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Dinner in Waukegan

Thanks for the advice. Though I feared your report on Bacci's was a mite overenthusiastic -- like it's owned by your brother or something -- we tried it and it was indeed very good. When I saw the art on the walls -- one of those damned angel things and the VJ Day photo of the sailor kissing the nurse -- I steeled myself for the commonplace, but we enjoyed the meal a great deal. One strange thing: most things on the regular menu were reasonably priced like you say, in the $15-20 range. But two of the specials clocked in at $38.50! One was a braised veal shank, though, which I could not resist and I'm glad I didn't -- it had a little citrus kick to it and it was great.

Mar 31, 2007
Mike Lenehan in Chicago Area

Dinner in Waukegan

A couple of hardcore downtowners headed for a concert Friday night at the Genesee Theater in Waukegan. Any recommendations for dinner? How "fine" is Madison Avenue Fine Dining? How about Hillery's in North Chicago?

Looks like there was once a Hillery's "north" in Waukegan proper. Is it still open?

Thanks for any help.

Mar 27, 2007
Mike Lenehan in Chicago Area

Dinner near Holiday Inn Golden Gateway?

Hello Bay Area chowhounds! I need a dinner place for 6 or 7 people Thursday night near the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway. Walking distance would be nice, but short cab ride is OK too. We want bar, excellent food, and to be able to talk business. Chinatown & Little Italy would be good, but nearly anything goes. Thanks.