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San Antonio without a car

I'll be at a conference in San Antonio at the convention center - I've been before and I know the Riverwalk places are touristical and mediocre. Is there any good BBQ in walking distance - a mile or two? (please don't say Bill Miller's. Ugh. )

Jul 08, 2014
zanny in Texas

Boulder Tibetan/Nepalese

We will be in Boulder for a few days and want to try out one of the several Nepalese/Tibetan restaurants there. I've had plenty of Indian and Pakistani but never Tibetan. What's the best one for dinner? Don't care about fancy, just want delicious and authentic. Thanks!

Jun 15, 2009
zanny in Mountain States

Tampa restaurant recommendations?

I will be attending a 4 day business meeting with some friends - all women - at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay next month. We like good food. Hope Chowhounds can recommend some nearby restaurants. Prefer locally owned (especially if Mom or Dad or Grandma is cooking, not some trained chef), not a chain, not fancy but good, not touristy, local ethnic groups, seafood...not steakhouses or bars. Assume the hotel has some fancy pricey places but don't want to eat there, prefer places where the locals enjoy eating and not for special occasions. We will have a car and don't mind driving but prefer not to drive too far. Hope y'all can come up with suggestions! Thanks for your help.

Feb 19, 2009
zanny in Florida

T'giving in Barcelona

My family is going to Barcelona to visit our college-age son for Thanksgiving. We're staying in an apartment and will make Thanksgiving dinner (we'll be chowhounding the rest of the time we're there!). Anybody know if we'll be able to get a big turkey in Barcelona? Where? Or should we try to bring one with us?
It'll be an adventure!
Thanks for any suggestions.

Oct 04, 2006
zanny in Spain/Portugal