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Restaurants on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Hi there,

We just returned last week and stayed in the same area. You can eat at Capricon which has a very good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pricey for dinner, but it's VERY close to where you are staying and it's a lovely place. For something less nice but totally fine, particularly for breakfast and lunch walk a bit farther north and eat at Captain Morgan's. Their food is totally fine and they will let you swim and use the wireless internet while you are there.

Farther north you can go to Mata Chica and the Rojo Lounge. These hotels have FABULOUS restaurants and are simply lovely and great. I know if you call Mata Chica they will send the water taxi for you, for free. I can highly highly recommend each place.

Going towards San Pedro on the golf cart path you will see a restaurant called Beach n' Kitchen. It's very good. I highly recommend the cinnamin french toast and migas breakfast dish.

In San Pedro we LOVE Waraguma. It's on Pescador (middle street) past Elvi's kitchen towards the airstrip. It's a hole in the wall that MUST NOT be missed. The burritos are HUGE and simply delicious. We had chicken and the lobster burritos and they were amazing. The ceviche is also VERY good. At night there is a woman standing outside cooking papusas on the street. This is a special spot.

In San Pedro we also really like Caliente and Blue Water Grill for your more basic salads and sandwiches, and Victoria House for a nice dinner.

L'as du Fallafel, Paris - hours?

This place saves our little behinds on Christmas Eve. The fallafel was quite good, but would I say "best ever"??? No. But definitely worth a visit and a bite!

Jan 02, 2008
sfbenning in France

Belize Recos? [moved from General Chowhounding]

I highly recommend Beach n' Kitchen. Last year they were open only for breakfast and lunch, but I hear that they have a fabulous dinner going now. I highly recommend the cinnamon french toast and migas dish on the breakfast menu. We ate here A LOT, it was very good. For dinner I recommend Caliente.... the food was good. I was luke warm on the Blue Water Grill, but I can second the recommendations for the Victoria House restaurant... it's very nice and the food is excellent!

Also, Capricorn for Bkfast, lunch and dinner. Amazing and a lovely spot.

Nice Christmas Dinner in Santa Fe with Toddlers??

I have read chowhound feedback about Santa Fe restaurants for weeks now, and thanks to everyone who has posted. I think I have a good handle on the places to try..... from The Compound to The Shed (with a little Bobcat Burger visit for lunch and Telesque Market, et al for breakfast). My question is this, we are going to be in Santa Fe over Christmas, with our two small boys..... ages 1 and 4. We need a good place for Christmas dinner, and without my kids I would be booking at The Compound right now. But with kids where would you recommend I go, that is open on Christmas, delicious, festive feeling, and would be ok with kids as part of the dinner party?

I have a compulsive need to organize and reserve in advance, so that we don't just drift around on Christmas Day, with "no room at the inn" for a family with kids at every good/festive/fun restaurant. Any feedback will be gratefully received and thoughtfully considered!

Oct 05, 2006
sfbenning in Southwest