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Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore

How does a list go this many days without including either Woodberry Kitchen or Salt? Jack's Bistro? Stuggy's? Trinacria? Waterfront Kitchen? I would choose The Ambassador over The Carlyle Club (owned by the same people and I believe the Carlyle has converted to Indian now that there is serious competition from The Lebanese Taverna for real Lebanese food).

Lunch and Brunch Near National Portrait Gallery

For lunch, Jaleo (Spanish) is always delicious as is Zaytinia (Mediterranean).

Seafood, etc in Baltimore/DC

March is not crab season (late summer/early fall is best). Po-boys are not native Baltimore food, though you can probably find them in various places. Nor is southern BBQ. There is PIt Beef, which is a native form of BBQ. I like Chap's. In DC, if you want good mussels in a hole in the wall, I recommend Granville Moore's, which redefines hole in the wall ( where Bobby Flay had a mussels throw down. They have an outstanding beer selection there, too.

Suggestions for soul food in the DC area?

One more thing about Oohs and Aahs--some people don't realize that it has an upstairs where you can eat. Not a great space, but it's there.

Tangier's in Canton

We had dinner at Tangiers last night and loved it. We started with the beet salad with parsley, and then had a mix, meze style. The couscous special was delicious, served in a tangine with squash, chickpeas, eggplant, and lots of other tasty items--hopefully they'll add it permanently to the menu. The triangle parmentiers were delicious. Everything was fresh tasting, with interesting combinations of flavors. We also had a fried fish with dip, which was delicious. We topped it off with an assortment of moroccan desserts. One had rosewater and almond, one was coconut and one was like a chocolate truffle. The owner's aunt makes them and they are awesome and the selection changes every night, according to our lovely server. We'll be back!

Food Feuds

tiramisu was not invented in baltimore--the person who invented it (while living in italy) now lives in baltimore. and any rivalry about the restaurant in which it was invented is firmly planted in italy.

Trip to Baltimore Need Some Restaurant Advice

You're right, crackers--I overinterpreted their red meat comment to cut out meat completely. But you did say Attman's for "corned beef sandwiches", which is pretty red, no?

Suggestions for soul food in the DC area?

I second Oohs and Aahs. The place does not look like much, but it's head and shoulders above Florida Avenue Grill.

D.C./Inner Harbor-Five Days

I love Cinghiale and would recommend it, but with a family, I'd opt for sitting on the Enoteca side, which has a more relaxed atmosphere. If you are going to be here in Baltimore on Sunday, they do a nice supper special with the antipasti laid out.

Two DC recommendations:
1) If you are going to be on The Mall, the place to eat is Mitsitam in the Native American Museum. They serve a selection of Native American foods from across the Americas, all fresh and outstanding. They make their own tamales, and you can choose from everything from a bison burger to plank salmon (representative of the NW US or even frogs legs. Make sure you take a good tour of all the items and look carefully at the sides, which are often unusual and not listed on the boards. The line can be long, but don't be deterred--it's worth it.
2) If you are going to be in Cleveland Park, e.g., post-Zoo (it's actually slightly closer to the zoo than the Woodley Park-Zoo Metro exit), try Dino. It's a casual Tuscan-inspired Italian restaurant. My favorites are the boar bolognese over fetuccini and the vanilla ice cream with aged balsamic vinegar. The owners love food and are fastidious about their sourcing. A 15-minute cab ride from downtown (without traffic).

822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Trip to Baltimore Need Some Restaurant Advice

what kind of vegetarian eats corned beef? please read the request before jumping in with recommendations. attman's is great, but not exactly a vegetarian paradise unless you're talking whitefish or maybe nova on a bagel.


Maybe it's related to the way when people here ask, "Where did you go to school?" they mean where you went to high school. It's an inward-facing town. And when you do work it, it's in that weird take-it-or-leave-it Baltimore way, e.g, Ace of Cakes, John Waters. Not exactly F&W material--too out there.

Jun 21, 2010
indcgirl in Food Media & News

Food Feuds

Second the pit beef. Search these boards and you'll find heated discussions about pit beef. I've only had Chaps, so I can't really comment.


To make those lists, I think you need to "work it" a little and this town is a little too insular to bother?

Jun 19, 2010
indcgirl in Food Media & News

Towson Hot Bagels in Canton

Had bagels and lox and cream cheese last weekend. Pretty mediocre, in my opinion, but I'm grading on a NYC bagel scale. More bread than bagel.

Centro tapas bar - Federal Hill

My husband and I had dinner there last night and we agree that it was very tasty. We started with the Sobrasada Mallorquina, which was advertised as a spreadable sausage. It was, indeed, soft, but it was sliced, so not very spreadable, though it was delicious. We next had a grilled calamari special that was excellent--tender and smokey and I think it was a cilantro sauce (great bread to mop up the plates, too). We also had the heart of palms special (speared on bamboo toothpicks with a slice of avocado and cilantro) recommended by the server, who noted that it was light but delicious. Next was the Arepa Mechada (Venezuelan corn masa topped with pulled oxtail meat, fried egg, avocado) which was an interesting mix of flavors. Worth trying, though. Our last tapas was Churros de Pescado, crispy rockfish fritters w/almond aioli. Again, not my favorite, but good. I finished the meal with Quesillo de Coco, basically flan, but thicker than any flan I've ever had before. Very good, but you have to like flan. Overall, we really liked the vibe of the place--hip, but friendly. We'll be back and will be telling friends about it!

Best meal for $10 and under in Baltimore?

Tijuana Tacos on Eastern, about 2 blocks east of Kisling's Tavern. Delicious. You get a nice serving of cactus and cebollitos, too.

Tijuana Tacos
2224 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Sam's Kid

Agree that the food is very good. We there this past Saturday evening and the service was very pleasant and very slooooooooow, Sadly. I had the ramen bowl (new) and it was delicious. Husband had a shrimp and vegetable dish, also tasty. And we started with the agedashi tofu, very good. But the service was slooooooow. The food took forever to come out and when it did, my husband's came out first and we ate through half of it together before my ramen arrived. If you can handle the service, it's worth it. If not, well, don't bother.

Miss Irene's gone...

I'm not surprised. We had heard from friends that the food was good but that it was completely empty, although the night we went about a month ago it was almost full.

I always thought that the decision to keep the old name was a mistake. It never felt to me like the right fit for an upscale restaurant. And everyone associated the name with the dive bar. If they wanted to keep the recognition of the old name, in my opinion they should have done a twist on it. Too bad--we had been thinking how nice it would be to go there on a cold wintry night.

Jasa Kabob in Canton?

Just went last night and had the lamb curry while the husband had the chicken jalfarazi (which I wasn't familiar with). Both were good. I finished it off with rasmalai, a sweet cheese in cream or something that was delicious. Good, everyday Pakistani/Middle Eastern. We'll be back. Plus they're open on Sundays. And the server was really nice.

looking for inexpensive, tasty, and eclectic in Baltimore and Bethesda

imho, holy frijoles is just awful. ugh and after my last visit to golden west (couple of weeks ago), i now agree with my husband that it is "gloppy food." ugh. points for "eclectic atmosphere" but i will not be back.

Baltimore - best spot for dinner these days?

tuesday is perfect for clementine's taco tuesdays!

Best of Baltimore needed

Agree that Lexington Market is not a Reading Terminal, foodie heaven experience, but it is a unique slice of Baltimore life, so if you're interested in the vernacular, it's quite a visit. However, I do think that Faidley's crab cake is far superior to Duda's (haven't been to Koco's). And the Faidley's crab cake visit is experience in it's own right, separate from the Lexington Market one, whereas Duda's is just eating in a bar.

Best of Baltimore needed

Our last visit to Bo Brooks (August 2008) was with friends down from Philly and it was embarrassingly poor service. We sat out on on the floating deck, which was very pleasant, but getting someone's attention (it wasn't crowded) was a major effort. We ran into someone we knew a couple of weeks later who had had a similar experience recently. We will not be back.

Visiting Baltimore - Suggestions Please

I second the Jack's recommendation. Our Philly foodie friends were very impressed by the sous vide preparations. So it's good for foodies but definitely a casual place.

Knife Sharpening in Baltimore?

Thanks for this post. I was just asking about knife sharpening at Williams-Sonoma last week and they recommended Mr. Adams, so it's great to have a second reference.

Best of Baltimore needed

I like the Ambassador, but I wouldn't classify it as "one of the finest Indian restaurants in the country." It's good, basic Indian in a lovely setting, not travel-out-of-your way Indian. I've had better. For example, have you been to Rasika in DC? That's a notch or two up, but I haven't hit enough of the major Indian food centers in the US to put even it as best-in-country.

Best of Baltimore needed

Better cannoli than Vaccaro's to be found at Piedigrotta. And save the ice cream calories for Pitango gelato at 802 S Broadway ( While at Pitango, get the coffee or affogato.

Piedigrotta Bakery
1300 Bank Street Suite 140, Baltimore, MD 21231

Help for Group Dinner this weekend!

Eatonville has a great space and the service is friendly. I found the food heavy, not in a good way, even for southern food, and lacking in finesse. I had the Cajun Mushroom Loaf which was bland. However, the desserts are OUTSTANDING. I agree that it would be good for groups.

Visiting Baltimore--recs?

thanks. good to know. it would be very disappointing to go all the way over there expecting pie. :-(

Need a Jack's Bistro-like restaurant

would you go to the chameleon cafe for your five-year anniversary dinner? come on!!!!