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Your favorites wine quotes/sayings?

Pliny is a bit long in the tooth these days for you to have him at hand…

Jun 14, 2010
bobzaguy in Not About Food

Red Wine with Seafood?

sometimes your 2¢ seem to equal $2+.

Mar 21, 2010
bobzaguy in Wine

Best white wine with salmon

No darts please folks!! This isn't the local here. It's a glass screen that doesn't repair well...

Mar 21, 2010
bobzaguy in Wine

Pasta e Fagioli

Some confusion for me in the instructions pertaining to the heat settings. Medium-high turned down to medium, then add tomato paste and turn up to medium. Must mean medium-high.
Also, "caramelizing" the 3T of tomato paste may not be the best cooking term to use. A more exact time frame would possibly be more instructive to "amateur" cooks. That fine line between caramelized and burned tomato paste might be crossed too quickly if not watched closely.

Oct 04, 2006
bobzaguy in Recipes