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DC for Valentine's Day

My boyfriend and I are going to DC for Valentine's Day. We'll be there for three days and would love some recommendations for lunch or dinner. Moderately priced, maybe something a little nicer for Vday.

We've been to DC a couple of times, so we are pretty familiar with the city. Since we’ll be going to different spots (Georgetown, Fed Triangle, Alexandria) location isn’t that important but being accessible by Metro is preferred.

We love Spanish/Hispanic types of food (tapas (lunch), Mexican, Brazilian, Columbian), Italian and American. Were going to try Old Ebbit Grill but not sure now…

We are mid-twenties so any recommendations for getting a drink at night would be great. We aren’t club goers so a casual bar would be best for us. Was thinking of trying RFD Washington?

Thanks :)

Casual Friday Lunch - Soho, Village, Union Sq.

Hi All -

Visiting NYC this weekend for a wedding. Friday will be doing some sightseeing and looking for recommendations for lunch. We'll probably be somewhere in Soho, Union Sq. or Greenwich Village area around lunch time.

We are just looking for a place to get lunch (sandwiches, salads, etc. - nothing too heavy) preferbly with outdoor seating. Maybe a cafe?? A place with take-out located nearby a park where we can eat would be good too.

Also, it has to be pretty casual since we'll be dressed in shorts or jeans.

Any suggestions would be wonderful :)


Aug 23, 2007
bostonsox04 in Manhattan

Lunch Area - BackBay/Copley

I work in the Back Bay area and am sick of eating at Viga and Rebecca's. I work in the area so can't go too far - esp with winter coming, but any suggestions would be wonderful!!