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Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

There is a new Pho place that took over the Azian Cuisine place at Taunton and Salem. I believe it's called Pho Metro (although the Azian signs are still up). Has anyone given it a shot?

in the same Plaza is a little place called Tikka Boulevard, I have eaten from there a few times. Not the biggest selection and I am pretty sure they use pre-made naan, but, the people that run it are super friendly and the food is a decent value and pretty darned good.

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

My wife and I went to KB a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed ourselves. The arancini appetizer was great, I had a steak that was unfortunately a little tough (the flavour was great) the side was some delicious scalloped potatoes. My wife had a braised chicken dish. I thought about a marrow app they had but couldn't bring myself to try it. I saw it at the table next to us and overheard the waiter say they are experimenting with it... Glad I wasn't a guinea pig (on my dime). The flourless chocolate cake I had for dessert was very nice. I will go back.

As an aside, Sushi Mountain in Ajax has updated their AYCE menu, added some dishes and have updated the sizing of their special rolls. Where you used to get 6 pieces filled with rice, they now serve 4 pieces with more fish. There are still many with tempura bits and spicy mayo, I kinda like 'em. I have only been for lunch so I can't say what has been updated for dinner.

Good Coffee and dessert in East Scarborough or Pickering?

A late reply but Lamanna's at Port Union and Kingston Road. It's always packed but thankfully they are expanding.


I have always been a fan of the cheddar muffin, as long as they were fresh. The chocolate chip was a close second. I don't mall shop enough, haven't had a Mmmmmmuffin in years.

Schnitzel restaurants

Little Bavaria is good, the restaurant is tight however, it feels like you're crammed in, at least that's how I felt the couple of times I've been.

More cafeteria-esque is the Blue Danube at Ellesmere and McCowan. Sides are very ordinary, the schnitzel is good.

RIP Burbs Bistro in Pickering, Hello KB in Whitby

My wife really liked the Burbs, good to hear the chef has moved closer to our house. We look forward to checking it out. Thanks for the heads up!

Looking for enchilada sauce and corn tortillas

I have seen both green and red enchilada sauce by La Victoria and corn tortillas at different No Frills locations in east Scarborough. When I saw the tortillas they were refrigerated in the deli section. I think Dempsters makes a corn tortilla well but can't remember where I picked them up. They were with the rest of the tortillas.

Chowfind: Al Tanoor Lawrece East -Shawarma

I stopped by Al Tanoor just before 11am, the only time I've been. They were still setting up but were happy to serve me. The sammoun was still warm, it was crisp and held up well. It's almost like a thin crusty French or Italian roll.

I think I'd rank it just behind Shawarma Empire but ahead of Ibrahim's or Nasib which I usually rank 2nd and 3rd as options if SE is closed.

I find Ibrahim's quite salty and fatty, Nasib's a little bland. They are all solid choices though.

A couple of shots of a chicken and a beef:

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Mancini's Cafe and Eatery - 223 Brock St N. A little confused with their identity. Looks nice inside, some sad looking 1/2 full display cases featuring a mishmash of cakes by the slice, muffins and pastries.

I have tried their veal sandwiches twice, the veal is dwarfed by the breading, however, it's a tasty sandwich, I really like their tomato sauce. I hate how Italian sandwich places nickle and dime you for every topping, $1 for cheese, $0.90 for peppers and mushrooms, and $0.50 for sauteed onions....

The Zen Hakka and Thai Cuisine - It's in the old Thai Wok N' Roll location at Baldwin & Broadleaf. Had a coupl eof lunch specials, the Bombay chicken was tasty as well as their chicken pakoras. The Cashew chicken left something to be desired. I was told the chef specializes in Hakka (apparently he owns Brampton Dragon). I would go back to try some more of the Hakka offerings but would avoid the Thai. It's nice to see another option than the Tangerine in the area.!home/mainPage

New Five Guys Burgers Location coming soon!

I ate at the Stevenson location a few weeks ago and thought it was good, my burger wasn't dry, in fact it was pretty messy overall. I did really enjoy the fries. I think it's a little overpriced, not terrible. It seems they need to work on consistency. 5 Guys is not mind blowing, there are worse out there. Big Boys, and Pete's Big Bite have that pretty much nailed in Durham.

New Five Guys Burgers Location coming soon!

I have been seeing a sign for a Five Guys opening at Taunton and Harmony in Oshawa for probably two years. I still don't think it's even started.

Since I saw that sign, they have built locations at Stevenson and the 401 in Oshawa, and Harwood and Highway 2 in Ajax.

ISO Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven

My mom had one years ago, it made wonderful chickens and turkeys. I loved it and used it weekly. Sadly it wasn't built for the long haul. First the control knob split and broke off due to plastic fatigue. I still used it by turning it on by using a butter knife. Then one side of the door hinges broke off from fatigue and repeated heating and cooling of the plastic. I used it by sliding a spatula under the broken hinge side of the door to keep it in place. Finally the other side broke off and I had to pitch it. We got a couple of years of use and many chickens and turkeys out of it.

The benefit was you got crisp flavorful skin all the way around the bird and moist meat every time.

ISO inexpensive sliced deli meats and cheese in TO

Maybe the Brandt Meats factory store in Mississauga?

European Meats has some inexpensive lunch meats, Starsky, even Highland Farms. Larger European style delis will suit your needs. I think most will carry Brandt products anyway..... Maybe they will cut you a deal for a bulk order, there's no harm in asking.

For sub buns I'd suggest Toronto Bread, there's another outlet in Scarborough but it's name escapes me.

IMO, most supermarkets will not offer a cost effective solution.

Toronto’s Best Butter Tarts Aren’t in Toronto

I drive by it all the time on the way to the cottage and was looking to see what people had said about it. Up popped the video in my search. It must be obscure if it had only 145 views....

Little Britain is about 10-15 minutes southwest of Lindsay. If you blink you'll miss it and another fave, The Spudster. Both on opposite sides of the town's only stoplight.

Toronto’s Best Butter Tarts Aren’t in Toronto

Buttertarts N More in Little Britain

Making "homemade" poutine

Why not make fries from scratch and buy a poutine gravy if you're in a pinch. I have seen it at Dollarama of all places, a product from Quebec. If you have a fryer, you can get by with a single fry on some Russett spuds. I prefer Empire cheese curds over all else available commercially.

Burritos in Scarborough

I don't mind the rice, it's been surprisingly well cooked the times I've been. I just think it sort of overwhelms, I like it, just not that much.... I do enjoy their guacamole and the burrito sauce. Not sure of it's authenticity as this is my only time experiencing burrito sauce.

Burritos in Scarborough

I'd tend to agree with your assessment. A Mucho outlet recently opened in north Whitby and I've tried it a couple of times. I enjoyed a bite of my wife's chicken, found the steak a tad salty and the shredded beef a little under seasoned. Mine have always been loaded with rice, I should tell them to go easy next time. I don't order the beans. Overall I have enjoyed them, they aren't mind blowing and they are a little expensive. If you happen to find a coupon for them, it greatly improves the value.

Goody's Diner Update, August 29, 2012

Just saw their Facebook page, they are closing Goody's to concentrate on Noble Catering.

"A huge thank you to all our valued customers at Goody’s Diner – your patronage was greatly appreciated. It was great getting to know many fabulous people and we’re glad you enjoyed Goody’s so much!

We certainly appreciate everyone’s well wishes and concern. Unfortunately we have had to make a very difficult decision & Goody’s Diner is closed due to very high operating and product costs. Many of you know we operate two businesses – Noble Culinary and Goody’s. It’s become too much to operate both business and we will continue only with Noble Culinary.

The Goody’s team had a lot of fun and truly enjoyed serving everyone!

All this being said, Chef says ‘never say never’…"

"East Coast" Style Donairs in Toronto?

Thanks for the tip! Down East Donairs is at 23 Bond St in Oshawa. 905-728-3030


A link to a CH post about the place:


Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

They had their soft opening today according to Facebook. I had seen some You Tube updates via their Facebook Page as well. I had no I dea it was right next to the Patty Shack until I stopped in for a burger last Friday.

If you like shawarma, the best place I've found in Durham is Cyrus on Ritson just north of the 401. I'd say it rivals Shawarma Empire in Scarborough, more expensive however. They have some dinner plates I have been dying to try. Parking is pretty bad, the lot is behind the restaurant (a converted house) and is tiny. If you have a larger vehicle, you'd be better off parking across the street.

Oshawa/Durham Restaurant for Special Occasion

I too would recommend Burbs in Pickering. It's on the small side but I have seen larger groups in around Christmas time... I have enjoyed it both times I've been.

My only experience with Port was far less than stellar. They could not make a simple caesar cocktail, and my dinner was overpriced, underseasoned, luke warm and served with unripe vegetables in my salad.

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

I've always preferred the Ajax location of Sushi Mountain, the pieces are massive and admittedly a lot of rice... I've just preferred the flavour there a little more.

Recently I've tended to go to Makimono in Ajax, the Pickering one although remodelled, isn't quite the same.....

I would say to stay away from Tatemono, the new one in the AMC plaza on Consumers, as both times I went I ended up with gastrointestinal issues. This has never been a problem with any other sushi place....

I have yet to try Kobo, but will soon, I haven't had sushi since my last bout of the Tatemonos at Christmas time. ;)

Thanks for the input on the Pattly Shack folks! I have a couple of WagJags burning a hole in my pocket...

NEW Best Pizza in Toronto Thread

Agreed, Pizza Pino for a heavily topped, thuck crust pizza.

Have to give a thumbs up for Fratelli Village Pizzeria and Calabria Bakery (haven't been here in a couple of years though) in Scarborough for thin crust wood oven pizza.

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Has anyone tried the Patty Shack in Oshawa? The pics from it's site intrigue me, they recently had a WagJag ($20 dollars of food for $10) so I bit the bullet on a couple.....

Pig Out BBQ in Pickering

Just noticed this place today as well. Not too sure about who's behind it, or what the menu will look like. I'm assuming rent won't be cheap....


They used to have a spicy beef dish on their lunch special menu I really enjoyed, I usually get the Mee Hoon Goreng, my wife loves the Cashew Chicken. I also really enjoy their Thai chicken wings, I've had them a couple of times, I preferred the hot version over the mild. I also like their squid appetizer and the fried banana dessert.

Scarborough Gems

I wouldn't say they suck, but, they are trying to franchise and have outsourced the production of their hamburgers. I am not sure of the other items on their menu as I haven't tried any of the new offerings.

The burgers still have the same taste but seem smaller than the burgers of old unless you go for one of the bigger offerings. They used to have a prefab steakette like Johnny's or the house made homeburger. Now I believe they have three different sized burger patties and no longer offer the steakette type of patty.

Long ago they ditched their great house cut fries and went to frozen, their burgers are still tasty (if you like a spiced burger patty) and their rings are still great (although greasy).

I still think the flavour and quality is there, they haven't gone down the tubes, saying they suck it a bit far. I bought a few $10 for $5 WagJag coupons from them a while back and have been going to their Scarborough location regularly this past summer. While the burger patties are now formed, they still serve a great burger IMO.

Scarborough Gems

I think all of Shamrock's burgers are 'homeburgers'. They are now outsourced as they are trying to franchise. You can even buy a box of their patties to make at home. They are nice and beefy though, not the 'steakette' type patty you find at most burger joints (before moving up to a 'homeburger').

To me they have what I affectionately call a 'Greek Burger' spicing to them, similar to operations that were started by Greek proprietors. I believe the Real McCoy, Shake Rabble & Roll, Shamrock all have a similar spicing. Shamrock's are, and always have been more heavily spiced, with at the very least, pepper, onion, possibly oregano and other spices. They should be able to provide an ingredient list if they are brought in from a supplier.

I guess it's a matter of preference. I think they are great, I've been eating there since the late 80's and have not noted a drop in quality. In that time, they have switched bread suppliers from Toronto Bread to B&A and it's a shame they moved from home cut fries to pre-fab, they used to have amazing house cut fries as well as their oh-so-artery-cloggingly-good rings.

best burgers in T.O.

Think of a bigger Harvey's burger and you've got Big Boy. Full of filler and gets the overcooked bready crust on the outside to boot. I ate there once, their fries were terrible as well. They tasted like they'd been par-cooked then sat for a few days before final frying.

I will admit they look impressive, the proof is in the taste/texture.

Hooter1, have you seen them prepare a burger there? Mine was pulled par-cooked from a stainless steel tray and finished on the grill. To make matters worse, the cook then broke the patty in half to make sure it was cooked through. Maybe I should have complimented them on giving me two burger patties for the price of one!

Try, Starr Burger, Shamrock, Shake Rabble and Roll, all in the Durham region. They are all superior. Next up I feel you'll tell me Pete's Big Bite is the second best burger joint in Durham.