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Atera - Table for 2 Available (6pm, Thursday, Feb 20)

This is no longer available. Thanks.

Feb 20, 2014
giralda in Manhattan

Atera - Table for 2 Available (6pm, Thursday, Feb 20)

I prepaid for a table for 2 at Atera at 6pm, Thursday, Feb 20. We have already paid for it but unfortunately, we cannot go. Looking for someone to buy this seating from me. Please let me know if you have an interest.

Feb 19, 2014
giralda in Manhattan

Kyo Sushi in Hartsdale?

Is Kyo run by Chinese pretending to be Japanese or are they authentic Japanese? Fujinoya and Azuma are my go to places. Sushi Nanase is the best but for special occasions given the price. Haiku in Scarsdale is Cantonese.

Sushi Nanase in White Plains

I really need to go back. They are the best!

Sushi Nanase in White Plains

I called and they said they now get the fish from a different part of Japan. I wonder if that is okay...

Sushi Nanase in White Plains

Hi, has anybody been to Sushi Nanase in White Plains recently. I've been there several times but with the events in Japan, I was wondering if they are still using fish flown in from Japan.

522 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10605

Frankie & Fanucci’s-Hartsdale (ex-Lias's location)

I agree. We got the spicy sausage and onion pie and found the crust to be gummy/chewy. I hope they get better because the space is nice and the chicken panini was really good. But they should at least get the crust right before I go back. I'll stick to All Antica by the Scarsdale RR station.

Best Wine Bar

I second Pierre Loti. Great ambiance. Nice selection of wines and tasty Turkish apps.

Mar 24, 2009
giralda in Manhattan

Question about Sparks' beef

I am going to Sparks tomorrow night for a business dinner. I am rather picky about the type of beef I consume. Obviously Sparks is very famous for steaks but I must ask...What kind of beef is served at Sparks in New York? Is it vegetarian fed? Grass or corn? All natural with no growth hormones or antibiotics?

Otherwise, I would appreciate any recommendations for any non-beef courses at Sparks.

Thanks in advance.

Mar 24, 2009
giralda in Manhattan

Bistro Henry, Manchester, VT sucks!

Nice to know we have similar tastes! At the Perfect Wife, we've only eaten in the restaurant, not in the tavern. Maybe we should try the tavern...

If you have any other Manchester area recs, please send them my way! We're going there this weekend, and we're going to try The Bean and Depot 62.

Oct 08, 2008
giralda in Northern New England

Family Dining in around Manchester, VT?

Can anybody recommend children-friendly (yet Chowhound worthy) restaurants for dinner in the Manchester, VT area BESIDES Laneys, Garlic John's, Ye Olde Tavern, Candeleros, Johnny Seesaw's, Perfect Wife, and Bistro Henry's? We've been to all of these places already. Thanks!

Bistro Henry, Manchester, VT sucks!

My wife and I have been going and staying in Manchester at least once a year for 10 consecutive years. We enjoy good food and like going back for the solid restaurant scene. In fact we just visited last weekend and will be returning this Columbus Day weekend. I agree that Bistro Henry is nothing special and overpriced. I am going to be heretical here and say the same for the Perfect Wife. Below are our hits and misses. To be fair, except for Swiss Inn, even the misses were okay but just not special or compelling enough for return trips.

Little Rooster - breakfast and lunch all good, everything on the menu is excellent
Up for Breakfast
Gourmet Deli & Lunch - surprisingly good, under-rated
Laney's - we always get the baby back ribs
Chanticleer - very special but you'll pay dearly
Inn at West View Farm - this place is unbelievable, try the short ribs
Barrow's House - great for dinner
Inn at Ormsby Hill - great breakfast

Swiss Inn & Restaurant - maybe I don't know fondue well, but this place was disgusting and had bad service
Perfect Wife - not sure what the fuss is about
Bistro Henry - ditto above
Ye Olde Tavern - just okay
Johnny Seesaws - just okay, nice atmosphere and setting
Candeleros - just okay Tex mex, great salsa
Garlic John's - one step above Prego

Oct 07, 2008
giralda in Northern New England

Bakery in Great Barrington?

My soon-to-be 4 year old son will be celebrating his birthday while a group of us will be visiting the Berkshires and skiing Butternut. I would like to get him a birthday cake at a bakery that Chowhounds would recommend around Great Barrington. Thanks!

Authentic Turkish in Manhattan?

Living in the culinary wasteland of Westchester, I cannot get my fix of authentic Turkish chow or any ethic food for that matter. Does anybody have any suggestions? Anything in the East 20s to 40s would be great. Thanks!

Oct 25, 2007
giralda in Manhattan

Lulu's Patisserie in Scarsdale?

We have bought several cakes at lulu's after being disappointed with the ones are Riveria in Ardsley. While Riveria's cakes are beautiful, the cake itself was very dry. Lulu's cakes are fantastic. Even the free biscottie they threw in were the best i've ever had. Highly recommend it.