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Columbia MO Bleu

Our colleague Show Me Eats posted a nice review of Bleu recently:

I haven't been there yet but I am really looking forward to it. They don't yet have a website - or much of a web presence at all, really, that I could uncover.

Columbia MO Bleu

Does anyone know the status of the anticipated restaurant BLEU, located near (or in?) the Tiger Hotel downtown? I don't think it has opened yet.

It is my understanding that the owners were trudging through the bureaucratic morass that accompanies opening a new restaurant, but that was a while ago.

Columbia, MO, Restaurant Closes

Village Wine and Cheese has closed.

This is a shame and is merely the latest in a series of downtown Columbia restaurants recently closing their doors (e.g. Trattoria, Classy's). In the above referenced Tribune article Ms. Fluesmeier nevertheless expresses optimism regarding the downtown restaurant landscape, as does this piece recently published in the Missourian:

Columbia is a great dining town and hopefully we will see some great new restaurants opening in the near future.

Great Mexican food in Columbia, MO

I can weigh in on El Rodeo - I have eaten there twice (though trustworthy folks have been recommending it to me for a while). The first time was lunch for a couple carne asada tacos, really excellent. The second time was for dinner. I was kind of excited about the mole, but it was a little peculiar. Almost like Hershey's syrup, no real complexity.

This may, of course, have been an off night...and I will definitely go back. I echo my fellow hounds' fondness for the SPICY salsa. The salsas and tortillas and chorizo all sing their siren song of scrumptiosity a la Mexicana.

Round up of Restaurants in Columbia, MO

I dined at Jina Yoo's twice in the first few weeks they were open and was impressed. The menu skewed Korean, with short ribs, bulgogi, bibimbap and so forth (but had other things as well). Everything I had there was very tasty but the dinner menu was somewhat limited. I spoke with the owner and she said they were still fine tuning their menu, and this was a month or two ago. I definitely look forward to going back.

I like the sound of Simma Down.

Round up of Restaurants in Columbia, MO

Yes, Cherry Hill Brasserie, Trattoria, and Classy's have all closed in recent months. All were great at one time. This begs the question: Are there new restaurants opening to fill this gap? It is my understanding that there will be another restaurant opening in Trattoria's old location but I am not sure about this.

What are some good restaurants which have opened in recent months? And are there any interesting sounding places which will be opening in the near future?

Celebratory dinner in Columbia, MO?

I believe the Cherry Hill Brasserie has quietly closed its doors for good, which is a shame, it was a nice spot. That being said, the other 3 restaurants you mention - Sophia's, Sycamore, and Cherry Street - are all excellent. Sycamore in particular stresses local and seasonal ingredients in its menu.

One consideration might be location - Sycamore and Cherry St are both downtown and Sophia's is further south (but still only a brief drive).

Columbia, Missouri?

Wow, this thread spans 5 years! Several restaurants have come and gone, but recent posts from my fellow Hounds sketch the current restaurant landscape pretty well.

Recent dining experience has left me unimpressed with Bangkok Gardens. And while Trattoria used to be near the top of my list of favorite restaurants, most people I know agree that the quality started sliding a year (or more) ago. Sycamore is definitely worth a visit when downtown though, as are Addison's and Classy's.

One spot I have not seen mentioned is the Cherry Hill Brasserie, a bit of a drive from downtown but worth it. They specialize in steaks and do a bang-up job on them. The last steak I had there was among the best I have had here in CoMo.

Q's in Columbia, MO

Has anyone been to Q's in Columbia? I don't know anything about it but it was recommended to me recently and the menu looks interesting.

Shake-up at Shakespeare's in Columbia MO?

A while back somebody mentioned that there had been a change in the management at Shakespeare's Pizza. Is there any follow-up information to this story? (I ate at Shake's recently and the pie was fantastic as usual...)

Round up of Restaurants in Columbia, MO

Don't know McKenzie's but that reminds me - does anyone know anything about Churchill's? I've only known one person who has dined there and he says it is excellent.

Round up of Restaurants in Columbia, MO

Oh man, I was just wondering if there is any place around here to get some fried catfish and here are two recs! I have never heard of either Catfish Corner or Bullpen but I will investigate.

Oh, and Cherry Hill Brasserie gets a thumbs-up from me, too.

Round up of Restaurants in Columbia, MO

There are several excellent restaurants in CoMo, many of which have been discussed in a couple recent threads.

Downtown is a veritable smorgasbord. There is the excellent Sycamore -- their braised short ribs is one of the most luscious (and one of my favorite) Columbia dishes. Classy's is delicious and not very well known - if you can make it to the "early bird special" it is (or perhaps was, by now) only $7.95 and a bargain at twice the price. The Bistro and Wine Bar (is this the right name? used to be Cherry Street Wine Cellar) is great. Somewhat more casual but also worth trying are Addison's and Teller's. Go to Teller's bar late some weekend night and have a martini and eavesdrop on some almost certainly ridiculous conversations. Trattoria used to be excellent but by all accounts has been on a downward slide recently; the bar can be nice on weekends though, and usually not as jam-packed as its neighbor Teller's. Without a doubt acquaint yourself with Shakespeare's Pizza for some of the best pizza you have ever encountered. And don't forget about Booche's and its addictive (and adorable) little burgers.

Away from downtown - I just had lunch at Sophia's which is always great. Chris McD's has been around for a while and is delicious. Murry's often has live jazz (and great food too, but it's not as "live").

That's all I can think of off the top of my head ... I'm sure I have missed some great stuff... Enjoy ...

Jeff City

I haven't tried it myself but a colleague of mine swears that the chili at Mike's Corner Pocket is some of the best he has ever tasted.

Let me also enthusiastically agree with an earlier post recommending Arris Pizza downtown. The House Special can't be beat.

Glenn's in Booneville

Yes, one and the same. See:

Glenn's in Booneville

I went to Glenn's in Boonville MO over the weekend. The setting is nice - it is in an old hotel, and the bar has a great, old-school feel about it. Foodwise - I had a cup of the gumbo and it was stellar. Thick, rich, and it had that great dark color that comes from a lovingly-prepared roux. My entree, chicken fried steak, was less appealing due to meat that was a little too chewy. The other diners at my table, however, were very happy with their meals. This "new", young Glenn's definitely has potential. Perhaps the main drawback? For Columbia diners like me it takes at least a half-hour drive to go to Boonville for "destination dining." With so many excellent restaurants in Columbia Glenn's will have to be excellent to draw a big Columbia audience.

Chow in Columbia, MO

I had dinner at BG several months ago and, yes, it was noisy and crowded, but in addition the meal was dreadful. I have since had several people tell me how good it is though so maybe it was just an off night.... Thai Kitchen is good too, especially since it is in the none-too-hospitable Regency Hotel.

Chow in Columbia, MO

How is Glenn's Version 2.0 in Booneville? Is the menu the same? I have been meaning to check it out.

Best hamburgers in Missouri?

There is something sort of addictive about the burgers at Booche's in Columbia, and the atmosphere there is pretty unique. Simple, no-frills, burgers served on pieces of paper, and nobody looks at you funny if you eat more than one per sitting.

Nov 17, 2006
TexasSlim in Great Plains

Columbia, MO.........

Hm, perhaps Gaucho's has yet to hit its stride. In a completely different vein, has everyone been to Taqueria El Rodeo on Nifong? Delicious, and definitely easy on the pocketbook. And I mentioned this a few weeks ago but I'll mention it again - Classy's downtown is a little-known gem. The chef is superb and they will occasionally have multi-course degustations that are easily as good or better than any other restaurant in town.

Potential doomsday in Columbia, MO

Somebody noted this disturbing rumor about Shakespeares several weeks ago. Does anybody know anything more about this?

Appetizers -- Columbia, Missouri

What a great restaurant town - Sycamore, Sophia's, Teller's, Chris McD's, Murry's, Addison's... One overlooked gem is Classy's on Broadway near 10th. The location is perhaps even more unassuming than Chris McDs, but the food is as good as any restaurant in Columbia.

Trattoria seems to have disappeared from the A-list of Columbia restaurants. The last couple of meals I had there - several months ago - were disappointing. Is there a story behind its decline?