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Late season peaches at which farmer's market?

Each year for the past few years I bought nice juicy late season peaches at the Solana Beach farmers' market from a friendly older hispanic couple. These were late season peaches that were just now being harvested, and they would be at the market, in good quality, until past Halloween. Those vendors aren't at my market this year, and I am missing my late season peach fix, as it is difficult to find peaches anywhere else this time of year that aren't mealy. Has anyone seen these guys at another farmer's market in town, or can you recommend somewhere else to find what I am looking for?

Sep 23, 2011
jujup in San Diego

Looking for perfect venue for 50th Wedding Anniversary Sunday Brunch/Lunch

Hey L.A. Chowhounders -- I am from San Diego and need your help in finding the perfect venue for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration next month. We will have a small family group (about 10 people) to celebrate during a Sunday brunch or lunch. I am looking for a place with a special celebratory atmosphere and excellent food. Some people in our party are more inclined toward healthy/vegetarian eating, while others appreciate meaty, spicy foods. We will be centered in the Long Beach area, but are willing to venture out significantly in other directions for the right place. I would love your ideas on the right place to make this a special occasion!

Jun 30, 2010
jujup in Los Angeles Area

50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner -- La Jolla and north

My parents' 50th anniversary is coming up next month, and my dad has expressed an interest in splurging on a small celebratory dinner for family (a small group of no more than 8), and wants it to be very special for the occasion. He's not usually the type to spend a lot on going out, but wants to go "all out" this time, and he prefers spicy, meaty foods. My mom for health reasons restricts herself to seafood and vegetarian foods -- no butter. I'd like to recommend somewhere that will have exceptional food, something for everyone's diet, and an appropriately special, celebratory atmosphere. They live in San Marcos, so the best recommendations would be in La Jolla and north. Thanks for any ideas!

Jun 24, 2010
jujup in San Diego

Best Lobster in San Diego

What would be your vote for the best lobster eating experience in San Diego?

Oct 04, 2006
jujup in California