhere else that doesn't treat customers with such contempt. What ever happened to the idea that a restaurateur's first and foremost task is to offer hospitality, as in "what can I do to make this memorable for you?"
Which places are good - but not loud. Or is that an impossibility on Ossington? I saw some good reviews of Mamakas in earlier posts.

Le Paradis

Any update on this place? Haven't been for many years because it seemed to be pretty dirty, walls and floors were on the cusp of squalor, and service was disjointed and uncaring, and I received something like Uncle Ben's instant rice with my main because they had run out of potatoes.

Salade Nicoise?

Try the Shore Club next to the Ritz on Wellington west of Simcoe. I find their Nicoise to be good. Ask for extra egg, or anything you prefer an abundance of and they will oblige. But it's pricey.

Itinerary critique & suggestions

I like Japango. I think it has improved lately. I'm no expert on sushi, but when I first experienced it in Toronto in the 70's it was the real deal, and that set the standard for me - Japango comes as close to my memory of Tom's basement Sushi place on Yonge near Wellesley as possible.
Anyone else remember that place? When sushi was still Japanese?

Debu Saha is back -- Biryani house at 365 King W.

All the Indian buffet joints on King were pretty vile when I worked in the area a few years ago, so I hope this will be an improvement. Any idea if he is using humanely raised poultry and meat?

St. Urbain bagels - available anywhere in the path?

Wondering if there is a café in the path that does the St. Urbain bagels from SLM, and serves them toasted with cream cheese?

7 Dim Sum Danforth

Liked it very much. Hot and sour soup had deep flavour and good heat, shrimp and pork dumplings were great, as were the scallion pancakes. Great addition to the neighbourhood.

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

I have tried it, it's a 2 minute walk from my house! To be fair it was a few months after they opened, with the exact same menu of their first place a couple of block east, (since closed due to a fire) which I had also tried. (I try and I try and I try....:)!!) I just found that everything seemed to taste the same, and what's billed as lamb is actually tough old goat which seems to be a thing in a lot of lower priced Indian restaurants.

Hidden gem brunch

Le Papillion on Eastern Ave, just west of Coxwell has all the usual brunch standards, plus their famous crepes, with friendly and efficient service, very nice room, no waiting and lots of parking. Not a trendy place, so no excruciating music to make your ears bleed. It's for people who want to relax. I would never line up for food, especially not for eggs!

Anyone been to Vindaloo in Scarborough?
Very curious to know if it's good, especially since I'm a fan of vindaloo the dish.

Anyone seen where Debu Saha is cooking lately?

Agree with estufarian - it's a race to the bottom on quality because everything is driven by low price menus. Amazing that in a city teeming with highly paid people (I know because I work with them) from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh - there are not loads of really good South Asian restaurants. Is Pukka the only one these days? 15 or so years ago there were several good places on the Little India strip but it is now completely mediocre - you are better off making your own at home.

Worst curries tasted in the GTA?!

It was probably goat, which is cheaper than lamb. Cheap Indian restaurants do this all the time - I guess they buy industrial quantities of frozen goat meat from who knows where and pass it off as lamb. I like lamb, have been eating it for 50 years, and I know the difference between lamb and goat. Submerging goat in a curry does not conceal what it is.

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

Little India restaurants seem to be on a race to the bottom - low prices and very low quality. I live in the area but have given up eating there, ever since the good places closed.