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Suanla chaoshou in New York?

This is a Szechuan dumpling dish that I used to find in a few restaurants in Cambridge MA, big pork wontons and bean sprouts served cold in a black vinegar sauce. I haven't seen it at any places here in NYC but maybe it's under a different name? Thanks for the help.

Jan 06, 2014
sabroso in Manhattan

Suanla chaoshou in Brooklyn?

This is a Szechuan dumpling dish that I used to find in a few restaurants in Cambridge MA, big pork wontons and bean sprouts served cold in a black vinegar sauce. I haven't seen it at any places here in Brooklyn but maybe it's under a different name? Thanks for the help.

Jan 06, 2014
sabroso in Outer Boroughs

matzah ball soup in Brooklyn

Maybe too far out of your area but the Matzoh Ball soup at Gold Coast in Bay Ridge is great..a nice rich broth instead of the usual pale soup, and lots of dill. It's not a real traditional deli...more like a deli-meets-noveau diner vibe...but they do the classics and it's my favorite place in Bay Ridge :)

Apr 12, 2012
sabroso in Outer Boroughs

Good Eats in Bay Ridge?

Hi folks,

I just moved to Bay Ridge, looking for good recommendations in the 'hood. Thanks!

Apr 04, 2012
sabroso in Outer Boroughs

Looking for a Good Jewish Bakery in Brooklyn

Can anyone recommend a great Jewish bakery? It doesn't have to be kosher, but I'm looking for a place that's more on the "savory" side than sweets...Think great bagels, bialys, challah, pumpernickel, seeded rye for sandwiches. I'm not as interested in cakes or cookies. Anywhere in Brooklyn, preferably. Thanks!

Apr 21, 2011
sabroso in Outer Boroughs

Tipping at the bar vs tipping at the table

Depending on the place, sometimes the bartender works much harder than the servers. There may be only one or two bartenders that have to deal with 300 people per night at a bar, while 8 servers in the dining room handle 150 covers. Plus, at any decent place the bartenders have to understand the menu and the wine list just as well as the servers do, on top of knowing how to tend a bar. Furthermore, many bars and restaurants pool all the tips from a the night, and servers, runners, busboys, bartenders, barbacks, etc. all get a share. So don't feel bad about tipping the same at the bar as you do in the dining room. And keep in mind, servers are only making about $4/hr from the establishment (legal minimum wage for tipped employees), so in effect you are paying them directly for the services they provide you. It's not an optional bonus for you to dispense if you're feeling generous, and it shouldn't be thought of as a "power" that you have over them, but the basic economic contract that exists between any buyer and seller. You wouldn't expect to be able to pay 25% less at the grocery store because the cashier is slow or unfriendly. Tip your servers. 20% is standard, in New York City at least.

Feb 04, 2011
sabroso in Not About Food

Looking for burrata

Anyone know where I can buy some?

Sep 03, 2010
sabroso in Manhattan

China cap or chinoise. If you have one, do you use it and for what?

Just a passing thought... Would the terms "china cap" and "chinoise" be considered non-PC these days? I'm guessing that the term comes from the stereotypical conical hats the Chinese rice farmers wore in the paddies, probably used first in French and then later in the English translation. I've always been curious if anyone's taking offense out there...not that I don't still use the terms myself.

Aug 04, 2010
sabroso in Cookware

Guiseppina's in South Slope?

Anybody know what happened to this Lucali spinoff? The last intel on had it opening in March, but we'realmost done with July and the paper is still in the windows. Are they hung up in red tape? Did the whole thing fall through?

575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Jul 23, 2010
sabroso in Outer Boroughs

food sayings

"I eat my peas with honey
I've done so all my life
They do taste rather funny
But it keeps them on the knife"

May 27, 2010
sabroso in Not About Food

Unfortunate foreign food names or brands

Not a food name, exactly, but whenever I'm offered the after-dinner drink menu at a restaurant, I have to suppress a laugh (and a wince) if they have Cockburns or Dry Sack.

May 26, 2010
sabroso in Not About Food

what do you want me to do about it?

I would say that "doing something about it," i.e. correcting poor service, is the precise job description and number one imperative of the manager. Exactly how they should make it up to the upset customer would depend largely upon the situation, but if you are met with such an apathetic attitude from a server I would without hesitation ask to speak to the manager, and if it is in fact the manager that gave you that reply, it would not be out of line to send a letter to the owner so that they may remove the ineffective individual. Granted, the customer is not always in the right in a service dispute, but any restaurant that allows displeased customers to leave with the impression that the staff doesn't care about their experience will not stay in operation very long.

May 22, 2010
sabroso in Not About Food

Missing in Astoria: One Taco Truck

Does anyone know what happened to the taco truck (I think it was called "El Rey de los Tacos") that used to park on 30th Ave and 33rd St? I haven't seen them in a couple of weeks. Have they relocated? Shut down? Thanks in advance...

May 01, 2010
sabroso in Outer Boroughs

such thing as hashbrowns in NYC?

IHOP and Friendly's aren't crappy suburban places?

Oct 06, 2009
sabroso in Manhattan

Halal Cart at 53rd and 6th - worth the wait?

I work as a chef in the Times Square area, and when I get out of work there is a cart on 47th and 6th that makes a perfectly tasty gyro, $5, no waiting. So when I pass 53rd st on my way uptown and see people lined up halfway to 7th ave, I have to wonder if this famous, award-winning street cart is really taking the halal cart experience to another level, or is it just a matter of people going where the line is longest? Can anyone confirm that this place is indeed worth the wait? Am I missing out on something truly sublime by eating merely tasty gyros elsewhere?

Sep 18, 2009
sabroso in Manhattan

Russ & Daughters - excellent

It did if the Old Country happens to be Normandy. :-)

Aug 28, 2009
sabroso in Manhattan

Venison Ravioli in NYC?

Just like it says in the heading - Anyone know of a restaurant in the 5 boroughs serving Venison Ravioli? Thanks in advance...

Nov 04, 2008
sabroso in Manhattan

Red Hook Ball Fields 2007

Are these vendors only there on Saturday and Sunday? I'd love to check them out but unfortunately I work those days. Any chance they are open on Friday?

Apr 26, 2007
sabroso in Outer Boroughs

Craving: Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

Kind of surprised that no one's mentioned this twist yet, but I'm a big fan of the torta (Mexican sandwich) de pollo at my neighborhood deli. (Which is technically in Manhattan, but 181st street is practically in the Outer Boroughs.) Fried cutlet on a deli roll, queso blanco (sometimes I ask them to sub provolone cause it melts better), avocado, jalapenos, bean spread, lettuce, tomato, red onion. Delicious. Not sure where in Bklyn makes them, but I bet you could find them in South Slope.

Feb 26, 2007
sabroso in Outer Boroughs


Cocotte is doing a 5-course for $75 and a 3-course for $50... here's the menu, I copied it from their website. Looks pretty ambitious.

All 5 Courses - $75
1 Appetizer, 1 Entrée & Dessert - $50

with Warm Lobster Salad & Chervil Foam
with Sparkling Cider Gelée

with Baby Vegetables and Oxtail Tortellini
with Spinach-Salsify Gratin Dauphinois
& Cèpe Marmalade

Port-Poached Pear
with Cinnamon Ice Cream
& Chocolate Sauce

Dec 22, 2006
sabroso in Outer Boroughs

Haggis in NYC?

I recently got back from a trip to Glasgow (among other places) and I fell in love with the haggis, so I am now wondering where, in the city in which you can find anything (OK, maybe not the foal-steak sandwich I had in Reykjavik), can I get a haggis? (Preferably a market from which I can buy the whole thing and prepare it home, as opposed to a restaurant.)

Oct 05, 2006
sabroso in Manhattan