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Red Hook Fairway news?

Any updates on when and/or if it may be reopening? Thanks in advance.

Jan 11, 2013
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

ISO Millionaire's Shortbread

The Baked cookbook has a recipe for it (the 1st one, not the 2nd), so the bakery itself might have it as well.

Aug 04, 2011
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Old-school, wooden popsicle sticks in South Brooklyn?

Looking for popsicle sticks (and, ideally, molds) in or around Carroll Gardens, but will also travel to other parts of Brooklyn or Manhattan for them.

Thanks in advance!

Aug 01, 2011
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Lemon panettone?

Thanks, Jen Kalb and Bob96 for reviving this chat. Fairway, of all places, had a big selection of pannetone on display yesterday, including lemon. They had a few different brands, several different flavors, and 2 different sizes -- the traditional high one and also mini ones.

Nov 22, 2010
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

What New York food could you not live without? A Q from CHOW

The black and white cookie. Although the classic b&w of yore in NYC is getting harder and harder to find.

Oct 21, 2010
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Seeking a Good Bakery in Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights

Now that spring is here, take a walk down to Carroll Gardens, to Mazzola's on the corner of Union and Henry.

Mar 10, 2010
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Seeking Crab Cakes in Brooklyn

I didn't have one, but my friend seemed to enjoy his at Kevin's in Red Hook. I did enjoy the everything I ate there, however. Not at a rave level, but would definitely go back.

Jan 25, 2010
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Lemon panettone?

Anyone know where I might find one? A client gave my husband one last year and it made the best french toast I've ever eaten. The bread was lemon-infused, with a modest amount of lemon flavored custard in it (toward the bottom of the cake). The custard had limoncello in it or some other lemony alcohol. I've only seen the more traditional type w/ raisins in my Carroll Gardens neighborhood, but perhaps I've not looked hard enough. Would love to find one, preferably in Carroll Gardens, but I'll travel for it. Thanks in advance.

Dec 10, 2009
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

The 'Oh My God' Food Awards

What a great idea for a post. Here are a few that come to mind (limited to a very tiny geographical radius):

Lard bread @ Mazzola
Cavatelli w/ sausage and sage butter @ Frankie's
Pancakes @ Luluc
Plain pie w/ basil @ Lucali
Fried artichokes @ Grocery
Turkish salad @ Zaytoons
Mac and cheese with proscuitto @ Paninoteca 275 (RIP)

575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

283 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Nov 10, 2009
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

in search of simple cupcake

Mazzola's on Henry and Union do a great, affordable, old-school cupcake and they don't require much advance notice. We've served them at countless parties and they are always a hit.

Oct 26, 2009
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Hip, moderate-priced places in Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, or Park Slope?

I was at Clover Club last night (Smith @ Butler) and really enjoyed the cocktails (huge list of fun, retro stuff) but was also pleasantly surprised by the food -- as a cocktail place, I didn't really have high hopes for the food. Delicious small plates, including a sublime crostini with ricotta, grilled peaches, walnuts, sea salt, and rosemary honey. We also had great corn fritters and good fried oysters. They've got more substantial fare (a lamb burger, something w/ steak in it, mac and cheese), but we didn't try that.

Oct 02, 2009
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Osaka - Still Good?

It's also our go-to place. We do take out from there about once a week and generally stick to the sushi deluxe: plain, simple, and fresh. We've found that the more substantial roles, e.g., the spider roll, hold together better than ones made w/ mushier ingredients.

Aug 13, 2009
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Downhill Alert: Cubana Cafe (Smith St.)

Oohla took the words out of my mouth, which I'd planned to share yesterday. I had the exact same experience w/ the food, seating, and service the few times I went after it opened, so took it off my list and never returned.

Jun 10, 2009
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

A "great" cup of coffee in Carroll Grds or nearby?

I, too, am not a fan of either D'Amico's or Gorilla. I buy Fairway's Brooklyn Java.

Sep 22, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

A "great" cup of coffee in Carroll Grds or nearby?

I'm pretty certain I read somewhere recently (Times Dining section, I think), that a Stumptown will be setting up shop in Red Hook.

Sep 17, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Moving to Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill/Carroll Gardens area -- Where is the best place to get produce?

I completely agree, Nehna. I've become extremely selective when buying produce at Fairway, having been burned too many times by mealy watermelons, salad greens that are past their prime, and numerous other disappointments. I love Fairway, but now buy most of my produce at Met Foods on Henry, which is a block away from me. I think perhaps Fairway's supply may be greater than demand, and so the items sit for too long.

I have also had repeated problems with milk -- the bottoms of the cartons look wet but not leaky, until I get them in my fridge and see that they are indeed leaky. I've stopped buying milk there altogether.

Jun 27, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Where are the really good meal-sized salads in Brooklyn?

Zaytoons in Carroll Gardens has a salad combo -- 5 of your choice for about $8. Big enough to last for 2 days. I highly recommend!

Jun 26, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Spicy Pickle coming to the Heights

Why would a restaurant like this come to Montague St.? For the same reason many, many other franchises (food and other retail establishments) come to this strip, which sees an enormous amount of traffic from the surrounding court houses. I was on jury duty last week and rather desperately looking for food that met my admittedly high standards, but saw that a vast majority of the lunchtime crowds -- overwhelmingly from the courts -- did just fine. While I doubt I would eat here (looked at their website and didn't find it appealing -- tho. if I had zero time and was starving, I'd probably give it a whirl) I think it's a sensible business model. If I want food with more character, Montague St. isn't my 1st stop, just as it isn't on my radar for cutting-edge fashion or excellent coffee. Apologies for sounding snobby about this!

Jun 03, 2008
cgchow in Chains

Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill delivery rut

Also Osaka. There have been mixed reviews on the food on this board, but we've always found the fish to be v. fresh and the delivery prompt.

May 15, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill delivery rut

Completely agree about Lichee Nut -- only decent Chinese food in the area and they deliver very quickly.

May 15, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Dinner to impress: The Grocery or Saul (or other)?

I was there 2 Saturdays ago and made a reservation that same week (Mon. or Tues. -- I can't remember). It was much earlier than I would've liked -- 6 pm -- but the food and service were so good that I quickly forgot about the early hour (until we left and it was still light outside!). Despite living near it for years, this was my 1st trip to The Grocery, and everything was delicious: the fried zucchini starter was excellent: crispy, flavorful, but not greasy; the semolina-crusted skate extremely tender and fresh; the apple cobbler good, tho. of everything we ate, I was least impressed with it (but my husband loved it). The portions were just right: big enough that I was full at the end of the meal but not so big that I couldn't finish everything. And the service was delightful -- easy-going yet completely at our service. The owners visited each table, which was a nice touch -- personal but not really in your face. I'd definitely return for a special occasion.

Apr 02, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs


Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint:
727 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Amazing, mouthwatering donuts -- and I'm not a donut person.

Mar 10, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Carroll Gardens delivery options

Lichee Nut in Bklyn Hts. delivers to Carroll Gardens -- good, less greasy than average, Chinese.

Jan 28, 2008
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

cinnamon-raisin bread in boerum/cobble?

I highly recommend Mazzolas -- their cinnamon-raisin bread is fantastic. Freezes really well and is superb toasted as well as plain.

Dec 11, 2007
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Carroll Gardens: New to the neighborhood. . .what are my staples?

Agree -- regretfully -- re Chestnut, had dinner there recently and the service and food weren't as wonderful as they usually are. However, I'm hoping that this might be a summer lull -- I'm not ready to give up on them yet. The set price Tues. and Wed. menus are still a great deal -- there are pricier places in the nabe w/ food and service that's subpar to even a bad night at Chesnut. I eat sushi and sashimi regularly at Osaka and find it consistently good and fresh. Nothing earth-shattering, but a good value for $.

We've recently re-discovered Bar Tabac and are really enjoying it -- after a few years of giving it a rest. Service is iffy but they seem to mean well, and the food is v. comforting.

Aug 28, 2007
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Cheap, Everyday Eats in Carroll Gardens

If you don't want to deal w/ the wait at Lucali (which I strongly recommend you do -- it's worth it), Nino's on the corner of Union and Henry has serviceable and tasty (won't blow your socks off, but if you're hungry, in a hurry, and on a budget, it's good) Italian. In addition to slices, they've got a cafeteria-style line-up of Italian dishes, ranging from spag / meatballs to tripe. And they do deliver.

Aug 07, 2007
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Columbia Street

We've never eaten inside, but order out frequently from Teeda, on the west side of Columbia bet. Union and Sackett (I think). It's Thai -- a lot less greasy than Joya, w/ v. generous and fresh-tasting use of veggies (not just in veggie dishes but in meat ones, too) and w/ v. quick delivery.

Jul 23, 2007
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Barley in Cobble Hill

Fairway. If you don't have a car, you can get the B61 on Atlantic, which goes right there.

Jun 25, 2007
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

Cocotte: downhill..

I had a very similar experience some months ago, and, while tempted to report it here, decided not to, hoping they were just having a bad morning. 5 of us were seated promptly for brunch, but waited close to a half hour for water and didn't get bread until we got our food, which came close to an hour later. In their defense, there were a few very large parties there, but the staff was really struggling: no one seemed to have a section for which they were responsible, resulting in a lot of confusion. I think they were also short-staffed, as the bus boy was waiting on us and a few other tables. In the 2 hours we were there (much of it spent waiting to order), many people lined up for tables and then left -- again, a similar situation to what you describe.

The food was as tasty as ever, so I really hope they can work out some of these kinks.

Jun 25, 2007
cgchow in Outer Boroughs

8 girls - Cobble Hill dinner

Chestnut has at least one table that would accommodate 8. Not sure about the inside of Patois, but the back garden has a large table, too (or used to -- haven't been there in years). Both are relatively quiet, tho. the food at Chestnut is better, IMHO.

Jun 13, 2007
cgchow in Outer Boroughs