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NYC Breakfast (or other meals) with Young Kids

Thank you both for your responses! Kathryn, your post was so useful and detailed!

We actually were in the city today and yesterday, so the response timing was perfect. Kathryn, we ended up going to breakfast at Sarabeth's at Central Park South, which was pretty close to our hotel. It was fantastic, and perfect for the kids. They're early risers so we got there just a few minutes after they opened and were seated right away. Everyone loved the oatmeal in particular!

The weather did cooperate for all of the activities listed this weekend so we did get some Eataly for a Madison Square Park picnic. Eataly was good, but probably a little too crowded and tough to navigate for the kids at their age while we figured out what to get. But overall they were happy with lunch once we got it out there.

We ended up not going to the High Line this time, so we didn't have to deal with the lack of food in the newest area. While at Madison Square Park we did check out the Museum of Math and I have to say it was definitely fun for young kids. They needed help with a lot of the stuff and it took some time to figure things out sometimes, but it's a really fun museum.

Shake Shack at GCT rounded out the weekend as we got on the train.

Thank you so much again!

Oct 26, 2014
gothamdarkknight in Manhattan

NYC Breakfast (or other meals) with Young Kids

Hi everyone, I'll be bringing my 2 and 4 year olds to NYC for the first time and am open to any food recommendations. We'll just be there for two days.

The thing that would be really useful is any breakfast recommendations for kids. This would be on Sunday morning, and ideally it would be somewhere that opens relatively early, at least by 8.

For other meals we're going to probably do things like drop into Eataly and grab stuff on the go, probably to eat in Madison Square Park, and we'll eat something on the way in and out in GCT. But any recommendations for other food that's good for young kids would be great too!

We're going to be spending all our time in these three areas, so things close to these places are ideal:
1. The area with Central Park Zoo, FAO Schwarz, and Rockefeller Center
2. The High Line, particularly the part that just opened
3. Madison Square Park

THANK YOU for any suggestions!!!

Oct 24, 2014
gothamdarkknight in Manhattan

Dear Philly, Here I Come With A 1 Year Old

Thanks for all the help everyone!

We had a great time in Philadelphia and hope to visit again soon. The zoo and the please touch museum were big hits with my son. We spent hours at each and would have stayed even longer if it wasn't nap time.

The aquarium was fun as well, but we only needed about 90 minutes to see it all, and it probably wasn't worth the cost for a one year old. Both the aquarium and the zoo are adding new sections in the next year or so for younger kids, so that may add to the fun even further.

We also enjoyed a warm afternoon in the playground at Seger Park. It was a great set-up there with three separate play areas for the youngest, middle, and oldest kids, meaning there was fun equipment for kids of all ages, which is often not the case at playgrounds.

Anyway, onto the Chow:

We had a great lunch at Vietnam Palace - We tried a couple appetizers and an entree in the early afternoon and the service was very prompt and friendly. They were even helpful when my son started to get tired and we needed to wrap things up quickly.

We had several meals at the Terminal Market, which was a lot of fun for my son to walk around as well. Great for kids and everyone there was very nice. We liked the breakfast so much at Dutch Eating Place that we went back the next day! Fluffy pancakes, great fresh orange juice, great sides, and everything was really fresh and flavorful. As an added bonus, we got to sit down right away both times, which is thanks to going there on weekday mornings, I suppose. We also had a really good lunch at The Original Turkey, where we shared a table with some really friendly people and discovered that my son will eat anything as long as it's mixed with cranberry sauce.

Also while wandering the area towards the playground (which is a lovely neighborhood) we found Capogiro Gelato, and were very happy with that choice as well. If we had a couple more days we probably would have spent some more time exploring eating options in that Washington Square West neighborhood (if that's the right name for it).

Everyone was also absolutely right that there aren't many options near the zoo, aquarium, or please touch museum. I brought snacks with us so we just headed back downtown to eat after each activity. Also for any future travelers to the please touch museum - the please touch cafe is pretty bad. If you enjoy typical prepackaged or rewarmed low-quality museum food, you'll love the please touch cafe. Unfortunately we went on our way out of town and just ate there anyway. But the museum itself, again, is great. My son's face at the pretend supermarket was priceless.

Thanks again, we loved your city!

Feb 25, 2012
gothamdarkknight in Philadelphia

Dear Philly, Here I Come With A 1 Year Old

Thanks for all the tips everyone! Looks like we'll be hitting Reading Terminal Market once or twice and the same for some of these Chinatown recommendations!

Feb 21, 2012
gothamdarkknight in Philadelphia

Dear Philly, Here I Come With A 1 Year Old

Hi Philadelphia.

I'll be in town this week with my wife and our 1 year old. Probably once a day it'll just be me and the kid eating lunch at a restaurant. He does pretty well at restaurants as long as the wait isn't absurd for seats or food. He also is a pretty flexible eater. I'm open to eating anything too.

Quick breakfast options are welcome as well.

We'll be mostly in the convention center/ city hall area, but are willing to walk and have a car as well.

We might hit up the Please Touch museum, zoo, or aquarium, so options near those work too.

So where should I go, Philly?

Thanks everyone!

Feb 20, 2012
gothamdarkknight in Philadelphia

Halfway Between New Haven and Philadelphia - Late Breakfast/Lunch Near 95?

Thanks fourunder, the Skylark looks perfect!

Feb 08, 2012
gothamdarkknight in New Jersey

Halfway Between New Haven and Philadelphia - Late Breakfast/Lunch Near 95?

Hi everyone,

We're traveling in a couple weeks from New Haven to Philadelphia with a one year old. Looking for somewhere halfway or so (maybe between Newark and Edison?) near 95 to stretch and get a late breakfast or early lunch.

Looking for somewhere with good food but reasonably prompt service (since he is a one year old, after all). The baby will eat almost anything, but pancakes are his favorite so good diner options are welcome. Any other good breakfast/lunch options are welcome too!


Feb 08, 2012
gothamdarkknight in New Jersey

We need WEGMAN'S!!! (And how does it compare to Fairway?)

Do you think if we got a Wegman's in CT we would also get a DiBella's inside? Please?

Knife sharpening near New Haven, CT?

Thanks for all the replies!

I'll ask at Page Hardware and Big Y. Anyone know whether they sharpen the knives well at those stores?

Lamatz, what do you recommend for sharpening/steeling? My mother in law has a Chef's Choice 110 that I sometimes use but she lives a couple hours away. And I am always worried that I'm not sharpening well on that machine, even though I follow the manual closely. Any thoughts on good reading material for sharpening skills?

Knife sharpening near New Haven, CT?

Bumpitty bump bump

Family Friendly Lunch in Norwalk CT

Chocopologie is about a 5 minute walk away, but I think they're closed Monday and Tuesday. But cool for kids to see the chocolate being made, and it's a pretty family-friendly place.

Knife sharpening near New Haven, CT?

Hey everybody. Anyone know where I can get knives occasionally sharpened in the New Haven area? Ideally, I'd like a place where I can just drop in, get them sharpened, and walk out with sharp knives (carefully).

I live in Guilford, so anything out east of New Haven would be good too.

Best Connecticut Sandwiches Near Guilford

Update again. Got my first deli sandwich from Guilford Food Center, and it was huge! Easily double the size of sandwiches at the Sunoco sandwich shop on Rt. 1.

The Food Center sandwiches are not quite as good as at Sunoco, but if you're looking for a big sandwich at about the same price as Sunoco, Food Center is the place to go.

I've actually eaten at Roni's sandwich. It's nothing like the other sandwich places that are being described here. It's pretty good food, but it's a sit-down type place really. Interesting stuff, I can't recall exactly what I ate as it was probably 6 months ago. Something pancake-like maybe with syrup and sweetness. My wife got something else. Very, very slow service, very, very small seating area. But maybe worth a visit if you're in the area, though it's expensive as well.

I just read through the thread again and I've got a lot of places to check out still! Thanks for all the recommendations. I'll report back.

Best Connecticut Sandwiches Near Guilford

Reporting back, after my wife and I had the chance to try two of the recommended places:

First we went to Zoi's on Orange. Zoi's is quite good, nice sandwiches and salads. Small shop but definitely a great choice if you're looking for a quick weekday snack in New Haven. Lots of people getting food there too, so it seems pretty popular. Unfortunately I'm not in New Haven during the day M-F very often, so Zoi's will be a rare treat for me.

On another day, we went to the Sunoco station in Guilford. This is very close to what I was looking for, and right down the street from me. There's very little signage to indicate that it's a sandwich shop. It's in the building that would typically be the convenience store next to the gas station. They have a couple convenience items like candy and cigarettes, but most of the store is the sandwiches and related snacks. Had a cold Italian sub there, and it was quite good- it's probably as close as I'll get to Rhode Island type sandwiches in this area. I'll be going there a lot.

I'd already been to Pasta Avest, and though it's not what I'm looking for in this thread, they have very good and fast hot sandwiches. Decent pizza and pasta as well. I usually get a chicken parm sandwich there.

Haven't tried US Toasted Sub yet, but went there once when it was Quizno's. What's the interesting story behind the Quizno's switch, Linguist? I'll probably give US Toasted a try sometime soon, along with the Old Schoolhouse Deli in Madison and SalDemarco's in Clinton.

Also, did Katz's in New Haven move or close? I was going to go there as I'm often at the Criterion Cinemas across the street. Unfortunately, they're not there anymore.

Best Connecticut Sandwiches Near Guilford

I like sandwiches.

I'm originally from RI and there seem to be a lot of good sandwich places there, especially in the neighborhoods that were Italian-centric.

Haven't found anything great in CT, especially near Guilford. Anyone have good sandwich recommendations in the area? New Haven? Branford? Guilford? Madison? Clinton? Really anywhere in the area.

Bonus points if it's a "sub" style sandwich place. I've enjoyed the sandwich place in the Thimble Islands area, and a couple coffee shops have sandwiches but it's not the same as that Cold Italian on a Grinder type of sandwich.

Double Bonus points if it's open past 5 PM during the week.


Random Good Food

My wife and I will be in DC for Memorial Day Weekend- Sat/Sun/Mon.

Thanks to recommendations in other threads, I've got some good ideas of dinner choices.

I'm interested in recommendations for fun & quick eats. These might include breakfasts, snacks, desserts, oddities, and the like.

For example, I have gleaned that Market Lunch would be fun for Saturday breakfast. What else is out there in DC?

We're staying in Dupont Circle, but we'll be all over the place. I'm especially curious about things to eat before and after the parade on Monday, when many restaurants seem to be closed anyway.


Southern CT Best Farmers Market

Are there any CSA's in New Haven county for 2008?

One Whole Year

Thanks for the tips on the Helen Witty book and the Home Made book. I've never heard of those before, and they look right up our alley! I'm going to order used copies. I am especially interested in the recipes in the Witty book for harder to make things, and the seasonal info in the Home Made book. Both will probably be a big help.
Kagey, I've heard of the River Cafe books before, and that Green version looks especially useful. I'm going to look into that as well, along with your other suggestions.

As for what foods we like, we'll eat almost anything! We love most of the recipes by chefs like Jacques Pepin, Ming Tsai, and Lidia Bastianich, and places like America's Test Kitchen. We're pretty wide open to anything, especially if we can do it in under an hour. No allergies really to speak of, and we can use most simple single ingredients, as well as some dairy and meat items that might have gone through typical simple processing that we can't easily do, like pasteurization.

As far as our own jams and other condiments, I'm not sure that we can commit to that 100% in this project, though we're likely to attempt all of that at some point this year, especially, as you point out, when local harvests start to come in.

Jan 08, 2008
gothamdarkknight in Home Cooking

One Whole Year

Hopefully this post is ok and is not too "self-serving" for chowhound's rules.

I'm a long-time chowhound enjoyer, and it's going to be tough not to take chowhound's great restaurant recommendations for a year. But my wife and I have started a project at , in which we try making pretty much everything we eat from scratch at home.

So, chowhound, we'd appreciate responses regarding your favorite foods or recipes that can be made basically from scratch. Quick-to-make recipes would especially be welcomed here. We'd love to try out a lot of your recipes as we go through the year- we're going to need as many as we can get!



Jan 06, 2008
gothamdarkknight in Home Cooking

Le Creuset + Melted Plastic + Eating Poision

Thanks everyone. We ate the food and did not die yet, so hopefully worst case scenario we lost some brain cells from the smoke. I don't think the meat ended up absorbing any smoke directly, as we had removed the meat from the pan prior to any smoking. Then the windows were opened so quickly that the meat had as much chance of smoke absorption as the bananas on the other side of the kitchen did.

We're going to go ahead and get some replacement wood utensils.

Jan 06, 2008
gothamdarkknight in Cookware

Le Creuset + Melted Plastic + Eating Poision

Hi everyone,
I was in the midst of browning meat for a stew recipe with my Le Creuset pot. I finished the first batch of meat and removed it from the pan, and then took my new nonstick oxo tongs to the pan to remove some of the darkened stuck meat bits to prevent burning.

Then I looked at the nonstick tongs and realized that about 1/4 of the tip had melted off, and that there was blackened plastic all over the pan! Then there was lots of smoke! Then the fire department arrived.

After the nice fireman left, I browned the rest of the meat and onions in a different pan while I scrubbed out the Le Creuset. Unfortunately, now there is dark marking on the bottom of the pan and some minor flaking. I got it pretty clean though- the inside of the pan was smooth to the touch, but then I continued on with the recipe (it's still going).

We've got the windows airing out the kitchen, but I'm worried that the meal might now contain some toxic plastic. The meat never came into contact with the melted tongs, but if toxic chemicals are still in the Le Creuset or somehow penetrated it (there were a bunch of tiny shallow pin-sized holes in the enamel after I finished cleaning) that I'm going to eat poison.

Any thoughts?

Jan 05, 2008
gothamdarkknight in Cookware

Guilford, CT area: "Whole" restaurants

Hi folks,
Moved a few months ago to Guilford, CT and have been eagerly reviewing the pertinent posts for this area.
My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I'm wondering what might be a good place to take them to dinner. One topic that I haven't seen addressed for this area is the availability of restaurants that specialize in cooking that involves whole grains and a focus on vegetarian options, although it doesn't have to be a vegetarian restaurant. Just something that has a good focus in this area.
Been to the Vegetarian Enclave in Guilford, but wasn't too impressed. Even an option of Italian cuisine that has whole grain options would be cool. Any thoughts? Thanks!