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What are the best Riverside/Leslieville restos open for lunch?

I recommend Tabule, and also Bonjour Brioche next door, and County General. I don't recommend Joy Bistro or Prohibition.

Please review my agenda. Thank you!

How about lunch at Osgood Hall? - an amazing room and excellent food. Best to call ahead for a table. And because it's in a court building, be aware that you have to pass through a metal detector and possibly be frisked. Well worth it for the sublime lunch and, professional service!

Sher-e-Punjab on Danforth - anyone?

Got it! Thanks everyone, I got all your e-mails, what a wonderful community effort to try one beloved yet forgotten restaurant! I'll be in touch tomorrow via e-mail to try and nail down a date and time that suits all of us - really don't want anyone to miss out.

Please review my agenda. Thank you!

For either Friday or Saturday lunch why not do a food crawl of the Chinatown/Kensington Market area? This will give you a feel for what's happening in Toronto beyond the air conditioned experience of Canoe (which I endorse for lunch - but only if the skies are clear) and the ear drum demolition job of places like Grand Electric. http://www.kensington-market.ca/Defau...

Start at lunch time with Dim Sum at Rol San on Spadina Avenue, http://phenu.com/rolsan for a couple of baskets of dim sum. I recommend the old familiar Har Gau and Shiu Mai - but plunge in to more adventurous parts of the menu if you're bored by the "safe" stuff. (It's a busy place, so if you're alone you may be seated at a communal table - good way to meet fellow travellers
)Then cross the street and head to Seven Lives on Kensington Avenue http://www.yelp.ca/biz/seven-lives-ta... for tacos - take your food to Belleview Square if it's a fine day.
Interesting park, you'll see an old synagogue almost next door to a big time warped dusty haberdashery Portuguese haberdashery shop http://www.yelp.ca/biz/sasmart-smart-...
– that place sells everything from plastic tablecloths to Emile Henry fondue sets – the sheer randomness of the place is its chief attraction.

Follow on with a visit to the Columbian Arepa stall on Augusta Ave - where you'll also find a place selling freshly made Churros if you're in the mood for a Mexican style sweet. Next door to that is a place selling Brazilian street snacks.

For sweet treats also on Augusta there is a Gelato place and Wanda's Pie place, and my favourite - especially for their coffee - a Hungarian creperie. http://www.yelp.ca/biz/krepesz-toront...

As you wander around the market you'll pass some bars with patios where you can sample local brews.
And if you have any strength or money left, end your excursion by going to Toritos for tapas and sherry and Spanish wine!

One of your picks was Porcetta & Co. - I concur, and they are not far from Kensington, but it's really a take out place. Their pork crackling is other worldly....

Enjoy your trip!

Sher-e-Punjab on Danforth - anyone?

Good idea - you can e-mail me at ger.maguire@gmail.com
So far I think we have 4 interested participants:

What I would suggest is if each interested person can pick three evenings that would suit them, in the second week of October, I can hopefully find a concordance, and then go from there to make a reservation. Also PLEASE let me know what time would suit you best.

This should be a very interesting venture - I believe I read somewhere that they are using organic meats as much as possible.

Sher-e-Punjab on Danforth - anyone?

OK, let's do a weekday evening, is Thursday 9th October good with everyone? I'm pretty sure that the restaurant isn't open for lunch on any day.
I'm just throwing 9th October out there to give people time to organise, but I would be available on any Thursday evening.

Sher-e-Punjab on Danforth - anyone?

Can I suggest we meet up for dinner at Sher-e-Punjab at 6p.m. on Saturday 4th October?
So far I think those interested are me, foodyDudey, and warlock. I'll make a reservation, others are welcome, I suggest we agree in advance to pay in cash, and split the tab evenly amongst us. The tip amount we can decide after we've eaten.

Sher-e-Punjab on Danforth - anyone?

I would certainly be up for that! Thanks for organizing.

WTF is up with the noise level in Toronto restaurants?

Is the Ministry of Labour really responsive to complaints about loud music in restaurants? I would definitely submit a complaint. The 20 year old who serves me may, when she grows old, deeply regret all her tattoos, but she chose to do that to herself. She didn't choose to become deaf in her workplace.

WTF is up with the noise level in Toronto restaurants?

If I follow your train of thought, I agree that confident restaurateurs in New York command a sophisticated dining room, and that those quiet dining rooms are a complete delight. It's an experience that leaves an indelible impression. Very expensive, but so VERY civilized. Jean George at Trump International in NYC was perhaps my best ever lunch. No background noise whatsoever, just the bustling of the waiters, and the hushed conversations. Perfect ambience, sunlight pouring in, giant vases of Forsythia, glorious food. Hospitality at its best.
What I find so OFFENSIVE about loud restaurants in Toronto is that they don't understand how INHOSPITABLE they are. And how demonstrably irresponsible the are towards they aural health of their staff and patrons.
Think about it.....

Jerusalem on Eglinton West

Their baba ganouj is - in my opinion - the best in the city.

Sher-e-Punjab on Danforth - anyone?

I suggest that we get together and eat there - perhaps we could persuade them to do a pork vindaloo? Warlock, FoodyDudey, what are your thoughts?

Sher-e-Punjab on Danforth - anyone?

Last time I ate there was over 30 years ago, and I really enjoyed it. Family cooked spicy food, including taboo items such as pork vindaloo, the pilaou rice was great, wondering what it's like these days....

WTF is up with the noise level in Toronto restaurants?

That is a sad experience PS - I keep harping on about loudness in Toronto restaurants because I have first hand experience of people with hearing loss who dread a night out in a noisy restaurant.
I am lucky to be able to spend time in Europe every year, and it's remarkable how the only ambient sound in French and Italian restaurants is the happy burble of relaxed conversation. So civilized. No bawling barbarians shovelling down tacos and tequila shots.
Why can dinner be so delightful over there, and yet such a nightmare in Toronto?

Paralia (formerly Trinity Taverna) on the beach - still too loud/bad service?

I'll go to a place with good food, good service, low level music. And I will tip very well.
Too much to ask??

Paralia (formerly Trinity Taverna) on the beach - still too loud/bad service?

Sorry I missed your post - no, we didn't go because our plans changed. Let us know how your experience was. I was walking past one sunny afternoon and it seemed quite empty. I hated seeing a giant TV suspended over the patio area. Do the owners think we are all morons who need to be drip fed infotainment and televised sports 24/7 to inoculate us against thinking for ourselves, and hey, having some conversations about meaningful things.

ISO Chianina beef

Bring it on! I would (for patriotic reasons) put my money on Irish Lamb to beat out all comers!

Danforth Pizza House for sale

Probably off topic, but do you use ready to go pizza dough from someplace like Jerry's Supermarket, or make your own?

New bar Danforth bar/restaurant Local 1794??

Anyone know what "The Borough" is going to be? It's a few doors west of Jerry's Supermarket, on Danforth between Coxwell and Greenwood. Looks like it might be another Wren/Morgans style place.

Where are you still eating that you were 20 years ago and is still good?

Jacques Bistro in Yorkville

All my other big faves are gone....

Indian Food SOS

Try Savera, on St. Clair West, opposite Pukka, great service, family run, warm and welcoming, I have always enjoyed their food (and I live in Little India and disdain all of the restaurants there) - with some notice Savers could accommodate a group. It's not a huge place but they are very obliging. Would be less expensive than Pukka, but also less "trendy" or adventurous, if that matters. Generous portions, we always leave stuffed! If you like prawns, get the southern Indian prawn dish.

Goodbye to The Coffee Mill

Very sad, an iconoclastic outpost in that part of town, lovely warm service, reasonably priced comfort food. And OK, the mashed potatoes were gluey, and the schnitzels overcooked, but it was a refuge.

ISO Chianina beef

Next time you are in Ireland you must try the lamb, and the beef, - I am biased, having grown up eating these grass fed drug free animals. I don't think the meat can be legally imported into Canada.

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

You must have been there soon after my last visit - I hoarded my gift certificate for dinner for 2 never imagining that my beloved Fenton's would go so drastically downhill compared to so many magical romantic delicious dinners we enjoyed there before. Sadly, everything that night was off, the magic was gone.

ISO Chianina beef

Why, yes, I AM living inside your brain, and love that you're not charging me rent! But why is it so damp in here? :) Seriously, my interest in Chianina beef is because my Godson was about to visit me and loves Italian food, and I know this would be something he'd never be able to find where he lives (Bermuda). And I've seen it grilled on many TV food shows - not sure I'd like it as blue as they do, but it did seem like some culinary wonder of the world - all the better for having no fuss involved in cooking it. Although I'm sure that a wood fired BBQ would be icing on the cake. Friends of mine spent an earth quaking amount of money on a prime rib from the Healthy Butcher last Christmas, very tasty. Please report back from your vacation and let us know if find the holy grail of steak Florentine!

Predicting restaurant prices from menu wording?

Thought provoking article:

BERO has closed

Charles - what was that? The scene at the prep station, or your actual meal?
And yes, you are right, we "have to be less critical and try to take things less seriously".
Food is just food. Pompous cooks are ridiculous, and when they make pompous statements they open themselves up to ridicule.

ISO Chianina beef

Traditionally used for Florentine steak, is it available here? If not, what would you ask your butcher for if you planned to cook a great BBQ Florentine steak. Big T bone? Big porterhouse?

BERO has closed

Is this the video where he says that he waits for his wife to go to the gym so that he can incinerate her "literature" to make room for his cookbooks...? I realise he's trying to be "witty", but, ....oh I give up. who cares.

BERO has closed

I hear you about the tweezers and the "canvas" - which might be tree bark foam and emulsified laundry lint or whatever edible art is these days.
I realize that I am not the customer for him, he has plenty of fans. I just don't want to pay for pretension on a plate, and I don't want to feel as though I have to worship the cook while I eat tweezed out food droppings. I just want to be fed attitude free great food.