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Jersey City Eats?

I live one block up from Harborside Financial, and I've found the area to be loaded with good restaurants. The best sushi I've ever had is at Honshu, on the corner of Montgomery and Greene. Hugely popular at lunch, and far superior to Komegashi (IMO). There's fine Italian in an elegant setting with great service at Porto Leggero. In the lovely Paulus Hook section of town, which begins only two blocks from Exchange Place, there is down-home Italian at Prestos, Amelia's for salads, burgers, etc, Bistro Le Source for French and The Lighthorse Tavern, which should not be missed for its beautiful setting (food and service quite good too). A slightly longer walk will bring you to Grove Street, with Marco & Pepe, the Merchant, Bar Majestic, More (Thai), etc. Plenty of good choices!

Jan 13, 2010
kcscout in New Jersey

Need restaurant for bday party in Hoboken

The Iron Monkey in Jersey City has upped its menu considerably. They have a fabulous roofdeck, but you should check if it's mostly drinkers on a Saturday night on the roof or if they'll serve food.

Les Halles: a review

The steak au poivre is the best I've ever had anywhere. And the moules are terrific.

Jul 23, 2008
kcscout in Manhattan

Artisanal Restaurant Week - Salmon or Steak Frites?

Going to Artisanal tonight, for the first time. I'm usually a huge fan of steak frites (my favorite dish is the steak au poivre at Les Halles). But I'm considering the moroccan salmon special tonight, which sounds interesting. So here's my question -- is the moroccan salmon really terrific at Artisanal, such that I should forego the steak frites?

Jul 23, 2008
kcscout in Manhattan

Graduation Dinner

Looking for a special dinner on a Sunday evening after graduation, in Somerville, Cambridge or Boston. Excellent food and atmosphere desired, but not overly formal as I would imagine L'espalier or Aujourd'hui to be. We liked EVOO, but they're closed on Sundays, as is No.9 Park. What's your top picks for an evening like that?

May 15, 2007
kcscout in Greater Boston Area

Dinner in Somerville or Cambridge for Parents Weekend

We've been to Gargoyles several times and really enjoyed it. And we got the original recommendation from Chowhound! But we thought we might try a different restaurant. (Our son eats out Indian and Thai regularly, so not that, and we're from the NYC area, so we don't need an Italian restaurant.) Should we go with EVOO or The Blue Room this time? Any other suggestions?

Oct 05, 2006
kcscout in Greater Boston Area