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The Mighty Potato

Don't look to hard, you won't find them in "Mastering..."! I just drove myself crazy for about an hour. I was utterly convinced that I first read of this dish in my mother's copy of Mastering, and just spent way too long trying to find it there, in either volume. I even called my mother to see if it existed in her editions which were published in the '70s (perhaps it got removed in later editions), to no avail!

Because I know I first attempted (and probably failed) pommes souffles in my mother's kitchen as a teenager I knew my source for the recipe had to predate the interwebs, and was almost certainly from either Mastering Vol. I or Vol. II or Joy of Cooking.

Turns out it was Joy of Cooking, not mastering. My assumption that it was Julia's recipe was because I remember it being incredibly thorough, discussing all the complicated nuance of making them-- even going so far as to include a short history on the origins of the dish (supposedly Louis XIV's chef in a panic).

So, after an hour of thinking I'd gone daft, (plus the frantic call to my mother), I strongly recommend that you (and other folks) try the recipe from Joy. It is helpful and detailed, and yet another reminder why "Mastering" and "Joy" remain the only "must have" cookbooks.

Jun 03, 2009
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